Tips for getting GREAT BACKGROUNDS for your videos

Taken at my parents land at the Yarra Valley, I quite liked this background. Made the video work!

Taken at my parents land at the Yarra Valley, I quite liked this background. Made the video work!

I have been busy lots over the break really perfecting my Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing. There are of course many elements to these platforms, and a cornerstone of what I do is video.

My main videos are ‘selfies’ from my Samsung S7 (which has great quality) and Facebook Lives performed on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

In almost all of these cases, the core issue is getting the background right. I am usually quite consistent, I know to pick a quiet spot; with most of my time and energy is going into the background.

If you don’t get it right, it can really make an otherwise great video poor and if you nail it, it can make a video look great which you can really notice quickly in terms of great results in Facebook Advertising.

In short, when it comes to getting my background for videos right, this is what I consider:

–          Make sure it isn’t too bright. Otherwise your face turns dark and you look like an outline.

–          Too much movement can be an issue. If it’s say trees or activity, I make sure it supports the narrative.

–          I like to make sure there is nothing sensitive in there. E.g. someone’s artwork, private property or anything like that.

–          Depending on what I am talking about, I like to have a similar background. If I am in the forest, I take it slow. If I am the city, I speed up.

–          I always check to make sure the background is positive, uplifting and beautiful (so it looks positive to support what I do).

–          I make sure that I don’t block anything very cool and tend to move around to get it right.

This has worked great for me and I love it!

My advice and thinking? Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or even your website – get great backgrounds for your videos so it really looks wonderful to keep people watching.

I am with my folks over Christmas in the Yarra Valley (Victoria) now experimenting with different backgrounds. Love it and it looks just great

Stay awesome, happy videoing and stay awesome!