The Right Environment: Thank you Aeona!

Winning, Winning and Winning with Lorraine Makasini at Aeona. Love their work!

Winning, Winning and Winning with Lorraine Makasini at Aeona. Love their work!

It’s 11:16PM and one of those blogs that I write on nights where I am ‘wired’.

Tonight, was yet another one of our wonderful Profitable Marketing Evenings at Aeona. I don’t just say it’s wonderful for the sake of it, it’s true!

The people who come are incredible and make it such. One of them being Lorraine Makasini the Empowerment Coach. She spoke in our Guest Session and her focus was on how to bring out your ‘X Factor’ as part of being successful online. As this all unpacked, she touched on a section that was right up my alley; having the ‘right environment’ to enable your success.

I love this thinking in that it’s proved to be so true in my life. A great example of that is ironically tonight, in what has helped our Profitable Marketing Meetup become so successful. It’s the location! We are very lucky to be hosted by the wonderful team at Aeona on Central. Aeona is a top Co-Working space and they are great. It’s a top spot, they have a great room and it’s also well located near Central Train Station in Sydney.

The event has come up generations thanks to them and it’s great.

My advice and thinking? Environment is critical! Put yourself in the right space and great things happen. Be it personal, work, events or more, it all matters. The right place makes you feel great, other people love it and it also drives connections with the right people. Aeona does that for us and highly recommend.

>> Visit the Aeona Website here! We love their work.

Thank you for the read, a big thanks to Lorraine Makasini again and love her work!