Split Testing my Facebook Ads! I’m winning!

The FB ads are getting better and I am loving it. Lots more to come!

The FB ads are getting better and I am loving it. Lots more to come!

A few weeks ago, I have really got into my Facebook Remarketing Advertising. I have done a reasonable job of it historically and if you know me; “Reasonable” is not something I like to tolerate for long.

As priorities come up, I start improving key areas of the business that are likely to give me the best growth, serve my customers and best fit with my objectives.

For me, it’s really mastering Facebook as the business priority with a key focus on Lives, my Paid Advertising and directing traffic to high converting pages (e.g. my Awesome Marketing Vault, Live Webinar sign ups and the like).

For those learning the topic, ‘Split Testing’ is basically a reference to testing different ads against each other to figure out which is the best. For me with my FB Remarketing Ads, I have a simple modest budget of $10 / day (for now) and I have about 6 ads running right now.

I test different wording, graphics and look at how many clicks each gets. The more clicks, the better the ad and I am forever looking at it to learn about what really works, what doesn’t and my key insights. If I summarise my learnings so far, this is what I have really found for my business:

–          Ads must have me in it visually.

–          Positive, high energy and fun.

–          Extremely can do.

–          Promise big and offer something incredible.

–          Continual repetition and exposure.

–          Great colour and movement (in the case of video).

My advice and thinking? Be it you are working FB, LinkedIn or any form of online (even face to face), keep testing new improvements to work out what really works for you. For me, it’s been an incredible journey and easily I have learned more in FB over the last month that I have in 12. It rocks.

Love your work, keep at it and stay awesome friends!