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Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Be Yourself, Express Yourself”)

I did come out in style. It rocked!

I did come out in style. It rocked!

Believe it or not; my jet lag is almost over, and I am starting to feel somewhat normal again.

My first week back was tough work. It would be say 9AM and my body felt like it was 2AM, but it got better each day and I have been integrating many of the lessons I learned from being part of the Meetup Togetherfest in New York.

One key lesson from this experience was “Be Yourself, Express Yourself”.

That is, all the top leaders I met on the trip were people of substance, key thinking and were completely individuals. Even though I couldn’t say articulate it, each of them had a clear ‘X FACTOR’ and you could see why they are successful and how they made it.

Meetup’s culture is one of acceptance. Not in a superficial politically correct sense that you commonly see today, but one where they really encourage you to behave in your own unique way.

I did let my high energy style come to the surface (as I do in Sydney) and it rocked. From me telling everyone they are awesome, saying off the wall stuff, talking politics, having fun and the like; it is quite easy to be yourself and I loved it.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let anyone hold you back and you shall be more effective being yourself. Sure, you will go through reskins, reboots and upgrade your style (as part of my massive weight loss and new threads), but make sure it’s completely you.

Thank you for the read, thank you Meetup and Togetherfest rocked!

Edward’s Latest Marketing & Business Plan (Updated May 2018)

I always update my Marketing Plan and take it very seriously. It's how I win!

I always update my Marketing Plan and take it very seriously. It’s how I win!

I love walking the talk. It’s been a core part of my own success in that everything I recommend is spot on and accurate.

Why? It’s because I do it. If I do something, get real results and speak from that viewpoint; I am correct and spot on.

As part of all this thinking, I would love to share with you my latest Marketing & Business Plan updated for May 2018. Most updates are quite minor, but this plan had some more serious updates being some wins coming into my wonderful business.

I put through a stack of updates based on these key events in my business:

–          Personal Mentoring is strong.

–          I want to get more people in the Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program.

–          The Premium Workshops are picking up nicely and going great.

–          I just got back from New York with key lessons and new great photos.

–          The Live Webinars and Profitable Marketing Meetups are winning big / taking over.

–          NSW Business Chamber has been a profitable delight!

–          Facebook Lives haven’t been that useful, but Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Video has been outstanding.

>> Download my Marketing & Business Plan (PDF – May 2018 Update) here!

Love your work, enjoy and if you love what you see, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program.

Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Make people feel special”)

Meetup nailed every detail. They even took professional photos of us to go on a board. Love their work!

Meetup nailed every detail. They even took professional photos of us to go on a board. Love their work!

The Meetup Togetherfest in New York last week was just wonderful!

I had business lessons, personal breakthroughs, top business advice and even a fun time!

Meetup are great at many things and one key point they nailed was making ‘everyone’ feel special during the conference. We all were well looked after; the staff gave us great personal attention and you never felt alone.

I was extremely impressed in that there was over 200+ people at the conference with about 25+ of us VIPs of City Organisers across the world.

Meetup were very savvy in that they ensured:

–          We had the personal attention.

–          Any concerns were dealt with and questions answered.

–          They always put out opportunities for us.

–          The events were really good (and I mean really good).

–          You can just tell they cared.

–          The food was catered well for all tastes.

–          There was total acceptance.

This made perfect sense and you can tell that they really cared how people feel. They would always do their best too in ‘out of the box’ situations to help people.

My advice and lessons? Regardless of how big or small your business is, treat everyone like a person and look after them personally. Of course, you may have structured programs and services, but make sure your customer service takes care of the person and what ‘out of the box’ requirements they have.

Meetup most certainly did, and they are successful and rock! (lots)

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Be a team player with the right team”)

I was surrounded by the right people and it rocked on many levels!

I was surrounded by the right people and it rocked on many levels!

It’s almost a week since I have made it back to Sydney from New York after enjoying the powerhouse ‘Meetup Togetherfest’. I was lucky to get across there as a core character and I am still ‘coming down’ after a great experience.

I hope I can keep up the energy for as long as I can, and I have been reflecting on the key lessons I learned there.

Some of lessons sound very textbook and obvious, however aren’t always followed. It’s like being that of not putting on weight. We all know how, however we sometimes need that external help.

Some of these lessons are subtler with one of my favourites, “Be a team player with the right team”. This basically means that you should co-operate with the right people and in a way, it can imply not to co-operate with the wrong people.

When we are in business we meet people with all sorts of agendas. From those who are sinister, those who are noble, to those that just don’t care; we must be very careful who we ally with and fight against.

Trust with the wrong people and work with them can be a disaster (which I have done), however when you are with the right people; work together hard and love it.

During the Meetup Togetherfest I was surrounded by the right people. They were noble, honest, contained pure agenda’s and was in the zone. I got right into it and got so much on many levels out of working with them as I gave back to them.

My advice and thinking? Look after your team. The right people rock. Get involved and help everyone win big. I did, and it was very worth it.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Meetup rocks!

Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“When the going gets tough…”)

I was cold, tired, but the photo came out great (with many attempts!)

I was cold, tired, but the photo came out great (with many attempts!)

As I am almost recover from some quite heavy jet lag, I am back after a whirlwind and extremely successful trip to New York.

This was a great trip on many levels with one being a massive test of my own personal endurance. I had travelled 30 hours door to door both ways (60 in total), it was cold, I worked some incredible hours, had to be in high energy mode and even ran around Central Park (that took me 50 minutes for about 9km).

I loved this trip on many levels and I will always remember my first morning in New York. Although I was happy to be there, I was in a daze, extremely cold and adapting to the new surroundings.

As I walked about 35 minutes to my first location, I decided to take a photo of myself. I saw these cool American Flags behind me and this was one of the hardest photos I ever took of myself.

I kept trying and I didn’t look right, I looked tired and I just couldn’t get it. After the 12 try, I got it and it was perfect! I even considered giving up at one point, but I didn’t. However, I then got it and IT WAS GREAT!

This described my whole trip. Something was hard. Kept trying. Then got it and it felt great. It reminded me of a common lesson in how to react when the going gets tough. This is where the tough get going! It’s a lesson of endurance and doing what’s required.

My advice and thinking? In whatever what you do, have lots of endurance and really stick at it. As we do that, life really works and it just rocks. For me it’s been hard, but it’s been great and loved it!

Enjoy the thoughts, love your work and stay awesome friends!

Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Surround Yourself with the Best”)

Keith and Sam fit the definition of the 'best'.

Keith and Sam fit the definition of the ‘best’.

It’s been a brilliantly frantic return from the awesome Meetup Togetherfest last week in New York. I have hit the ground running with events, webinars and I am still jet lagged as catching up again.

As I consolidate, reflect and integrate my learnings I got yet another brilliant lesson from the great trip being to “Surround Yourself with the Best”. What contributed greatly to my transformational experience on the journey is being surrounded by lots of the right people.

What further drove this process was those people who I was drawn too to become closer friends including the wonderful Keith and Sam. As we spend more time with people that we consider awesome, aspirational and the ‘best’, it drives our own personal change and understanding.

My advice and thinking? Wherever you are in life, surrounded yourself with the best. When you make conscious choices as who to approach and invest time in, make sure it’s the best.

The people you surround yourself by shall determine your success. BELIEVE ME.

Love your work, thank you for read and you rock Keith, Sam and #meetuptogetherfest !!

Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Taking the next step”)

As I took every step, it got easier and was more fun at Meetup Togetherfest. Loved it!

As I took every step, it got easier and was more fun at Meetup Togetherfest. Loved it!

My trip to New York as part of the Meetup Togetherfest Conference was life changing on many levels.

It was an experience which created lots of transformations on my life that just rock.

Coming from a guy who has been in the military, I have to say that this conference and going to New York and back in such a short space of time was the most extreme I have gone in my life. The lack of sleep, great stimulation of my brain, meeting such great people and more was just wonderful.

One key lesson that I really gained from this trip was the importance of ‘trusting the next step’. This is a reference to that you basically don’t know what is going to happen next, but you just have trust the next step you take.

As you take that next step, you can figure out the next one and so on. As this business trip unfolded for me, I was going from situation to situation, not knowing what would happen next.

I honestly got a bit anxious! Anxious in a good way and as I reflected on my own feelings, it was how to convert that into more of a positive and productive experience.

That was just taking the next step with confidence. I had lots going down, I didn’t know what would happen next, but I knew that every step would open more doors. That was in terms of meeting people, new great experiences, challenging my own ideas and learning new powerful strategies.

My advice and thinking? If you are like I was, stop freaking out about what may happen in the next steps. Take them as they come. One step in front of the other. As we do that, everything works itself out and it just rocks. Another lesson of mine from Meetup Together Fest. It’s taught me many things.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

My NEW PALS from #meetuptogetherfest

Ross, Shane, Andrew, Marcie, Sarah, Sam and Michelle just rock. I love their work!

Ross, Shane, Andrew, Marcie, Sarah, Sam and Michelle just rock. I love their work!

It’s day one since I have arrived back in Sydney and whilst I recover from my jet lag, I am enjoying the success of the wonderful trip from the #meetuptogetherfest

My poor brain has taken a pounding with all the new data it has had to hold lately, and I am still processing all the lessons that I have had. I slept about 3 hours a night and I took in lots of new experiences from places, to people, to ideas.

One key thought that is going through my mind are the new friends I have made from around the globe. We have connected now through Facebook and spending time with them was a key part of my learning and fun experience.

Even after the trip we have been in contact and it rocks.

My advice and thinking? We have opportunities in life where we connect with amazing people. As we do, swap cards, make the first moves, ask to add on Facebook and make it happen.

I did that and now we are all connected. Even though they are from around the world, my new pals are here to stay and part of the experience. They are going to be the source of many more breakthoughs to come.

I love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

My love for ‘HOT BLACK QUOFFEE’ to conquer jet lag!

Hot Black Quoffee seriously conquers jet lag!

Hot Black Quoffee seriously conquers jet lag!

I am really surprised as to how I am wreathing the jet lag so far. I don’t know if I am going to crash soon, but I remember that this time I am way better than what I was last time I travelled overseas.

I have even been doing videos and lots of my wonderful friends are saying that I have weathered the 26 hours + of travelling quite well from Sydney to New York.

I think there are lots of reasons as to why I am weathering it quite well. I have become really fit, lost the weight, slept lots on the plane but most of all what got me great on my first day on the ground in New York is:


I find that when you have dairy or milk with your coffee it’s a bad move. Lots of calories and the dairy slows you down. When you have the black coffee (even with a bit of sugar), it feels great and really kick starts your system.

My advice and thinking?

When you are fighting jet lag, you want HOT BLACK QUOFFEE! It’s the only logical choice.

I so can’t sleep!

I did eat well and sleep well on the planes, so I'm doin' okay!

I did eat well and sleep well on the planes, so I’m doin’ okay!

It’s About 4:27AM New York time and although my jet lag isn’t that bad, I still can’t sleep. I woke up about an hour ago and tried to go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t working out.

However, as I was very poorly trying to sleep, I have been awake and in the zone with creative ideas one after the other.

This is critical and what I have learned as entrepreneurs over the years. We shall have those times where we can’t sleep and THAT’S OKAY!

I have been up at 2AM before with creative ideas that I have been writing down, taking action on and enjoying the creative cycle. Sure, I may get a bit wrecked the next day but it’s worth it.

My advice and thinking? There are those times where rightly or wrongly you can’t sleep. That’s okay friends! Just take advantage of it and love it.

For me, I have acted on some top ideas, so I am more open to more wonderful breakthroughs to come!

Thoughts on the plane from Sydney to Los Angeles!

A hot chocolate to keep my breakthroughs going! Thank you friends!

A hot chocolate to keep my breakthroughs going! Thank you friends!

As I flew from Sydney to LA on my trip to the Meetup Togetherfest Conference, I spent some time off the internet!

It was great and a real chance for me to sit back, think and consider my life. I knew I would get a big breakthrough.

Would you love to hear it? I better get it out quick, as I write this blog with my flight about to board:

  • Back yourself 100% and get over the doubt! Don’t tell yourself BS that holds you back.

It’s a simple thought, but powerful and I love it. Do it and win big friends!

Love your work and thanks from Ed!

A great venue and the subconscious mind (Thank you Aeona)

Aeona on Central gave a great vibe that helped our event just work!

Aeona on Central gave a great vibe that helped our event just work!

It’s 10:52PM as I finally sit down to write this blog and guess what?

I am getting ready for New York and love it. I am attending, speaking and contributing to the wonderful Global Meetup Conference and this is my last blog till I get off in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tonight, we had our ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ with a focus on one of my favourite topics ever, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing! It rocked, and I received this great feedback from many people in relation to the venue. People said, “It’s beautiful”, “A great spot”, “So close to the station” and it rocked.

People both consciously and subconsciously loved the venue Aeona on Central and this did lots of my heavy lifting for what was creating a wonderful event. As Aeona made a great impact, people just loved the venue, which made it much easier for them to love my event.

My advice and thinking? Great venues my friends! If you run events, do them in wonderful venues. People love it and it helps set you up for success.

>> Make sure you check out Aeona on Central here.

I love their work, I love your work and stay awesome friends!