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More tweaks to my NEWLY UPDATED Website!

I love Matt Craig and my new website! In the zone!

I love Matt Craig and my new website! In the zone!

With thanks to the wonderful Matt Craig from MindArc, my website has gone through some wonderful updates. It is now slimmer, more powerful, beautiful and looks just great.

Matt did a great job of my website updates and when they came back, I realised that the instructions I gave to him need some tweaking. That is, Matt did a great job of what I asked; however, when it was laid out visually it was just too much.

I had too much wording, tried to say too much and made the two tweaks to the website:

  • Make the background image darker so the white text stands out.
  • Reduce the text to my simple tagline

It looks great! Matt’s changes just hit the mark beautifully.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to site updates, some things we do are subtle yet make a massive difference. Less is more and Matt Craig & MindArc Digital rock.

Love your work and stay awesome friends!

Profitable Updates my Beautiful Website! (Thank you Matt Craig)

I love my website! Simple, powerful and shall be higher conversion!

I love my website! Simple, powerful and shall be higher conversion!

It’s Sunday, it’s a beautiful day and I am going to be out doing family stuff very soon. As I was tying up some loose ends before I go to New York, I got an email from my wonderful friend Matt Craig from MindArc Digital Agency.

He in record time made some updates to my website that have made it so much better than the original! They are going to be profitable updates in that I know it shall drive conversion and help to get me more clients.

What was interesting about this update was that it wasn’t adding content. It was removing content and replacing it with links to my off-site assets such as my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program (on Teachable), my Meetup Group and my Live Webinar Series.

I was a bit bashful about my website historically, but NOW I LOVE IT. A massive improvement and it rocks.

>> Check out the Home Page here and explore it! More updates to come.

My advice and thinking? It’s great to make continual updates to your own website. It makes it look stronger, more beautiful and of course more powerful.

Love your work, thank you Matt Craig and stay awesome friends!

EXPERTS! Use them!

Edward Wright is an expert and legend! He saved my PC and hours of pain!

Edward Wright is an expert and legend! He saved my PC and hours of pain!

It was only a few days ago where I was working away on my Windows 10 Touch Screen Desktop. It’s a few years old and like Windows does, it always sends through automatic updates.

Usually about once a week it will do a serious update of some form on all my devices and this was its regular cycle.

However, this time there was something different. As I would boot up my PC, I would get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death! It was the full episode too in that whenever I try and boot up my PC, within minutes I would get the forced reset of a Blue Screen.

I realised immediately that I better call my wonderful friend and IT Guy Edward Wright. Besides having a great first name, he was able to take care of my PC and get it going again!

If I tried, it probably would never have happened and if it did, it would have chewed up at least 10 hours of time. That would have been 10 hours out of my own business and it was a great move.

My advice and thinking? When something is out of your skill area, surrender fast and call in an expert. Don’t try and be a hero to do it yourself. Assuming you even succeed, you will burn lots of time and wind up a sad Panda.

I now have my PC back and it rocks! All because I surrendered to a wonderful expert.

Love your work friends and thank you Edward Wright! You rock.

P.S. Check out Edward’s Business, Wrighton Computer Services here!

“Stuff it! It’s Friday!”

My Novotel Sundae hit the spot. A perfect way to end the week!

My Novotel Sundae hit the spot. A perfect way to end the week!

We work hard, we win big and if you are like me; you may have some totally epic weeks.

One big thing that I have really learned (especially over the past few months) and the times where you have to say, “Stuff it!” and totally chill out.

I did exactly that this Friday. I was with a old wonderful friend and client (who I just referred some work too), and we were having a late lunch at the Novotel.

I had the Fish and Chips (which was great) and after this, I felt the urge to eat an Ice Cream Sundae. I thought of all these internal reasons of why I shouldn’t and then I flipped out and did it.

It felt great! I loved it and it’s helping me chill out and smile in style.

My advice and thinking? Of course, there are times to work hard, but there are times to enjoy yourself and unwind.

I did today, and it felt great. Do it, smile, enjoy and win big friends!

A feature article written about Edward Zia (yours truly!)

It's kinda cool reading a blog about yourself. Nic eand enjoy!

It’s kinda cool reading an article about yourself. Enjoy!

This is one of those blogs where I don’t give value, marketing ideas or even try to tell you how to run your business.

It’s written about me and my own story! My awesome wife and ‘Managing Director’ / ‘Boss’ Lassie passed me to this great guy by the name of James Mac who is starting a kick butt blog.

I am one of his first (if not first), business article and it’s a honour.

>> Read the blog about me here!

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!

Using a decent, high quality, beautiful resolution PROJECTOR!

Even though it's a few years old, my $800 Epson Project rocks. Worth it!

Even though it’s a few years old, my $800 Epson Project rocks. Worth it!

I just got back from a wonderful event at NSW Business Chamber tonight, hosted at the beautiful venue in Sydney CBD called “The Establishment”. It was the first time I visited their lovely ballroom there, and it was a great event of hundreds of us networking together this evening.

During the event, the projector was great quality and the slides looked great! It got me thinking as to my workshop over the weekend, where I used my own projector (and not the main one recommended by the venue).

Even though it was a few years ago when I bought mine; it was the up there Epson Projector around the $800 mark at Officeworks. It handles the extremely high resolution pumped out by my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, it’s extremely bright even in heavy light and this one even automatically shapes to the wall (an incredible feature and I don’t know how it does that).

My advice and thinking? Use a top projector! Even though it cost me $800 and I could have got a cheaper one for $400 or whatever, it’s worth the extra money for the outstanding quality.

Tragically, lots of projectors at venues aren’t the best, so it maybe time to buy and use your own. Worth it!

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome friends!

The importance of our PRINCIPLES

The principle driven Felicity Wilson MP of North Shore Sydney. Love her work!

The principle driven Felicity Wilson MP of North Shore Sydney. Love her work!

Some months ago, I was at a wonderful Business Chamber event in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. I had a spare evening (which isn’t always common), saw the invite and decided to go.

It was great, there were many incredible people there including AWESOME LIBERALS. Being a proud member of the Liberal Party of Australia myself, I always love making contact and similar minded friends out in the field.

Although I have met her before, during this event I connected with the powerhouse Felicity Wilson MP. She represents the North Shore Electorate in Sydney (State Level), and we connected on the evening.

We had lots of Gourmet Pizza (and I mean lots at least in my case) and spoke about everything to do with politics, geo-politics and more. From Trump to Clinton it was a great debate.

As I have learned more about Felicity, I could tell what her ‘X Factor’ is from a mile away. She is a person of ‘Principles’ and not ‘Popularity’. Of course, she is a well liked and popular figure (you must be in a democracy), it wasn’t what drove her.

She was clearly driven by her beliefs of right / wrong, looking after the community, helping people and delivering outcomes. I quite liked this element and it was inspiring seeing her example in this regard and reminded me as to what matters.

Chasing popularity is never a great thing, and the popular people I know aren’t the ones who chase it. They chase ‘helping people’ and the rest comes as a natural consequence.

My advice and thinking? Powerful people are driven by their ideas and not what people think or don’t think about them. Of course, one listens and is reasonable, however it’s not crowd pleasing that one seeks. It’s getting results!

I love her work and of course if you are a voter from this area, make sure you get behind Felicity Wilson MP (as she rocks). If you aren’t, just make sure you vote Liberal with a smile.

Love your work, thank you Felicity and stay awesome friends!

Getting the right LOOK & FEEL for your events!

Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour gave our events the right look and feel to win big. Love it!

Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour gave our events the right look and feel to win big. Love it!

I am coming down from a great Workshop over the weekend at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. The incredible people, great discussion, many new ideas going down and we all loved it.

As this played out, one continual round of feedback I received was how great the venue was. The food, the view, the quality and the lot; Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour really delivered as a venue.

One core pillar of this win, was having the right ‘Look & Feel’. This became clear to me when I had the room all setup in the morning. It looked orderly, premium, trendy and very entrepreneurial.

I really loved this, paused to take a photo and it got me thinking as to the importance of having that exactly beautiful look and feel.

Looking at great events by my wonderful friends, they are great too. Each of them are different, and they find great venues to complement the look and feel they are trying to create. Be it they are funky, trendy, business like or more; these points matter.

My advice and thinking? Get the exact right look and feel to suit the experience you are after. The Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour is perfect for my events.

The Novotel may suit you perfectly, or you have your own venue in mind which has the right look and feel. This is critical to set the right experience, so people just love what you have. Find the venue that is perfect for you.

Thank you for the read, stay awesome and I love your work Novotel!

Improving your own view of yourself

Even though it was just a 'sign', seeing my name up in lights improved my self love. Nice!

Even though it was just a ‘sign’, seeing my name up in lights improved my self love. Nice!

When I started my business and my total new life, I knew I had a bit of work to do. Sure, I had lots of ‘work stuff’ to do, but the biggest thing I realised early on was in terms of my own confidence, endurance and strength.

I used to have low confidence (which is obviously bad if you want to be a Coach) and I realised that I had a journey of powerhouse change ahead of me.

As I have worked through this over the years, I consider my own confidence very healthy now. I think I’m totally awesome, yet I know I make mistakes and am very open to reason.

One experience I had yesterday, really helped me even think more of myself. It was something quite odd, extremely unusual and something arguably minor compared to what else I have been doing.

As I arrived at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour nice and early to run my first next gen Premium Mastery Workshop, I saw myself up on the big screen all over the Novotel. It had “Profitable Marketing with Edward Zia” on all the screens and it just stunned me and hit me in style.

It was that moment where it all got real for me and I was blown away that me, the guy living in his car a decade before is running high end PAID WORKSHOPS at one of the best Novotel’s in the world. Strangely enough it wasn’t until this moment that I felt how great it was and it paved the way for a very successful workshop.

My advice and thinking? As we pursue our dreams, push ourselves, come up with new ideas and more, we improve our own view of ourselves. Telling yourself ‘your awesome’ all day is a far cry and seeing something visual proving you are awesome.

As we go for it, push ourselves, it’s great to keep an eye open as to how we can change. When we spot something that emotionally hits us, stop, pause and enjoy it.

I certainly did with my name all over Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour. I started thinking too, “I think I may get to really enjoy this!”. Even though it was just a ‘sign’, seeing my name up in lights improved my self love. Nice!

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you everyone for making the workshop wonderful. I won big too!

Attractive People, Clever Minds, and the Beautiful Novotel

The people, the venue and the ideas make our Workshop rock!!

The people, the venue and the ideas make our Workshop rock!!

It’s a late night and I am pumped from a wonderful morning, daytime and evening at the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour.

We have just completed our Mastery Workshop ’90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing’ being our (now) successful pilot for 2018.

The reports are coming in 5 stars for this event and there are several reasons for that which I would love to unpack:

  • Attractive People: Like attracts like, we are extremely good-looking people and we get along.
  • Clever Minds: Everyone is smart. Brilliant. In the zone. They love the content.
  • The Beautiful Novotel: This was at Darling Harbour and it was a great room, top views and incredible Food & Beverage.

My advice and thinking? When you run events, it’s takes many things to get it right. If you have the right people, with the right content in the right place; chances are you will win big.

This is with people loving it and of course you!

Love your work, thank you for the read friends and to those who joined us today!

Being found by the RIGHT people

Putting our group out there, got us seen by the right people. Nice move!

Putting our group out there, got us seen by the right people. Nice move!

I have made a lot of great business decisions lately. It’s been a top feeling in all these years of experience coming together to help me make ‘short cut’ business decisions that just work on many levels.

One interesting one in how this has all played out, was a recent decision I made when running our Meetup HQ Gathering at WeWork Pyrmont.

I got there early, and we were booked in to go to a classroom upstairs. They also asked if I wanted to be downstairs in the common area which will be a bit noisy, but EVERYONE WILL SEE US.

In what must have been less than 3 seconds, I said of course where EVERYONE WILL SEE US (what else would you expect from me right?).

This turned out to be a great decision. Within 10 minutes of making that decision, the awesome Paula Mills from Academy of Entrepreneurs caught us, and she rocks! I have spoken to her wonderful students previously and in that chance encounter we had meetings booked and everything is happening.

Throughout the night, a good 5 people I knew saw us in action, said hello and more. At least 100 people passing through saw us in action.

All these people to are high end entrepreneurs, my sweet spot target market.

My advice and thinking? As you make business decisions, also think about getting the most exposure out of it. I like to think about if I go to a certain location, put out an ad or something like that; exactly how is likely to see me.

As I was in WeWork Pyrmont, I knew I would probably be seen by some great people and I was right. This snap decision was a profitable one. Get lots of exposure friends and put yourself at the centre of the action. Big time!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

I’ve done very little Social Media today!

We all have 'quiet' days on Social Media. Pick it up other days!

We all have ‘quiet’ days on Social Media. Pick it up other days!

It’s been a back to back day today and I just realised I haven’t done much Social Media today. For me it’s been a very quiet one in that I only have done:

  • 1 x Video uploaded onto Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • 1 x Photo uploaded onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter
  • 1 x Blog shared onto Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • 1 x Newsletter

That is quiet by my own standards and it’s got me realising that I have high standards in my own business when it comes to content. I am glad, I should!

I do more social media in a quiet day today, than I did a year ago and it’s great.

My advice and thinking? Keep putting out great content all the time. You shall get better at it, it becomes easier to get it out and it also makes you very well-known fast and successful.

Keep getting your content out there, and even your light days become quite impressive.

Thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!