The top EXCUSES as to why people don’t do their Marketing!

It's Christmas and I have been thinking through the excuses I have heard this year. Nice!

It’s Christmas and I have been thinking through the excuses I have heard this year. Nice!

It’s Christmas morning for me as I write this blog post, and before the day really takes off I have been very productive.

I went for a 3km run, done some videos, played with the baby, eaten breakfast and at my parents drinking coffee now whilst working away on my Surface Pro 4.

Even for Christmas Day, I have done a great job of Marketing already and I was thinking about previous days in my life where I haven’t been anywhere near as productive.

As I thought through, I started thinking about my own EXCUSES and the EXCUSES I have heard from others over the year as to not do Marketing. I think it’s quite weak in calling it out and being honest, but here is the good news; anyone can change with a simple choice.

I used to be very weak on my Marketing and I changed this overtime with continual choices and application. As per the blog heading, here are my top weak excuses as to why people don’t market. It has lame excuse and my response in brackets:

–          It just doesn’t feel right (It won’t ever feel right until you get used to it).

–          I’m too busy (you are nowhere near as busy as me).

–          I don’t know what to say (just make something up and keep going).

–          I am worried about it not working (then do more and keep changing it).

–          What if my family and friends see it (derp, that is the point of Marketing that people see it).

–          I just can’t focus (stop it, just stop it. Focus).

–          I am too lazy (then you should probably get motivated).

–          I just can’t do it like you Ed (then don’t do it like me. Do it in your own unique way).

–          I just don’t know how to Market (then learn buddy).

Blah, blah and blah. It goes on and on and I have heard it all. I have been guilty too of this type of BS so please don’t think for a second I am lecturing. I am also lecturing myself!

Love your work, take out your excuses and win big in 2018 friends!

Merry Christmas!