Time for some Love you Bully / Negative Thinker :)

Time for some Love you Bully / Negative Thinker!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of Negative Thinkers (and of course, Negative Thinkers who disguise themselves as “Positive Thinkers”).

You may remember from my last post, a certain “Negative Thinker” engaged in Vampirism with my poor neck and only now are the wounds starting to heal.

Like anything upsetting in our lives, sometimes we can get knocked off our chair – but then we gradually put things into perspective and move on.

This has really got me thinking about my whole life and reflecting back on my Wins, Losses and everything in between.  I remember right from the age of 8, right to my nice age of early 30’s now – there have always been “Negative Thinkers”, “Bullies”, or “Vampires” that whenever I have wanted to achieve something noble or big for myself – they are there to slow me down or not make it happen.

Right from bad bosses, to manipulative people, or even deceptive Multi-Level-Marketing people (who have mastered the art of looking “Positive”) – you have to be careful in this day and age to make sure people don’t suck you into their precious “Agendas”.

One thing I have learnt to take pleasure in, is standing up to the bullies and “Negative Thinkers” who don’t really give a rats about you personally – and only care about what resources they can extract from you (i.e. be it sick pleasure form your suffering, taking your money or even your time).

In fact, one thing I notice is that we when stand up for our own-selves and focus on what we want in OUR OWN lives, just like Cock-A-Roaches the Negative Thinkers scatter when the lights go on!

So my big learning, make sure you are living your own life and doing WHAT MATTERS to you!  And if you have some free time over the weekend, go and shoot a bully in the face or something like that.  Do you think I am joking? Maybe (depending on who is asking). Boy I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

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  1. Not sure I get what you are saying, Edward. To me, if they will not learn, then so be it, but I would try at least to plant a seed a doubt in their minds that their way of thinking may not be right for everybody, and may not even be right for them. I choose to believe that there is no such thing as a lost cause. I also choose to believe that doing to a bully what they do to others is stooping to their level, so I would take what I consider to be the higher ground.

    • Hi Russell,

      I love the way you think and in my own history, I have found that with some bullies this works – but some are simply psychopaths and they only understand one language “Pain”.

      Bullies (especially in the workplace) must be punished – it’s the only language they get!


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