Being found by the RIGHT people

Putting our group out there, got us seen by the right people. Nice move!

Putting our group out there, got us seen by the right people. Nice move!

I have made a lot of great business decisions lately. It’s been a top feeling in all these years of experience coming together to help me make ‘short cut’ business decisions that just work on many levels.

One interesting one in how this has all played out, was a recent decision I made when running our Meetup HQ Gathering at WeWork Pyrmont.

I got there early, and we were booked in to go to a classroom upstairs. They also asked if I wanted to be downstairs in the common area which will be a bit noisy, but EVERYONE WILL SEE US.

In what must have been less than 3 seconds, I said of course where EVERYONE WILL SEE US (what else would you expect from me right?).

This turned out to be a great decision. Within 10 minutes of making that decision, the awesome Paula Mills from Academy of Entrepreneurs caught us, and she rocks! I have spoken to her wonderful students previously and in that chance encounter we had meetings booked and everything is happening.

Throughout the night, a good 5 people I knew saw us in action, said hello and more. At least 100 people passing through saw us in action.

All these people to are high end entrepreneurs, my sweet spot target market.

My advice and thinking? As you make business decisions, also think about getting the most exposure out of it. I like to think about if I go to a certain location, put out an ad or something like that; exactly how is likely to see me.

As I was in WeWork Pyrmont, I knew I would probably be seen by some great people and I was right. This snap decision was a profitable one. Get lots of exposure friends and put yourself at the centre of the action. Big time!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!