Keeping it REAL on your Facebook

The awesome upbeat, genuine and natural photo is in my best performing FB ad. Hmmm.

The awesome upbeat, genuine and natural photo is in my best performing FB ad. Hmmm.

It’s been funny in the key lessons I have learned from my Facebook Campaign work over the break. I have been testing lots of different images, wording, approaches and thinking and I have found that when I get too ‘Salesy’ everything just stops working.

What I mean by this is that if I try and ‘oversell’ what I am doing, people just seem to switch off and move on. I suspected this was the case before I started testing ads that are more in line with the ‘industry average’ and found this to be true.

When I stick to being nice, truthful, friendly, helpful and the like; I get more clicks, better likes, greater performance and just a better response from the market.

I noticed this is counter to many other people and what they do out there, in that lots of advertisers on Facebook go really for the hard sell. Interestingly, it seems to work for some of them and this makes sense.

The many years have taught me (especially on FB) that each of us have our own natural style that works. When we stick to it we can expect great things, when we deviate from our brand, things can really breakdown quickly and you don’t get the performance.

My take on this is that we are great at being who we are. When we are authentic, our natural style comes out and it just works.

When we try and be someone else or emulate other ad styles (which I have played with), things can breakdown extremely quickly and we come across as weak / unauthentic / unconvincing. I had a feeling it would play out this way in some of my Facebook tests and I did them anyway which was great! I have a tighter focus on the ads that really work as I get my style nailed.

My advice and thinking? When you get into Facebook, really play with lots of different choices and options of what you can do. I have found it really varies for everyone as each business is different and responds in different ways.

In my own experience the happier I am, the less salesy, the more direct, the more upbeat and positive is the more effective my FB Marketing (and more becomes). It’s something I am really focusing on as I continue my build to really win in this area.

Love your work, thank you for the read and watch this space friends! I shall continue to nail this.