My Buddy Phillip and I were very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful women in our latest workshop.  It got me thinking on a deeper level, 'Business Women Just Rock!'

My Buddy Phillip and I were very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful women in our latest workshop. It got me thinking on a deeper level, ‘Business Women Just Rock!’

There you go – I have played the “Sexist / Anti-Male” card and I bet some of you are thinking “Here we go again Edward.”

Well it’s very true! In a world of say women aiming for “Equality” I have certainly applied a level of “Positive Discrimination” in saying that women are great without acknowledging the other gender.

Over this weekend, I was very lucky with my comrade Martha Arifin (and being helped out by Khadine Aharon) to run our “90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing”.

This is one of our premium workshops we tend to run 2 – 3 times per year and as it was filling out in the morning I realized:

– Except for my buddy Phillip, this is an all female team!

This developed a massive laugh from us all and a lot of the banter & jokes stemmed from the fact that Phillip and I are just surrounded by beautiful women.

Putting aside our ego’s as men for this one and talking more factually of course – there is often a lot of discussion about how the “Small Business” game is one that is often female dominated.  Without checking the stats, from memory over two thirds of new business owners are started by women and the motives are often based on painful experiences which is sad.  A lot of women I know have started businesses because the Corporate Workplace doesn’t support them having children, once they have children there is “No Job” left for them – or even worse, they feel that “It’s a Man’s Game and they stand no chance”.

Obviously being pro-women / equality you can tell that I obviously don’t like that.  My high end Corporate Career actually failed on me (lost the lot in the GFC) and even though it wasn’t because I was a woman obviously – I can relate to the fact of losing what you had for reasons outside of your control.

I am not the only man who thinks Business Women rock and for not just myself (but many other male consultants) we actually love working with women.  My clients are about 70% plus female these days and the reason why I think that business women rock include:

1) They are Great Networkers & Value Relationships

2) They tend to care more for People.

3) They are generally more Patient.

4) They can have “Less Ego”

5) They can be more honest / expressive with their thinking.

6) They are more likely to get things done.

7) They can handle “Being Wrong”

Of course I have awesome male clients and if I speak with them – even against their own gender they often hold “Pro-Female” views quite similar to mine.

My thinking from this point of view? Of course don’t be sexist and say “Oh you are a woman and you are better” – however it’s good to note the traits of women vs men.  Your Products / Services may be more attuned to one gender over the other and it’s good to build that into your Marketing Plan & Approach.

So here is to girl power! Thank you again for the lovely ladies (and one man) who joined us for 90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park.

Thanks from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor, Consultant & Author of “The Awesome Marketing Vault!”



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