Lessons from #meetuptogetherfest (“Be Yourself, Express Yourself”)

I did come out in style. It rocked!

I did come out in style. It rocked!

Believe it or not; my jet lag is almost over, and I am starting to feel somewhat normal again.

My first week back was tough work. It would be say 9AM and my body felt like it was 2AM, but it got better each day and I have been integrating many of the lessons I learned from being part of the Meetup Togetherfest in New York.

One key lesson from this experience was “Be Yourself, Express Yourself”.

That is, all the top leaders I met on the trip were people of substance, key thinking and were completely individuals. Even though I couldn’t say articulate it, each of them had a clear ‘X FACTOR’ and you could see why they are successful and how they made it.

Meetup’s culture is one of acceptance. Not in a superficial politically correct sense that you commonly see today, but one where they really encourage you to behave in your own unique way.

I did let my high energy style come to the surface (as I do in Sydney) and it rocked. From me telling everyone they are awesome, saying off the wall stuff, talking politics, having fun and the like; it is quite easy to be yourself and I loved it.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let anyone hold you back and you shall be more effective being yourself. Sure, you will go through reskins, reboots and upgrade your style (as part of my massive weight loss and new threads), but make sure it’s completely you.

Thank you for the read, thank you Meetup and Togetherfest rocked!