Active WINNING with Katie & Scotty

The awesome Travel Entrepreneurs, Katie & Scotty. In the zone and I love their productive work!

The awesome Travel Entrepreneurs, Katie & Scotty. In the zone and I love their productive work!

It got up to 41°C in Sydney’s Northern Beaches today.

It was hot, people were all in the water and I arrive in my bright red polo top, nice designer thick jeans and black Doc Marten’s to meet up with two wonderful entrepreneurs.

As we walked to the shore, I looked extremely overdressed and it was wonderful working with the incredible Katie Elizabeth Funch & Scott O’Ferrall (who abbreviate to the cool travel couple ‘Katie & Scotty’).

I drank lots of juice with plenty of ice to keep my body temperature in check as we talked high end Marketing and making it happen.

We are wonderful friends for many reasons, and what impressed me about them is their tenacity in their business. I have seen them do more in their business when it comes to projects in several months that some take in years and they are winning.

That is, they are winning as they are busy doing lots projects and getting it done.

It makes me think back on my own business to times where I was winning and times where I was not winning. All my times of victory conditions was when I was most active. Be it meeting people, running great workshops, making my online great or say hitting it hard with content on Facebook.

In fact, I can always pick winners in the entrepreneur space. If someone is busy getting work done and extremely focused; they win. If they are busy talking, thinking, debating and making excuses; well you don’t get winning.

My advice and thinking? You want to be just like Katie & Scotty. High drive, high intelligence and a high focus on getting all your work done and implemented.

The more we do this is the more it sets up for massive success. Do it, act and enjoy the results. Big time.

I love your work, thank you for the read and brave Katie & Scotty. You’re in the zone!