The Awesome Heath Thompson on the phone getting things required for my loan.  I was a ball of stress in this moment and he kept me sane - and gets my thanks!

The Awesome Heath Thompson on the phone getting things required for my loan. I was a ball of stress in this moment and he kept me sane – and gets my thanks!

My life has totally taken off for the better lately. If you have ready some of my previous blogs, you may have followed the roller coaster of experiences that has been my life lately.

From losing clients, being told I am a loser, picking up massive clients, changing lives, being ditched by a girl to meeting new and awesome people; sure I have had lows, but the HIGHS have been that awesome which I am grateful for.

One of my biggest lows / highs has been getting the Finance for my new place to live in Parramatta. For me, home buying has been a massively stressful process in many respects bringing up a lot of fears that exist right inside of me.  I was only homeless some years ago and for me to get back on my feet and actually “Being Successful” is a very strange experience.

The awesome Property Investor & Loan Guy Heath Thompson (from Buy Invest Growth) has been doing my finance but more playing psychologist in helping me. Buying a place to live has been one of my most stressful experiences lately and where it all got too much was on Monday.

The bank was playing “Funny Buggers” with us (being a business owner, finance can be trickier) and it required poor Heath to do lots of running around between me, my conveyancer, accountant and of course the silly bank to get things approved. Monday was the big day it was all going down and Heath spent hours on the phone chasing my paperwork and driving it through the process as quickly as possible.

About 3PM Monday the approval came through, BUT EVERY MINUTE OF THAT DAY WAS PAINFUL AGONY!

Heath did an amazing job and I can only highly recommend him and after getting through this massive stressful time, it has led me to some tips that kept me sane at the time I would love to share with you:

1) Stress is Stress! Get used to it.  At times in life, big things happen – reminding myself of this helped keep me sane.

2) Don’t think about the outcome and focus on the moment: Whenever I worried about the finance, I got really stressed. I just focused on my clients and the moment at hand so I can stay super sane.

3) Trust your Team: I personally had little control over what was going to happen – I was totally in Heath’s hands and I had to “Give Power” to him so he could do his thing and bail me out.

4) Focus on what you can do: I could only follow up with people and do my thing, beyond that I knew I did all I could.  It happens!

5) Pray to Jesus: Yes, I did that and as a Christian it’s an easy thing to do. I let JC worry about it which rocks. If you don’t believe in Jesus, I encourage you to consider it.  Makes life easier!

6) Do your best to smile: I would try my best to think happy thoughts to stay focused.

7) Laugh at yourself! A good first world issue worrying about my finance.  It was humbling to remember my time living in my car compared to now.

My advice and thinking? Sometimes big things go down in our lives and it’s important to let go and trust your team. After all, your team of professionals are often well picked elites by yourself and it’s what they do. Heath did an amazing job of getting a tricky loan through and keeping me sane.

Thank you Heath for your support and thank you wonderful people for the read!



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