My love for ‘HOT BLACK QUOFFEE’ to conquer jet lag!

Hot Black Quoffee seriously conquers jet lag!

Hot Black Quoffee seriously conquers jet lag!

I am really surprised as to how I am wreathing the jet lag so far. I don’t know if I am going to crash soon, but I remember that this time I am way better than what I was last time I travelled overseas.

I have even been doing videos and lots of my wonderful friends are saying that I have weathered the 26 hours + of travelling quite well from Sydney to New York.

I think there are lots of reasons as to why I am weathering it quite well. I have become really fit, lost the weight, slept lots on the plane but most of all what got me great on my first day on the ground in New York is:


I find that when you have dairy or milk with your coffee it’s a bad move. Lots of calories and the dairy slows you down. When you have the black coffee (even with a bit of sugar), it feels great and really kick starts your system.

My advice and thinking?

When you are fighting jet lag, you want HOT BLACK QUOFFEE! It’s the only logical choice.