The More we Give, the More we Get! It's not Spiritual Wo-Wo, it's pure logic!

The More we Give, the More we Get! It’s not Spiritual Wo-Wo, it’s pure logic!

Even my worst critics (who suck lol) may accuse me of many things, but one thing I always get compliments on from my supporters is my generosity.

From day one in my business, I have always been the first to solve peoples problems on the house over a coffee, write to the best of my knowledge in my blog articles giving 100% of my thinking away, running Free Live Webinars as well as plenty of events providing Marketing Strategies and help on the house.

When I started out, a lot of my so called “Peers” were saying that I suck ass, I give away too much and that I need to be more manipulative in my Sales Pitch.

I totally disagreed and went in the opposite direction to these people, whereas now none of them are in business – except for me some 3 to 4 years later. Besides just being a nice thing to do, in the Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching Game – “Being Generous” to me is one of the best Marketing Strategies around.

The simple logic I originally coined and proved successful overtime was:

Everyone is trying to charge for something. Just give away as much as you commercially can, people shall trust you and will gladly refer you, share your content and hire you!

If you consider my viewpoint logically for a moment, of course it makes sense (at least in my mind!). Think about it from two points of view.  Let’s say you are hiring a Solicitor, Marketer, Business Coach or whatever.

You speak to two different people and for the sake of the exercise – consider all else is equal:

1) Hard Selling Loser: One person comes in and hard sells you, pressures you, tells you very little and just tell you to sign up now to access what you are after.

2) Cool Generous Operator: The other comes in and helps you, solves some of your problems on the house, demonstrates their knowledge and lightly invites you to do business with them.

You don’t need me to tell you the probably results and I am the first to pass this thinking onto my clients (especially those ones starting out).

My advice and thinking? In your own business (within commercial reality) think about how you can give away help & support to people.  As a Consultant, there are obvious limits to this in terms of time – however, if you can help someone out for 10 minutes as part of a meeting, then do it.

Besides having great Karma benefits, making you feel good, being generous and demonstrating how awesome you are is one of the best marketing strategies out there. Giving tips, Live Webinars, Facebook Posts, Blogging and even Free Workshops – plenty of different strategies out there!

Thank you for the read and love your work!

About the Author that Gives Tons Away:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Blogger & 4Networking Leader and he hopes that this blog article he has written proves his point in this area.  He loves helping Business Owners get more High Value Clients by totally Mastering their Sales & Marketing. If you like what you see, sign up to the newsletter and also check out his Online Home Study Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” >> Accessible Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course - Right Here!

The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia! Plenty of Great Ideas in my Home Study Course – Right Here!






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