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My top 3 x Life Changing BREAKTHROUGHS for 2017

It was as seriously awesome year of discovery 2017. Worth it!

It was as seriously awesome year of discovery 2017. Worth it!

As I write this blog my glorious friends; it’s now less than 12 hours to 2018. I am quite excited about how I have gone in 2017 and what is coming in 2018.

In being honest and straight up with you all (as I always have been and shall be), last year I wasn’t feeling anywhere near this good.

There were lots of reasons for that and the biggest one was my lack of personal growth in 2016.

I realised this at the end of 2016 and I made big changes to my consciousness that paved the way for an incredible 2017 on many levels.

In a FB live a few days ago, one of my wonderful friends asked me for my biggest 3 x BREAKTHROUGHS for 2017. I would love to share them with all you extremely attractive people:

+ Breakthrough #1, The Status Quo is the enemy: I realised that I must really come up with new ideas and lift my game on a daily-basis. I won’t achieve the success I want unless I really shake up what I am doing. It’s also fun to come up with new ideas and grow.

+ Breakthrough #2, Face to Face: I am going to win by meeting people, being out in the community, understanding people and friends. This was so true on many levels and it influences me taking on the workshops.

+ Breakthrough #3, Go for Gold: I realised I was being very mediocre in my thinking and I got into heavy business planning and set goals. I loved it!

This changed my whole life and my advice and thinking?

If you say didn’t achieve what you want in 2017, that’s totally cool and don’t beat yourself up for it.

It’s time for you to do the direct opposite.

Think about you, your life, what you want and start to really believe in yourself. Write your goals down and have a SERIOUS DISCUSSION with yourself as to what you must change to make it happen.

I did this. It rocked. Here I am now and thank you to JC, you and everyone!

Do it for yourself.

Happy New Year and best to you in 2018. I am not going to wish you luck. I am going to wish you TAKE ACTION and shake up the system. You will love it.

Thank you for the read, I love your work, god bless your hearts and STAY AWESOME!

We BUY with our EYES

The visual quality at 'Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery' was mind blowing and educational!

The visual quality at ‘Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery’ was mind blowing and educational!

It was some many years ago when I did my Post Graduate in Marketing at Monash University.

I was a ‘Mature Age’ student at an extremely old age 23 years (lol), and I remember doing an Assignment on Marketing Strawberries.

Yes, Strawberries.

As part of this study, you had to find out exactly how people buy Strawberries and in particular; what goes through their mind at the point of purchase.

It all distilled down too:

–          That people buy strawberries with their eyes.

This old lesson came extremely true for me (and no doubt thousands) others today at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery. It’s this incredible spot in Victoria that I attended today with the family.

I know my chocolate well (extremely well I may add) and I have to say that this was the BEST Chocolate place I have ever been too. There are lots of reasons for that which I will address in future blog posts, however they key point of focus here is the incredible visual quality of what you get.

Be it a Kiddie Chocolate Milk in a “Moo Cup”, the savoury Breakfast being something that would pass in the Sofitel or the Pullman. Everything you look at there is incredible to watch with some of their chocolate resembling more artwork than anything you would eat.

Imagine my shock, when you see it packed with hundreds of people before 11AM. As we arrived, busses of people rocked up and it had the buzz of Sydney Airport Business Lounge, with the quality of a 5-Star resort.

Everything looked wonderful and people were just impressed. Customers spent big in droves and my mother tells me it’s like this all the time (I believe her).

My advice and thinking? People to judge books by their covers and be it a physical product, your posts online, your website or even your humble business card; make sure it looks wonderful.

People buy with their eyes, so if you make it look great it makes the winning difference.

The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery was a reminder to me as to what really matters, and I love their work. Next time you visit the wine regions in the Victoria, make sure you visit this wonderful spot.

I love their work, thank you for the read, smash that like & share and stay awesome friends!

When you catch a BIG BREAK (Thank you Sam from Meetup!)

Big breaks do come! I thank Sam from Meetup HQ for this one. To great things ahead!

Big breaks do come! I thank Sam from Meetup HQ for this one. To great things ahead!

It’s been a great morning today and I am pumped. After lots of work throughout 2017 and lengthy interview process, I was invited to become an official member of the Meetup Team as a City Organiser for Sydney.

I was on a fine video call with Sam from Meetup HQ (East Coast US) this morning when it was offered, and I was pleased to take it immediately and get to work.

This is a big break for myself in that it gives me official recognition in part of an incredible company such as Meetup. I have been running events on Meetup for years and my friend John Gilmovich tipped me off to this coming out. I applied and once it got offered, I am in.

If I think about my 2017 I had quite a few breaks come my way. I would have had 2 Big Breaks for the year, including this one and becoming MC for NSW Business Chamber.

However, the key point I want to make are all those little breaks on the way. From getting new clients, making new friends, those small wins they all add up. The key lesson I have got from this is:

–          I would NOT have got the BIG BREAKS if it was not for all the SMALL BREAKS on the way.

What has got me thinking this way is many of the wonderful people I work with. I see people right at the start of their business journeys who want that big break from day one. You get the odd person that does get a big break nice and early, however it is very uncommon.

For the most (especially me included), it’s come as the result of many little wins over time. As you get all these little wins, the people who can give you BIG BREAKS do take notice.

Every now and then as time passes, opportunities come out and you must grab them. NSW Business Chamber gave me an MC opportunity at fast notice which I acted on. With Meetup, I had a totally of 3 seconds to decide to go for it.

My big lessons and thinking? Big breaks do come to us all at different times. It’s very luck driven.

However, as we work harder and get more smaller wins, the odds of those breaks increase. As we get those big breaks too, it’s critical that we DO THEM EXTREMELY WELL AND DELIVER.

Big breaks only last as long as we are committed to them, so doing a great job is critical.

Love your work, thank you Sam from Meetup (I won’t let you down) and to the many great things ahead.

SNAPPING out of negativity thinking and maintaining 100% backing of yourself!

It's been a great holiday of wonderful food and cleaning my own thinking. Love it!

It’s been a great holiday of wonderful food and cleaning my own thinking. Love it!

It’s been an incredible break so far. I have been spending wonderful time with my family at my folk’s place in the Yarra Valley in Victoria (Australia).

It’s a great spot and I have been enjoying holidays and working away in the background on the business, my Facebook and to win big in 2018.

I have spent a lot of time, money and energy on setting up things up and many challenges in my life (as we all have) has tested my own belief in myself.

I am one to say that to succeed big time you must have a 100% BACKING AND BELIEF in yourself. This is critical and the key I have found is maintaining that level of belief in oneself as you have the bumps and wins of everyday life.

I have times where I lose belief in myself for whatever reason. Be it poor quality internal self-talk or letting myself get ‘triggered’ by something in my internal environment; I may lapse on that belief in myself.

In that moment I may feel a bit down on myself and this is where you have to:

–          Catch the bad behaviour and SNAP YOURSELF OUT OF IT!

This is critical in that if you let the negative thinking go too far, it can totally take over your mind and shut down your energy. When your thoughts slide, you must catch it, stay strong and remind yourself of your massive goals and stay strong and focused.

My advice and thinking? Snap yourself out of it when your thinking slides and get back in the zone. It’s critical to stay there and much as possible.

The more energy you put into staying strong is the more you shall win. You shall also feel better about life and yourself which totally rocks.

I have been doing that lots lately and wish I have been this way earlier. Do it, enjoy and love your work friends.

If you loved this article too friends, share this on social media friends. I appreciate it and you rock (in advance!).

Getting More Leads: The first step!

When I build plans, I first ask what is working great and then build on that. Great first step!

When I build plans, I first ask what is working great and then build on that. Great first step!

An extremely common request from wonderful people is, “Edward, I need to get more leads!”.

It’s a very logical and reasonable thing to ask as it’s been something I have asked and acted upon many times in my business life.

I have been driving this a lot lately in my own business for many wonderful reasons. My big move right now is growing leads / sales for my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program so believe me; I get it.

The first step I always say to people is do some key planning / thinking. The first moves I would make with any client and including my own if firstly asking what is working out. If for example someone already is successful in a few areas of Marketing, this is the first place to really look.

A very common answer I get is that people are doing well with say face to face business networking, getting some from Facebook and the odd one from LinkedIn (this once described my results).

In driving more leads, the first thing I did and would recommend is really mastering the areas you already have experience in. That usually gets great leads almost instantly.

When that is working, it’s a win, it drives funding, motivation and energy and then it gives more for more experimental / new areas.

Be it you get into Workshops, Facebook Remarketing, Videos, Live’s or heavy LinkedIn; they are plenty of great strategies to get into.

However, the first place to start is with what’s already working and build on that.

My advice and thinking? Build on what you know before you delve into the new areas to you. If it’s all new to you, just pick the highest odds area and make that work. As time passes you can go more into areas of new greatness.

Do it, love it and of course my friends; win big!

Wiping out junky thoughts!

Taking out 'junky thoughts' is everything, espeically as you see them! (Image Credit and thanks to Fallout)

Taking out ‘junky thoughts’ is everything, espeically as you see them! (Image Credit and thanks to Fallout)

It’s Boxing Day as I write this blog and I had an interesting experience when I woke up this morning.

We are staying at my wonderful parent’s place in the Yarra Valley and it’s the first time in a while where our baby has slept in the same room as us.

She has been teething, is very overtired and if you have children; you will know that they wake up and cry lots when they are in this state.

We were woken up lots and when I went back to sleep, I had lots of very ‘junky’ thoughts. I was worrying about what people think of me, afraid that people wouldn’t be my friend and it was like I was an 8-year-old boy again.

When I awoke, and my conscious thought kicked in, I instantly realised how ‘low level’ my thinking was. That being instead of focusing on my goals, how wonderful the holidays are, the greatness of Christmas / Boxing day or the like; I was focusing on what some unimportant people think of me.

I used to really think this way much more years ago in that I wouldn’t even be conscious of my own poor thinking. It’s been through years of education, thinking and experience in how I have gradually become ‘woke’ on my own thinking and I have found many wonderful friends struggle with negative / scarcity thinking.

Let’s say a challenge comes up. Instead of thinking about solutions and how we are going to win, it can be easy to think about folding / all the things that can go wrong.

My big advice and thinking? Really control your focus and where your thinking goes. It’s important you focus on what really matters as it can be easy for one’s mind to focus on the minor issues that don’t matter.

I used to be really like this and over time I have changed and it’s great! It however is a never-ending effort and you will want to keep at it. As you purify your thinking, it makes you nice and powerful.

I love it! If you haven’t already, start doing it for yourself.

Thank you for the read, take action and stay awesome friends!

The top EXCUSES as to why people don’t do their Marketing!

It's Christmas and I have been thinking through the excuses I have heard this year. Nice!

It’s Christmas and I have been thinking through the excuses I have heard this year. Nice!

It’s Christmas morning for me as I write this blog post, and before the day really takes off I have been very productive.

I went for a 3km run, done some videos, played with the baby, eaten breakfast and at my parents drinking coffee now whilst working away on my Surface Pro 4.

Even for Christmas Day, I have done a great job of Marketing already and I was thinking about previous days in my life where I haven’t been anywhere near as productive.

As I thought through, I started thinking about my own EXCUSES and the EXCUSES I have heard from others over the year as to not do Marketing. I think it’s quite weak in calling it out and being honest, but here is the good news; anyone can change with a simple choice.

I used to be very weak on my Marketing and I changed this overtime with continual choices and application. As per the blog heading, here are my top weak excuses as to why people don’t market. It has lame excuse and my response in brackets:

–          It just doesn’t feel right (It won’t ever feel right until you get used to it).

–          I’m too busy (you are nowhere near as busy as me).

–          I don’t know what to say (just make something up and keep going).

–          I am worried about it not working (then do more and keep changing it).

–          What if my family and friends see it (derp, that is the point of Marketing that people see it).

–          I just can’t focus (stop it, just stop it. Focus).

–          I am too lazy (then you should probably get motivated).

–          I just can’t do it like you Ed (then don’t do it like me. Do it in your own unique way).

–          I just don’t know how to Market (then learn buddy).

Blah, blah and blah. It goes on and on and I have heard it all. I have been guilty too of this type of BS so please don’t think for a second I am lecturing. I am also lecturing myself!

Love your work, take out your excuses and win big in 2018 friends!

Merry Christmas!

Tips for getting GREAT BACKGROUNDS for your videos

Taken at my parents land at the Yarra Valley, I quite liked this background. Made the video work!

Taken at my parents land at the Yarra Valley, I quite liked this background. Made the video work!

I have been busy lots over the break really perfecting my Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing. There are of course many elements to these platforms, and a cornerstone of what I do is video.

My main videos are ‘selfies’ from my Samsung S7 (which has great quality) and Facebook Lives performed on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

In almost all of these cases, the core issue is getting the background right. I am usually quite consistent, I know to pick a quiet spot; with most of my time and energy is going into the background.

If you don’t get it right, it can really make an otherwise great video poor and if you nail it, it can make a video look great which you can really notice quickly in terms of great results in Facebook Advertising.

In short, when it comes to getting my background for videos right, this is what I consider:

–          Make sure it isn’t too bright. Otherwise your face turns dark and you look like an outline.

–          Too much movement can be an issue. If it’s say trees or activity, I make sure it supports the narrative.

–          I like to make sure there is nothing sensitive in there. E.g. someone’s artwork, private property or anything like that.

–          Depending on what I am talking about, I like to have a similar background. If I am in the forest, I take it slow. If I am the city, I speed up.

–          I always check to make sure the background is positive, uplifting and beautiful (so it looks positive to support what I do).

–          I make sure that I don’t block anything very cool and tend to move around to get it right.

This has worked great for me and I love it!

My advice and thinking? Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or even your website – get great backgrounds for your videos so it really looks wonderful to keep people watching.

I am with my folks over Christmas in the Yarra Valley (Victoria) now experimenting with different backgrounds. Love it and it looks just great

Stay awesome, happy videoing and stay awesome!

Keeping it REAL on your Facebook

The awesome upbeat, genuine and natural photo is in my best performing FB ad. Hmmm.

The awesome upbeat, genuine and natural photo is in my best performing FB ad. Hmmm.

It’s been funny in the key lessons I have learned from my Facebook Campaign work over the break. I have been testing lots of different images, wording, approaches and thinking and I have found that when I get too ‘Salesy’ everything just stops working.

What I mean by this is that if I try and ‘oversell’ what I am doing, people just seem to switch off and move on. I suspected this was the case before I started testing ads that are more in line with the ‘industry average’ and found this to be true.

When I stick to being nice, truthful, friendly, helpful and the like; I get more clicks, better likes, greater performance and just a better response from the market.

I noticed this is counter to many other people and what they do out there, in that lots of advertisers on Facebook go really for the hard sell. Interestingly, it seems to work for some of them and this makes sense.

The many years have taught me (especially on FB) that each of us have our own natural style that works. When we stick to it we can expect great things, when we deviate from our brand, things can really breakdown quickly and you don’t get the performance.

My take on this is that we are great at being who we are. When we are authentic, our natural style comes out and it just works.

When we try and be someone else or emulate other ad styles (which I have played with), things can breakdown extremely quickly and we come across as weak / unauthentic / unconvincing. I had a feeling it would play out this way in some of my Facebook tests and I did them anyway which was great! I have a tighter focus on the ads that really work as I get my style nailed.

My advice and thinking? When you get into Facebook, really play with lots of different choices and options of what you can do. I have found it really varies for everyone as each business is different and responds in different ways.

In my own experience the happier I am, the less salesy, the more direct, the more upbeat and positive is the more effective my FB Marketing (and more becomes). It’s something I am really focusing on as I continue my build to really win in this area.

Love your work, thank you for the read and watch this space friends! I shall continue to nail this.

Split Testing my Facebook Ads! I’m winning!

The FB ads are getting better and I am loving it. Lots more to come!

The FB ads are getting better and I am loving it. Lots more to come!

A few weeks ago, I have really got into my Facebook Remarketing Advertising. I have done a reasonable job of it historically and if you know me; “Reasonable” is not something I like to tolerate for long.

As priorities come up, I start improving key areas of the business that are likely to give me the best growth, serve my customers and best fit with my objectives.

For me, it’s really mastering Facebook as the business priority with a key focus on Lives, my Paid Advertising and directing traffic to high converting pages (e.g. my Awesome Marketing Vault, Live Webinar sign ups and the like).

For those learning the topic, ‘Split Testing’ is basically a reference to testing different ads against each other to figure out which is the best. For me with my FB Remarketing Ads, I have a simple modest budget of $10 / day (for now) and I have about 6 ads running right now.

I test different wording, graphics and look at how many clicks each gets. The more clicks, the better the ad and I am forever looking at it to learn about what really works, what doesn’t and my key insights. If I summarise my learnings so far, this is what I have really found for my business:

–          Ads must have me in it visually.

–          Positive, high energy and fun.

–          Extremely can do.

–          Promise big and offer something incredible.

–          Continual repetition and exposure.

–          Great colour and movement (in the case of video).

My advice and thinking? Be it you are working FB, LinkedIn or any form of online (even face to face), keep testing new improvements to work out what really works for you. For me, it’s been an incredible journey and easily I have learned more in FB over the last month that I have in 12. It rocks.

Love your work, keep at it and stay awesome friends!

A great journey to match your great outcomes

A long and wonderful day friends! The drive from Sydney to Melbourne is a journey in itself!

A long and wonderful day friends! The drive from Sydney to Melbourne is a journey in itself!

It’s 10:52PM and we finally made it to Melbourne after a very long drive from Sydney all in one day. It would have been much faster if it wasn’t for some unexpected car trouble (those European Cards lol), plenty of stops for baby and of course our own sight seeing as part of the process.

It has been a tough day, but a totally fun day and now I am with my wonderful folks in the Yarra Valley (Victoria), with my dad meeting his grand daughter for the first time.

It’s a wonderful sight and it’s got me thinking about today in terms of a great journey, with a wonderful ending.

I have spent lots of my life not enjoying the actual journey and just hanging on to get to the destination with the belief system “Once I make it there, everything will be fine”. This is never true of course in any long term meaningful way and what makes it great is a wonderful journey.

What makes life, business and the like incredible is a wonderful journey to match the wonderful outcomes. Of course, we get lows and highs.

My advice and thinking? Enjoy your journey as much as your endgame. Not much of our lives is spent at the end goal, it’s in the process along the way.

So my friends, love your process! It drives motivation and makes it all more worthwhile.

I love your work, thank you for the read and enjoy your holidays friends!

Active WINNING with Katie & Scotty

The awesome Travel Entrepreneurs, Katie & Scotty. In the zone and I love their productive work!

The awesome Travel Entrepreneurs, Katie & Scotty. In the zone and I love their productive work!

It got up to 41°C in Sydney’s Northern Beaches today.

It was hot, people were all in the water and I arrive in my bright red polo top, nice designer thick jeans and black Doc Marten’s to meet up with two wonderful entrepreneurs.

As we walked to the shore, I looked extremely overdressed and it was wonderful working with the incredible Katie Elizabeth Funch & Scott O’Ferrall (who abbreviate to the cool travel couple ‘Katie & Scotty’).

I drank lots of juice with plenty of ice to keep my body temperature in check as we talked high end Marketing and making it happen.

We are wonderful friends for many reasons, and what impressed me about them is their tenacity in their business. I have seen them do more in their business when it comes to projects in several months that some take in years and they are winning.

That is, they are winning as they are busy doing lots projects and getting it done.

It makes me think back on my own business to times where I was winning and times where I was not winning. All my times of victory conditions was when I was most active. Be it meeting people, running great workshops, making my online great or say hitting it hard with content on Facebook.

In fact, I can always pick winners in the entrepreneur space. If someone is busy getting work done and extremely focused; they win. If they are busy talking, thinking, debating and making excuses; well you don’t get winning.

My advice and thinking? You want to be just like Katie & Scotty. High drive, high intelligence and a high focus on getting all your work done and implemented.

The more we do this is the more it sets up for massive success. Do it, act and enjoy the results. Big time.

I love your work, thank you for the read and brave Katie & Scotty. You’re in the zone!