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The Lifetime Value of your AWESOME CUSTOMERS!

Wayne Wanders is a great guy and gave sage advice. Love his work!

Wayne Wanders is a great guy and gave sage advice. Love his work!

At our ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ the other night, I was very lucky to have Wayne Wanders as our expert speaker.

You may have heard of him before, he is a top money guy that is in the zone and knows exactly what he is doing on many levels. He was our Guest Speaker at the event and he spoke about a great topic I love, the “Lifetime Value” of our wonderful customers.

Wayne made lots of great points on this area and the one which I totally loved was how we must look after our customers big time, much past the short term.

You know it and I know it when we spot customers that just don’t love us, but just love our money. You know when you are just a ‘transaction’ and not a real person and Wayne really spoke as to the opposite of that.

Great customers become friends, they get looked after, they stay longer and spread positive word about what you do.

My advice and thinking? Remember that your customers are people and you treat them great and love them, they will stay longer and do more! It’s also great for them too, as there is more room for you to look after them.

Wayne is on the money and I love his work. Make sure you connect with him!

Thanks for the read, here is to loving our customers and stay awesome friends!

Keep in mind WHAT YOU WANT!

My Business and Marketing Plan keeps me focused on what I want too. Love it!

My Business and Marketing Plan keeps me focused on what I want too. Love it!

As entrepreneurs, you know what I mean when I say this in that ‘there are lots of distractions’. They can be positive ones, negative ones and all in an interesting way can sway us from our goals if we let them.

What the wonderful years have taught me is the importance of keeping what you want in mind. Be it you want more clients, to get healthy, earn lots of money, a personal goal or whatever the case maybe; keeping what you want in mind is everything.

If we get ‘distracted’ from our goals, it can slow everything down which is never a good thing. If we say get distracted only momentarily and keep up our focus, it’s a great thing which makes all the difference.

This is where the ‘Marketing & Business Plan’ comes to power. Whenever I am in that type of mode where I am distracted, I go back to that to keep me focused and in the zone.

My advice and thinking? Whatever it is what you seek, keep it in mind! Always keep it on top of mind, read your plans daily and do whatever it takes to keep focused. I do, and I love it.

Keep winning and stay awesome friends!

Vital Deep Breathing and CHILLING OUT!

Whilst you are doing the Vital Deep Breathing, it's also great to visualise what you really want!

Whilst you are doing the Vital Deep Breathing, it’s also great to visualise what you really want!

Us entrepreneurs are a brilliant, powerhouse and great lot of people. We risk it all to improve everyone’s lives and when you consider those stakes, we can all get anxious at times.

It happens to every entrepreneur I know (including yours truly) and there is a fantastic technique I learned years ago at a Tony Robbin’s Seminar which I use myself and recommend to this day.

It’s ‘Vital Deep Breathing’ which is a great technique for managing stress, anxiety and helping people relax and focus on what matters. This is what you do:

  • Sit down and relax
  • Slowly Breathe in full lungs (as deep as you can)
  • Hold for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Slowly Exhale
  • (Repeat 3 x times)

If you are really stressed out you may do it several times a day if it’s the usual stress; I like doing it once a day.

This can be especially powerful if you have people grinding your gears, or you just have too much going down and need to chill out.

My advice and thinking? Just try it. You will love it. It’s a great exercise and highly recommended! Vital Deep Breathing rocks and is a great way to help us CHILL OUT.

Enjoy, relax and stay awesome friends!

Staying at the Beautiful Novotel Newcastle Beach

Novotel Newcastle Beach is a great property with what you expect and more!

Novotel Newcastle Beach is a great property with what you expect and more!

Holidays are very precious time and I can tell you this much; as we get older, come more successful and have more responsibilities on us, they become much more valuable.

My wonderful family and I quite enjoy Newcastle and with it’s upgrades, massive changes, incredible shores and things to do, it’s a top place to visit.

Our stay at Novotel Newcastle Beach has just been wonderful for a range of reasons. It’s a 5-star experience and for those considering this property, here are my top 5 reasons:

  • A beautiful new property: Without checking, it looks like a very new property to us that feels fresh, trendy and brand new. Everywhere looks great right from your room to the car park. It all works.
  • Incredible staff: You can tell that the people there really love their jobs and that is reflected in their passion. We had a great time and one of the Managers “Erica” gets out total nod. She helped us out big time.
  • Food & Beverage: The breakfast there is divine and loved it. You have the full range as one would expect at buffet, with very high quality all round. Cold pressed juices, top made to order omelettes, premium bread, crispy thick bacon (although I am a vego, taking my wife’s word) and coffee you would have no problem paying $4 for in Sydney CBD.
  • Great Location: Just one small building block away from Newcastle Beach. It’s not right on the beach, but like 100m away (which is great). You don’t have lots of traffic nearby and it’s in a top part of town.
  • Value for money: What you pay is worth it and very fair.

My advice and thinking? Be it family or single, leisure or business; it’s a great property. Consider it with your plans to visit Newcastle.

Thank you for the read, love your work Novotel Newcastle Beach and stay awesome friends!