Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Surround Yourself with the Best”)

Keith and Sam fit the definition of the 'best'.

Keith and Sam fit the definition of the ‘best’.

It’s been a brilliantly frantic return from the awesome Meetup Togetherfest last week in New York. I have hit the ground running with events, webinars and I am still jet lagged as catching up again.

As I consolidate, reflect and integrate my learnings I got yet another brilliant lesson from the great trip being to “Surround Yourself with the Best”. What contributed greatly to my transformational experience on the journey is being surrounded by lots of the right people.

What further drove this process was those people who I was drawn too to become closer friends including the wonderful Keith and Sam. As we spend more time with people that we consider awesome, aspirational and the ‘best’, it drives our own personal change and understanding.

My advice and thinking? Wherever you are in life, surrounded yourself with the best. When you make conscious choices as who to approach and invest time in, make sure it’s the best.

The people you surround yourself by shall determine your success. BELIEVE ME.

Love your work, thank you for read and you rock Keith, Sam and #meetuptogetherfest !!