SNAPPING out of negativity thinking and maintaining 100% backing of yourself!

It's been a great holiday of wonderful food and cleaning my own thinking. Love it!

It’s been a great holiday of wonderful food and cleaning my own thinking. Love it!

It’s been an incredible break so far. I have been spending wonderful time with my family at my folk’s place in the Yarra Valley in Victoria (Australia).

It’s a great spot and I have been enjoying holidays and working away in the background on the business, my Facebook and to win big in 2018.

I have spent a lot of time, money and energy on setting up things up and many challenges in my life (as we all have) has tested my own belief in myself.

I am one to say that to succeed big time you must have a 100% BACKING AND BELIEF in yourself. This is critical and the key I have found is maintaining that level of belief in oneself as you have the bumps and wins of everyday life.

I have times where I lose belief in myself for whatever reason. Be it poor quality internal self-talk or letting myself get ‘triggered’ by something in my internal environment; I may lapse on that belief in myself.

In that moment I may feel a bit down on myself and this is where you have to:

–          Catch the bad behaviour and SNAP YOURSELF OUT OF IT!

This is critical in that if you let the negative thinking go too far, it can totally take over your mind and shut down your energy. When your thoughts slide, you must catch it, stay strong and remind yourself of your massive goals and stay strong and focused.

My advice and thinking? Snap yourself out of it when your thinking slides and get back in the zone. It’s critical to stay there and much as possible.

The more energy you put into staying strong is the more you shall win. You shall also feel better about life and yourself which totally rocks.

I have been doing that lots lately and wish I have been this way earlier. Do it, enjoy and love your work friends.

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