Using a decent, high quality, beautiful resolution PROJECTOR!

Even though it's a few years old, my $800 Epson Project rocks. Worth it!

Even though it’s a few years old, my $800 Epson Project rocks. Worth it!

I just got back from a wonderful event at NSW Business Chamber tonight, hosted at the beautiful venue in Sydney CBD called “The Establishment”. It was the first time I visited their lovely ballroom there, and it was a great event of hundreds of us networking together this evening.

During the event, the projector was great quality and the slides looked great! It got me thinking as to my workshop over the weekend, where I used my own projector (and not the main one recommended by the venue).

Even though it was a few years ago when I bought mine; it was the up there Epson Projector around the $800 mark at Officeworks. It handles the extremely high resolution pumped out by my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, it’s extremely bright even in heavy light and this one even automatically shapes to the wall (an incredible feature and I don’t know how it does that).

My advice and thinking? Use a top projector! Even though it cost me $800 and I could have got a cheaper one for $400 or whatever, it’s worth the extra money for the outstanding quality.

Tragically, lots of projectors at venues aren’t the best, so it maybe time to buy and use your own. Worth it!

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome friends!