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The Profitable Awesome Marketing Success of using a 90 Day Action Plan!

The Awesome Lyn Dong from Condon Associates is my dedication of this article.  She is a master planner and knows action plans inside out!

The Awesome Lyn Dong from Condon Associates is my dedication of this article. She is a master thinker and knows action plans inside out!

I was very lucky to meet with my colleagues and one of our great clients who is quite an impressive health entrepreneur who shall rename nameless (but she knows our admiration and respect for her). It was a few of us meeting over dinner and as we worked away – the main purpose of the meeting was to build a “90 Day Action Plan” for our client.

The action plan is basically fancy wording for working out what you are going to do, in what order and who is responsible for what in the next 90 days. It’s as simple as putting it into an Excel Spreadsheet – and despite it’s simplicity, it’s extremely powerful in it’s benefits for the business owner.

I have found over the years that there is quite a bit of misinformation out there. You get people running around saying “Oh Plan your 1 year and 5 year plans” with very little attention to what you have to do immediately to get results & more profitable clients.

My take is that it’s great to have say a 5 year outlook, clear 1 year goals – however you have really strong details and guidelines as to what you have to do over the next 30, 60 and 90 days.  One of my awesome colleauges Lyn Dong is a master of this type of exercise. She gets tasks, projects & items – and puts them into coherent lists so all gets done.

I use this planning approach myself (as I recommend to many successful clients) and the simple reason is that you can say whatever you want in planning 12 months from now – but the true reality is that if we aren’t carrying out “Profitable Actions” now, there is no way we can realize the improvements we seek in our businesses.

The other key aspect I have noted as well is that things “Tend to Unfold” as things proceed. If we just sit there planning / plotting our future, it can be very easy for weeks to months to pass with no results. If we start even the most basic plan, we get more experience, may get some great business results and in short – we start getting more knowledgeable and picking up what we have to do next.

My advice? If you are in business and say stuck – or say busy but * you know * you aren’t investing in the right projects – putting together a 90 Day Action Plan with key tasks is great. It’s best to focus on the 30 to 60 days more – and get right into wins that will give you traction.  Quite often it may be finishing off a website, updating Facebook, LinkedIn, Coffee Chats, writing up Sales Material – basically whatever is required.

Do it, get into it and love it.

Thank you for the read and love your work! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and creator of “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Access it Here!

Webinar Recording: Getting Profitable Clients from Business Networking & What They Don’t Tell You…

Business Networking Rocks and thank God to Grant + Karen Dempsey for their great work in creating 4Networking Australia!

Business Networking Rocks and thank God to Grant + Karen Dempsey for their great work in creating 4Networking Australia!

I was very blessed and lucky tonight to do a Live Webinar with one of my Mentors, Grant Dempsey – The Managing Director of 4Networking Australia. He is one of the countries leading Business Networking Experts and we talked about one of my favourite Small Business Marketing Strategies of all time.

Even though I am a massive Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp / Email and Webinars – I have full pride in saying that it wasn’t these strategies that got me off the ground. It was “Business Networking” and going to event, after event and meeting great high end people that would either become my clients or refer me clients (as I often did for them too).

We took an angle that resonated with me and many others – basically what “You don’t get told” making a reference to a great deal of the misinformation out there. Before 4Networking, I was very unlucky to get caught up into a networking group that pressure sold me, bullied me and even promised me all this business that never came.

After being ripped off and very embarrassed – I met Grant Dempsey and learned the honest truth about what Networking actually is and how to really succeed out of it. This genuine integrity-driven thinking led me to building my business today.  Thank you Grant & thank you 4Networking!

We’d love to share this with you and please view the video below and also you can download the >> PowerPoint Presentation (in PDF Format) Right Here!

Enjoy Awesome Friends and please drop me a line if I can be of any service.  Go 4Networking and thanks from Edward Zia!


Business Women Are Awesome. Pure & Simple.

My Buddy Phillip and I were very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful women in our latest workshop.  It got me thinking on a deeper level, 'Business Women Just Rock!'

My Buddy Phillip and I were very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful women in our latest workshop. It got me thinking on a deeper level, ‘Business Women Just Rock!’

There you go – I have played the “Sexist / Anti-Male” card and I bet some of you are thinking “Here we go again Edward.”

Well it’s very true! In a world of say women aiming for “Equality” I have certainly applied a level of “Positive Discrimination” in saying that women are great without acknowledging the other gender.

Over this weekend, I was very lucky with my comrade Martha Arifin (and being helped out by Khadine Aharon) to run our “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing”.

This is one of our premium workshops we tend to run 2 – 3 times per year and as it was filling out in the morning I realized:

– Except for my buddy Phillip, this is an all female team!

This developed a massive laugh from us all and a lot of the banter & jokes stemmed from the fact that Phillip and I are just surrounded by beautiful women.

Putting aside our ego’s as men for this one and talking more factually of course – there is often a lot of discussion about how the “Small Business” game is one that is often female dominated.  Without checking the stats, from memory over two thirds of new business owners are started by women and the motives are often based on painful experiences which is sad.  A lot of women I know have started businesses because the Corporate Workplace doesn’t support them having children, once they have children there is “No Job” left for them – or even worse, they feel that “It’s a Man’s Game and they stand no chance”.

Obviously being pro-women / equality you can tell that I obviously don’t like that.  My high end Corporate Career actually failed on me (lost the lot in the GFC) and even though it wasn’t because I was a woman obviously – I can relate to the fact of losing what you had for reasons outside of your control.

I am not the only man who thinks Business Women rock and for not just myself (but many other male consultants) we actually love working with women.  My clients are about 70% plus female these days and the reason why I think that business women rock include:

1) They are Great Networkers & Value Relationships

2) They tend to care more for People.

3) They are generally more Patient.

4) They can have “Less Ego”

5) They can be more honest / expressive with their thinking.

6) They are more likely to get things done.

7) They can handle “Being Wrong”

Of course I have awesome male clients and if I speak with them – even against their own gender they often hold “Pro-Female” views quite similar to mine.

My thinking from this point of view? Of course don’t be sexist and say “Oh you are a woman and you are better” – however it’s good to note the traits of women vs men.  Your Products / Services may be more attuned to one gender over the other and it’s good to build that into your Marketing Plan & Approach.

So here is to girl power! Thank you again for the lovely ladies (and one man) who joined us for 90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.

Thanks from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor, Consultant & Author of “The Awesome Marketing Vault!”

Peak Loading, Massive Workloads, Long Hours and Enjoying the Milk & Honey Times!

Sometimes there can just be some extreme busy times.  I was on my way to a client and I had to answer an urgent email (which I did right here).  No messing around and enjoy the good times!

Sometimes there can just be some extreme busy times. I was on my way to a client and I had to answer an urgent email (which I did right here). No messing around and enjoy the good times!

One thing that business has proven to me over the years are the “Busy / Peak” times and the “Quiet / Trough” times which come, go, come, go and the like.

For me, 2015 has been a massive year for me already and I am very lucky to feel my own business going to that next level. My bank account loves me and I love my clients which all sounds great.

When one gets busier, one reality that comes to be is just the pure reality of “Peak Loading” & “Massive Workloads”. I was at a recent event and we had a Business Coach talking about this concept and I asked her a question about the reality of busy times. I recall she gave me the throwaway “Oh just delegate Edward and I am so Awesome and you suck for even asking such stupid question”.  I don’t think she really understood how to answer my question and just gave “Delegation” as a poor answer which was meant to solve all my problems.

I am all for delegation, process and the like – and it’s important.  However, regardless of how many staff we have – reality just kicks in and at times we just have to do the long hours. A very special person who I have a great respect for (who know who they are) has been knee deep in client projects, I have been preparing for tomorrows Marketing Workshop and many of my clients have just been flat out working away.

Of all the successful people I know, they at times do have simply massive workloads and I have noticed that they get more efficient, they get it done and at all times they are doing their best to pass on the workload as time passes.

My own understanding of this topic has been that at times, life can be super busy and the trick is making sure the hours are very efficient.

One key thing I have noticed in my own game is that:

I am just as busy as I was last year, but the work is more awesome and I am making way more money!

The key lesson(s) I think I have been reminded of as of late is that there are just busy times in business, you got to delegate / outsource whatever you can and you must make sure that your hours are productive / commercially viable.

Probably about a year or two ago in my business, I was busy working with the wrong people and this cost me big time. I would burn lots of hours, not get paid and otherwise act in a way which wasn’t good for me.  These days, I am busy with the right / awesome people and also investing into Automated / Leveraged Marketing and it rocks!

My advice and thinking? Enjoy the busy times, make sure it’s making you money and when you have a chance – pass on what you can so you can focus on higher level activities.

Love your work and I can’t wait till our 90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing Workshop – tomorrow from the time I have written this article. Thanks from Edward Zia!

The Pitfalls of Being a Company Director & the Importance of Eternal Vigilance!

The Awesome Condon Forum March 2015!

The Awesome Condon Forum March 2015!

My life has totally rocked lately and today I was lucky to attend a high powered information and networking event tonight at the March 2015 “Condon Forum”.

Condon Associates are a Turnaround, Insolvency & Business Performance Firm who I have been lucky to know for years and they run quality events during the year to help the business community & promote their cause.

At this forum, one key topic was basically the “Pitfall’s being a company director”

If you are say a Small Business Owner with a PTY LTD and you are the Director – this is all relevant for you (and me).

I remember when I started my business I did most things all wrong. One thing I paid little attention too was the “Financial Structure” of my business.  I honestly went “PTY LTD” because it really sounded “Cool” and I knew that identity would help me get more clients. To a point this wasn’t bad thinking, however where it probably was limited is that I had no idea as to the responsibilities of being a Director of a PTY LTD type of company.

Tonight I found out a stack of key concepts that I had some awareness of, but not in the detail necessary or meaningful in a way to act.  I learned about key ideas including:

Getting Sued: Just because you have a “Company” doesn’t mean you can’t be personally sued.  There are instances of when this can happen and the structure offers little protection.

Staff & Workers: If you are say hiring staff, don’t pay them correctly or even worse – “Dismiss them incorrectly” have a guess what? You can get sued / fined or worse.  Nice!

Tax & Reporting: I knew this one already, however as a PTD LTD tax is much heavier and requires greater thought and reporting. One must also be very cautious about not having “Personal Expenses” come out of the business.

Insurances: I was amazed at how many different forms of insurance there was to help as the last line of defense in the case of risks coming true & bad things happening to us.

THERE ARE ALWAYS RISKS: You can’t help it.

I am sure what I have written above may not sound too motivating or anything like that – sometimes I like to put my head in the sand at news like this, however it’s true. The thing that quite impacted me from todays forum was actually the fact there are “Always Risks” in business. There are things inside your control, outside of your control and you only need a competitor to do one “big thing” that can have really good or really bad financial impacts on your business.

My advice and learnings today from the Condom Forum? Eternal Vigilance my friends – you got to stay on your toes to stay safe in today’s crazy world. Love your work, thank you for the read and to kicking some goals and taking on “Enjoyable Risk!”

Why Cold Calling SUCKS and it’s the WORST Sales Strategy Ever!

Cold Calling Sucks! Asking cool friends for introductions is way better.

Cold Calling Sucks! Asking cool friends for introductions is way better.

With exception of a few cases, for most Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs – Cold Calling is one of the worst Sales & Marketing Strategies ever.

I hate doing it personally too and I have had countless clients that have hired me very nervous thinking they have to do Cold Calling or I am going to tell them to do so.

When I give them a bunch of strategies and tell them NOT TO DO COLD CALLING I can see the immediate sigh of relief and if they are female – I may get a hug at the end and if they are dudes I may get a “Bro-Down” fist punch or an extra strong handshake.

I have found better strategies to always have been Business Networking, Referral Networks, LinkedIn & Blogging to name a few and there are lots of reasons why Cold Calling Sucks and here is why:

Weak ROI & Return on Time: If you are starting out and have no choice – it can make sense, but later on – it’s a very bad idea.  It usually is very low returning in terms of time.

Can be weak to get appointments: If you are say making phone calls – this often sucks makes no sense at all.  You can be calling for days to get nothing – or very low value appointments.

You look desperate: If you are so damn successful, then why are you desperate on the phone?

If you do get a meeting, much less conversion: Put 5 x Cold Meetings up against 5 x Warm Meetings – you would be 0 – 1 / 5 cold, and maybe 1 – 3 / 5 warm.

Soul Destructive: Very few people only enjoy it.  Most (including me) hate it and find it a non-fun painful experience.

My advice? Unless you are in say a very tight niche (as there are some cases where it does work) really try and stay away from it. Get introductions to people – that is the best way to do it.  If you have no one to get introductions from, go Networking – make friends, help them and ask for help in meeting the right people.

When you go in warm with a great intro, your odds of success goes through the roof!

Love you work, thanks for the read!

About the Cold Calling Hating Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Commentator and 4Networking Leader who really doesn’t like Cold Calling and loves tactics & thinking that helps Small Business Owners nail their Sales & Marketing.  Read more of his blog to learn more and if you like what you see – check out his Premium Home Study Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course - Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course – Right Here!


The Importance of Having the Right People Around You & My Gratitude!

Like my bro Carl Albrecht - being surrounded by the right people is great.  Carl is kind, motivational and speaking to him is a pleasure. I always enjoy a phone call from him!

Like my bro Carl Albrecht – being surrounded by the right people is great. Carl is kind, motivational and speaking to him is a pleasure. I always enjoy a phone call from him!

Like many of you reading this blog (and I am sure many worse than me), I bet you can all relate to difficult times in your life. Be it you get sick, lose someone important to you, run out of money and all that type of sad stuff the true reality is that “Bad Things” happen to good people.

Talking in my life, some of these “Bad” things I deserve and some of them I know I don’t deserve at all. Be it they are fair, unfair or anything in between – what life has taught me is the importance of having “The Right People” around you.

I have heard this cliche for years and to be strangely honest with you, I think I have only understood the real meaning of this over the past 18 months.

I used to be surrounded by tons of bad people and now I am surrounded by nothing but GREAT people and it’s very liberating.

Talking more to challenges / pain, the reality is that when you have great people around you – they buffer you / help you during difficult times. Over the past few months I have had great people message me / call me to say hello and make sure I am okay. WOW! I am very humbled and thank you.

Talking more opportunities / pleasure, the reality is that great people try and proactively help you out. This has included getting great referrals, meeting amazing people who have become close friends and just having a good time. WOW! Humbled again I am.

What I have learned over time is that it’s very important to limit exposure / minimize people who are not good for you. In a business sense it can be people who eat up all your time, don’t pay your bills or just put you down when it suits them.

Awesome people are the direct opposite. They make you feel great, help you make more money, energize you and also get you focused and moving completely in the right direction and make you just feel good about life in general.

The reality is that my life is a reflection of who is in it now – pure and simple.

My advice & lesson? Listen to your mother. Surround yourself with the right people and powerful things happen.  Mummy is always right x x

Love your work, thank you for the read and keep up the great work Awesome Friends!

7 x Tips for Picking up Larger Clients from Larger Business who LOVE PAYING YOU!

Picking up bigger clients suits some businesses perfectly - and there are countless strategies to find them!

Picking up bigger clients suits some businesses perfectly – and there are countless strategies to find them!

There must be something in the water lately with many of my awesome clients & colleagues asking me the seemingly simple question “Edward, how do I pick up clients that have say 5 x staff and above?” (in fact this blog is dedicated to an amazing woman who I have lots of respect for that shall remain nameless!).

This straight forward question is quite simple on the surface, however the answer has elements of thought and points. The first thing to point out here is that depending on your business type, you may need say business clients of a certain size.

Architects, Bookkeepers, Accountants, IT Hardware People, Business Mentors and the like are often business that have services that aren’t quite suited to the solopreneur. As successful business owners with say at least 5 staff are usually very busy – they can often be incredibly difficult to get direct access too.  

I have been passing these tips and insights for how I have done it personally and how I have helped hundreds achieve amazing results – enjoy:

1) Define the Ideal Client Carefully: Saying 5 employees and above is a good rule of thumb for larger businesses, however there is nothing wrong with being more specific.  Are they say more technical businesses or from a certain area?

2) Find them Warm: This basically means try and go in via an introduction. Cold Calling is a very limited technique today and even if you do get a meeting – the power balance is never in one’s favour. The facts are simple – a good introduction can help you nail that client!

3) Ask Your Colleagues & Partners: By getting introductions to the right type of businesses it can make your job way easier!

4) LinkedIn 2nd Layer Searches: Learn this powerful technique well and it’s great to figure out who the high value targets connected to your connections are (this is the advanced features of LinkedIn).

5) Premium Business Events: Bigger business people often don’t go to networking events.  Why on earth should they? One can often find them at dinners and charity events.

6) Business Chambers: Perfect and brilliant – they often have larger businesses and if you are a member, you can get an introduction.

7) Find New Great Referral Partners: One of my favourite strategies. Let’s say I am targeting Managers in Hotels – can I find someone who already serves them that I can work with so I can get easy introductions?

You will notice that I have stayed out of “Approaching them directly”. This usually works quite poorly unless you have some form of introduction as they often get phone calls every day from people trying to sell them something. Also, in this article I haven’t touched on the powerhouse topic of blogging – that can make you look wonderful and encourage bigger people to find you!

I trust these tips help and love your work – best of luck picking up bigger businesses as clients!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor who oddly teaches a lot of “Personal Selling” these days, in particular when it comes to helping his clients get introductions to bigger businesses.  Feel free to browse his blog for more tips & insights.  If you like what you see, check out his Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course - Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course – Right Here!

My Story of Dealing with Painful, Yet Totally Awesome Change for the Better!

The tip jar message inspired this whole article and got me thinking about my challenges in life.  Hope you enjoy my story x x

The tip jar message inspired this whole article and got me thinking about my challenges in life. Hope you enjoy my story x x

During my Sunday morning Coffee / walk to the gym I was very lucky to stop by one of my local cafes. A vibrant italian women there makes a very strong Long Black for myself (being an ageing Persian Man I tend to have that type of palate) and I saw the funniest tip jar.

As per the photo, “If you fear change, leave it!”.  It immediately resonated with me, I put in $1 ask my “Facebook Photo” fee for it and it went straight up on Social Media and got a great response. I am in a very good mood right now and if you have been reading my blogs over the fast few months it’s been a total time of change and upheaval in my life.

It all started on one fateful night when I got a “Dear John” call.  A very special woman who I loved dearly (and shall remember greatly) gave me the “It’s not you it’s me” type of phone call and I went from thinking about a wedding date to working out how I will explain this to my mother in the morning.

It was a tragic type of event for me and although it was painful, it strangely marked a positive turning point in my life. I had 8 x Hours of Paid Consulting to do the next day, I was in the process of buying a property, I had a public speaking event to do – with maybe about 10 minutes to consider what happened to me.

I immediately knew that what happened to me was pretty bad. I didn’t just lose a partner, I lost a new family I just had and against my upcoming workload / what was expected of me – the last thing I could do was crumble. I won’t lie to you! It really did test me and what helped me get through it was certainly lots of Jesus Christ. I felt shocked, empty and I was focused on my life ahead.

Talking more to what happened next, for me – my only salvation in life was keep up with the radical changes my way.  I had a few old clients leave, I picked up heaps more new bigger clients, starting dating again (yay), purchased a property, spoke at events and even put in my application to join the Order of St. John’s (an old Templar Priority active in charity today). My revenue has gone up, some amazing things have happened to me and I have even met people with similar stories to me.

What I found amazing was that as I told my story, many have come to me with way worse stories that what I have been through. One amazing woman who I have a lot of respect for had a husband leave her and a family isolate her. It was tragic what happened to her and my own experience was little compared to hers. We connected and were able to share stories and help each other.

I also met a special woman too who had some great stories we shared. Lived overseas and was forsaken in her own way with a long-term relationship very suddenly ending up.

In the wash of all this, my own journey in life has been marked by some rapid & extreme changes. Yes, I had a very bad thing done to me – however from the day it happened it seemed to be in a turning point in my life. My business is bigger, I have way more amazing friends, I have been able to help people and even though I still feel funny at times – my life is now way better than what it was 2 months ago.

My advice and learnings? There are about 300 lessons I have learned in the past 2 months and talking this topic – the main ones to me are the importance of what the satirical tip jar implied.  Change happens to us, it’s natural to fear it and for me what pulled me through these times (and came out on top) was embracing the change.

I knew the moment I was single, I knew it was the starting point of a painful, positive and massive upheaval in my own life. It was hard, but I just embraced whatever happened – and surprise, surprise, my life is better for it.

If you are going through big changes in your life and like me – you are a good person and bad things happened to you, my advice is to let go of the past as soon as you can and embrace the future.  Change everything if you must – your old life has ended and the only logical conclusion is to start a new one.  So don’t fight it, embrace it!

Thank you for reading this fine friends and engaging in my own struggle that turned into a win. Love your work, speak soon and if you are in pain – it’s time to push even harder x x


Generosity & Why it’s a Great Marketing Strategy!

The More we Give, the More we Get! It's not Spiritual Wo-Wo, it's pure logic!

The More we Give, the More we Get! It’s not Spiritual Wo-Wo, it’s pure logic!

Even my worst critics (who suck lol) may accuse me of many things, but one thing I always get compliments on from my supporters is my generosity.

From day one in my business, I have always been the first to solve peoples problems on the house over a coffee, write to the best of my knowledge in my blog articles giving 100% of my thinking away, running Free Live Webinars as well as plenty of events providing Marketing Strategies and help on the house.

When I started out, a lot of my so called “Peers” were saying that I suck ass, I give away too much and that I need to be more manipulative in my Sales Pitch.

I totally disagreed and went in the opposite direction to these people, whereas now none of them are in business – except for me some 3 to 4 years later. Besides just being a nice thing to do, in the Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching Game – “Being Generous” to me is one of the best Marketing Strategies around.

The simple logic I originally coined and proved successful overtime was:

Everyone is trying to charge for something. Just give away as much as you commercially can, people shall trust you and will gladly refer you, share your content and hire you!

If you consider my viewpoint logically for a moment, of course it makes sense (at least in my mind!). Think about it from two points of view.  Let’s say you are hiring a Solicitor, Marketer, Business Coach or whatever.

You speak to two different people and for the sake of the exercise – consider all else is equal:

1) Hard Selling Loser: One person comes in and hard sells you, pressures you, tells you very little and just tell you to sign up now to access what you are after.

2) Cool Generous Operator: The other comes in and helps you, solves some of your problems on the house, demonstrates their knowledge and lightly invites you to do business with them.

You don’t need me to tell you the probably results and I am the first to pass this thinking onto my clients (especially those ones starting out).

My advice and thinking? In your own business (within commercial reality) think about how you can give away help & support to people.  As a Consultant, there are obvious limits to this in terms of time – however, if you can help someone out for 10 minutes as part of a meeting, then do it.

Besides having great Karma benefits, making you feel good, being generous and demonstrating how awesome you are is one of the best marketing strategies out there. Giving tips, Live Webinars, Facebook Posts, Blogging and even Free Workshops – plenty of different strategies out there!

Thank you for the read and love your work!

About the Author that Gives Tons Away:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger & 4Networking Leader and he hopes that this blog article he has written proves his point in this area.  He loves helping Business Owners get more High Value Clients by totally Mastering their Sales & Marketing. If you like what you see, sign up to the newsletter and also check out his Online Home Study Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Accessible Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course - Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course – Right Here!




Lindt Cafe Martin Place: It’s Beautiful & Successful Re-Opening!

It was beautiful walking through the new Lindt Cafe Martin Place today and RIP to Tori and Katrina!

It was beautiful walking through the new Lindt Cafe Martin Place today and RIP to Tori and Katrina!

It was only a few months ago that us Sydney Siders were challenged with the sad news of the Martin Place siege.  A dangerous Radical Islam Gunman (who should never had been on the streets) terrorized a whole massive city and ended the lives of Tori Johnson & Katrina Dawson (RIP to them both!).

Today was a bittersweet day in the respect of seeing it re-opened. I was very lucky to be in the city around 1PM today to visit at it’s peak and it was a beautiful sight. There was a line around the block, you couldn’t get a seat, the place was packed, the vibe was awesome and you can tell that people aren’t going to let Radical Islam stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

When I walked in there, the first thing I did was do the “Walk-Around” on the place.  I walked in, took some great footage to put on Facebook (see below) and I couldn’t find the dedication plaques. They were just behind the door with some flowers left beneath it and it was a very bittersweet / unusual thing to watch. Everyone is happy that we have re-opened, however the other side is the sadness of the suffering and innocence lost during the whole tragedy.

In short, I’d love to let the Facebook Video below do the talking! RIP to Tori & Katrina and it’s great that it’s reopened bigger and brighter than before.

To the end of Radical Islamic Terror, safer times and a popular Lindt Concept!

Dealing with the Unknown, Letting Go & my Thanks to Heath Thompson!

The Awesome Heath Thompson on the phone getting things required for my loan.  I was a ball of stress in this moment and he kept me sane - and gets my thanks!

The Awesome Heath Thompson on the phone getting things required for my loan. I was a ball of stress in this moment and he kept me sane – and gets my thanks!

My life has totally taken off for the better lately. If you have ready some of my previous blogs, you may have followed the roller coaster of experiences that has been my life lately.

From losing clients, being told I am a loser, picking up massive clients, changing lives, being ditched by a girl to meeting new and awesome people; sure I have had lows, but the HIGHS have been that awesome which I am grateful for.

One of my biggest lows / highs has been getting the Finance for my new place to live in Parramatta. For me, home buying has been a massively stressful process in many respects bringing up a lot of fears that exist right inside of me.  I was only homeless some years ago and for me to get back on my feet and actually “Being Successful” is a very strange experience.

The awesome Property Investor & Loan Guy Heath Thompson (from Buy Invest Growth) has been doing my finance but more playing psychologist in helping me. Buying a place to live has been one of my most stressful experiences lately and where it all got too much was on Monday.

The bank was playing “Funny Buggers” with us (being a business owner, finance can be trickier) and it required poor Heath to do lots of running around between me, my conveyancer, accountant and of course the silly bank to get things approved. Monday was the big day it was all going down and Heath spent hours on the phone chasing my paperwork and driving it through the process as quickly as possible.

About 3PM Monday the approval came through, BUT EVERY MINUTE OF THAT DAY WAS PAINFUL AGONY!

Heath did an amazing job and I can only highly recommend him and after getting through this massive stressful time, it has led me to some tips that kept me sane at the time I would love to share with you:

1) Stress is Stress! Get used to it.  At times in life, big things happen – reminding myself of this helped keep me sane.

2) Don’t think about the outcome and focus on the moment: Whenever I worried about the finance, I got really stressed. I just focused on my clients and the moment at hand so I can stay super sane.

3) Trust your Team: I personally had little control over what was going to happen – I was totally in Heath’s hands and I had to “Give Power” to him so he could do his thing and bail me out.

4) Focus on what you can do: I could only follow up with people and do my thing, beyond that I knew I did all I could.  It happens!

5) Pray to Jesus: Yes, I did that and as a Christian it’s an easy thing to do. I let JC worry about it which rocks. If you don’t believe in Jesus, I encourage you to consider it.  Makes life easier!

6) Do your best to smile: I would try my best to think happy thoughts to stay focused.

7) Laugh at yourself! A good first world issue worrying about my finance.  It was humbling to remember my time living in my car compared to now.

My advice and thinking? Sometimes big things go down in our lives and it’s important to let go and trust your team. After all, your team of professionals are often well picked elites by yourself and it’s what they do. Heath did an amazing job of getting a tricky loan through and keeping me sane.

Thank you Heath for your support and thank you wonderful people for the read!