It's a very cool feeling...

It’s a very cool feeling…

I have been totally blown away today by some amazing results. As I sit at my desk writing this article on a warm summer evening in Sydney, I have exceeded 1.2 Million Post Views on Facebook! I am very chuffed about this experience and you can check out my page for yourself at ‘Awesome Marketing with Edward Zia’.

The sales have been fantastic from this and if I think about how I did it, it was quite a ‘Hero’s Journey’ in attaining that. For the last 1 – 2 years I have been very heavily working on Facebook. Doing everything from Boosted Posts, Paid Advertising, Photos and the lot – and was previously quite frustrated at my results.

I just was not quite getting it and after lots of research I realised I had to come up with quite a brand new strategy to get this one nailed. I knew video was taking off on Facebook and I did lots of experimenting with that.

As I worked through things, I realised that if I am going to pull this off – it will be with some type of video strategy. Sure, I was doing them ‘here and there’, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. As I continued my research – I found out that the only way to pull this off is doing about 5 x videos a day.

5 x videos a day! Am I nuts?

Well, yes I am nuts. I am also brilliant and my results vindicate the fact I was correct. As I started pumping out 5 x videos per day, I had a lot of unlikes, unfriends, haters trashing me, trolling and it was tough!

But guess what happens after the first 30 days? They were all gone and I started to build a following of people that love what I do. Then they started sharing it and awesome! As time passed, it went from one to dozens sharing my content and for some posts – it’s been in the hundreds.

I have had tons of viral posts go out this week and I checked today, 1.2 Million Post reach! What does this mean sales wise? Lots of leads and it’s been awesome.

My take and thinking from this! Video on Facebook rocks. Find your style and pump them out. It rocks.

More to come on this one. Share this article with those it can help, stay awesome and love your work.



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