The tip jar message inspired this whole article and got me thinking about my challenges in life.  Hope you enjoy my story x x

The tip jar message inspired this whole article and got me thinking about my challenges in life. Hope you enjoy my story x x

During my Sunday morning Coffee / walk to the gym I was very lucky to stop by one of my local cafes. A vibrant italian women there makes a very strong Long Black for myself (being an ageing Persian Man I tend to have that type of palate) and I saw the funniest tip jar.

As per the photo, “If you fear change, leave it!”.  It immediately resonated with me, I put in $1 ask my “Facebook Photo” fee for it and it went straight up on Social Media and got a great response. I am in a very good mood right now and if you have been reading my blogs over the fast few months it’s been a total time of change and upheaval in my life.

It all started on one fateful night when I got a “Dear John” call.  A very special woman who I loved dearly (and shall remember greatly) gave me the “It’s not you it’s me” type of phone call and I went from thinking about a wedding date to working out how I will explain this to my mother in the morning.

It was a tragic type of event for me and although it was painful, it strangely marked a positive turning point in my life. I had 8 x Hours of Paid Consulting to do the next day, I was in the process of buying a property, I had a public speaking event to do – with maybe about 10 minutes to consider what happened to me.

I immediately knew that what happened to me was pretty bad. I didn’t just lose a partner, I lost a new family I just had and against my upcoming workload / what was expected of me – the last thing I could do was crumble. I won’t lie to you! It really did test me and what helped me get through it was certainly lots of Jesus Christ. I felt shocked, empty and I was focused on my life ahead.

Talking more to what happened next, for me – my only salvation in life was keep up with the radical changes my way.  I had a few old clients leave, I picked up heaps more new bigger clients, starting dating again (yay), purchased a property, spoke at events and even put in my application to join the Order of St. John’s (an old Templar Priority active in charity today). My revenue has gone up, some amazing things have happened to me and I have even met people with similar stories to me.

What I found amazing was that as I told my story, many have come to me with way worse stories that what I have been through. One amazing woman who I have a lot of respect for had a husband leave her and a family isolate her. It was tragic what happened to her and my own experience was little compared to hers. We connected and were able to share stories and help each other.

I also met a special woman too who had some great stories we shared. Lived overseas and was forsaken in her own way with a long-term relationship very suddenly ending up.

In the wash of all this, my own journey in life has been marked by some rapid & extreme changes. Yes, I had a very bad thing done to me – however from the day it happened it seemed to be in a turning point in my life. My business is bigger, I have way more amazing friends, I have been able to help people and even though I still feel funny at times – my life is now way better than what it was 2 months ago.

My advice and learnings? There are about 300 lessons I have learned in the past 2 months and talking this topic – the main ones to me are the importance of what the satirical tip jar implied.  Change happens to us, it’s natural to fear it and for me what pulled me through these times (and came out on top) was embracing the change.

I knew the moment I was single, I knew it was the starting point of a painful, positive and massive upheaval in my own life. It was hard, but I just embraced whatever happened – and surprise, surprise, my life is better for it.

If you are going through big changes in your life and like me – you are a good person and bad things happened to you, my advice is to let go of the past as soon as you can and embrace the future.  Change everything if you must – your old life has ended and the only logical conclusion is to start a new one.  So don’t fight it, embrace it!

Thank you for reading this fine friends and engaging in my own struggle that turned into a win. Love your work, speak soon and if you are in pain – it’s time to push even harder x x




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