When you catch a BIG BREAK (Thank you Sam from Meetup!)

Big breaks do come! I thank Sam from Meetup HQ for this one. To great things ahead!

Big breaks do come! I thank Sam from Meetup HQ for this one. To great things ahead!

It’s been a great morning today and I am pumped. After lots of work throughout 2017 and lengthy interview process, I was invited to become an official member of the Meetup Team as a City Organiser for Sydney.

I was on a fine video call with Sam from Meetup HQ (East Coast US) this morning when it was offered, and I was pleased to take it immediately and get to work.

This is a big break for myself in that it gives me official recognition in part of an incredible company such as Meetup. I have been running events on Meetup for years and my friend John Gilmovich tipped me off to this coming out. I applied and once it got offered, I am in.

If I think about my 2017 I had quite a few breaks come my way. I would have had 2 Big Breaks for the year, including this one and becoming MC for NSW Business Chamber.

However, the key point I want to make are all those little breaks on the way. From getting new clients, making new friends, those small wins they all add up. The key lesson I have got from this is:

–          I would NOT have got the BIG BREAKS if it was not for all the SMALL BREAKS on the way.

What has got me thinking this way is many of the wonderful people I work with. I see people right at the start of their business journeys who want that big break from day one. You get the odd person that does get a big break nice and early, however it is very uncommon.

For the most (especially me included), it’s come as the result of many little wins over time. As you get all these little wins, the people who can give you BIG BREAKS do take notice.

Every now and then as time passes, opportunities come out and you must grab them. NSW Business Chamber gave me an MC opportunity at fast notice which I acted on. With Meetup, I had a totally of 3 seconds to decide to go for it.

My big lessons and thinking? Big breaks do come to us all at different times. It’s very luck driven.

However, as we work harder and get more smaller wins, the odds of those breaks increase. As we get those big breaks too, it’s critical that we DO THEM EXTREMELY WELL AND DELIVER.

Big breaks only last as long as we are committed to them, so doing a great job is critical.

Love your work, thank you Sam from Meetup (I won’t let you down) and to the many great things ahead.