I was surrounded by the right people and it rocked on many levels!

I was surrounded by the right people and it rocked on many levels!

It’s almost a week since I have made it back to Sydney from New York after enjoying the powerhouse ‘Meetup Togetherfest’. I was lucky to get across there as a core character and I am still ‘coming down’ after a great experience.

I hope I can keep up the energy for as long as I can, and I have been reflecting on the key lessons I learned there.

Some of lessons sound very textbook and obvious, however aren’t always followed. It’s like being that of not putting on weight. We all know how, however we sometimes need that external help.

Some of these lessons are subtler with one of my favourites, “Be a team player with the right team”. This basically means that you should co-operate with the right people and in a way, it can imply not to co-operate with the wrong people.

When we are in business we meet people with all sorts of agendas. From those who are sinister, those who are noble, to those that just don’t care; we must be very careful who we ally with and fight against.

Trust with the wrong people and work with them can be a disaster (which I have done), however when you are with the right people; work together hard and love it.

During the Meetup Togetherfest I was surrounded by the right people. They were noble, honest, contained pure agenda’s and was in the zone. I got right into it and got so much on many levels out of working with them as I gave back to them.

My advice and thinking? Look after your team. The right people rock. Get involved and help everyone win big. I did, and it was very worth it.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Meetup rocks!



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