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Those that helped you on the way up

Kind, considerate and brilliant - Scott Bennetts is a man in the know (and the zone!)

Kind, considerate and brilliant – Scott Bennetts is a man in the know (and the zone!)

Today was yet another powerful day working with amazing people of style, substance and ethics. Today, my day started with an enjoyable lunch with a very kind man.

Some years ago (when I turned 30), I was a very washed up man. Even though my career rocked in my 20’s, during the GFC it really stumbled and I found myself in a new city with no contacts, no work and hardly ‘in the zone’ like I am today.

It was a tough time in my life then, doing odd jobs, living in different places, counting my coins at supermarkets and being a man in transition. I tell this story with pride as I am kicking butt today and I totally love it.

My business is awesome and I reflect back on the heroes that helped me when I was starting out with little to my name (besides Credit Card debt).

One of those amazing people who helped me is a great man by the name of Scott Bennetts. At the time (some years back) he was the 2IC of Revesby Workers Club. I was lucky to score a meeting with him and he gave me tons of advice, pointers and introductions.

There was no work for me there and I moved on, eventually starting my business.

Then about 1 month ago, I was at a charity lunch and who was sitting on my table? The awesome Scott. He hadn’t changed a bit in almost 10 years and he is now the CEO of Easts Leagues (looking after a group of clubs based at the key one at Bondi Junction).

We clicked, reconnected and I met him today for some fine club food, great times and reconnected. He is leader in his field and he gave me this really cool Roosters Umbrella (which I kindly look forward to unfurling at Parramatta Eels next time I am in lol).

The cool guy even covered my lunch and as I reflect on it almost 12 hours later (it’s 10:36PM as I am writing), it’s proof of good karma to see a man like him in a key position of leadership. I am quite inspired after seeing him again and love his work.

My advice and thinking? Never forget those who help you on the way up. When I was down (but not out), I had my villains. Those characters though were outnumbered (and outclassed) by the kind heroes like Scott.

The lesson I got from Scott (which got reinforced today) was continue as I am, helping people at the bottom in their lives. I only look forward to seeing them maybe 10 years later super successful in similar fashion to our situation.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Scott and stay awesome!

Webinar Recording – Marketing 101 for more high value clients!

Loved tonight's webinar!

Loved tonight’s webinar!


What a night. I have been working away in Sydney CBD all day, putting out videos on Facebook, met up with some fantastic clients and got to do a Live Webinar tonight.

This one was on the basis of Marketing from a pure ‘101 Viewpoint’. Marketing is a massive topic for any small business owners and I went to talk about what to do first to get results, performance and make it all happen.

One big point I want to make is ‘Quality First’ – that is where great marketing begins. With great quality you keep clients, win hearts, get great word of mouth and grow organically.

Great marketing then enhances that. Enjoy the recording here and if you’d like to learn more, let me know if any questions and join my very awesome community.

Nail one project at a time!

My growing power wall in all it's glory. Note the plan documents on the far right.

My growing power wall in all it’s glory. Note the plan documents on the far right.

Oh Cawd! I have learned this lesson with massive amounts of pain and I want to share my insights with you on this one.

Today I updated my 2016 Marketing Plan and I am very excited about it. As I sat back and reflected on my honest wins & losses – I realised that I have worked my butt off and in some core areas I hadn’t delivered what I hoped.

The successes clearly is more respect, success, great profitability – however the automation and online side of my business is lagging behind what I had hoped. Even though that side of the business is going the right way now, I realised that I am overdue on that one.

What happened to me in this scenario, was that when I looked over my plan last year is that I had about three different major projects on. This totally side tracked my progress in that I would do here and there on my online business, but then tragically get caught up in other projects.

Even though my motives were totally pure and I ‘worked hard’, I never completely delivered my website & online projects to the quality or standards I originally visioned. It’s all happening beautifully now, however it’s quite overdue so I am playing catch up here.

What would have worked way better was only just doing say my online project and not worrying about the other items. Once I got my online really nailed, it would have grown more by itself leaving me to then work on other areas that I see as awesome in the business.

Basically, I did too much, didn’t nail anything to the 9 out of 10 I needed (say I got 4 out of 10 on each project) which cost me in the end. But I learned my lesson! My plan is so tight and focused to what really matters, I am starting at it now on my wall and it’s very inspirational.

My advice and thinking friends? Please learn from my mistakes. Do one project at a time, really well and nail it. You will work less, earn more and be much happier. I am experiencing it now and can only wish I learned that earlier.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

Internet justice and why we are winning

Milo Yiannopoulos has stole my heart, mind and is total internet justice embodied!

Milo Yiannopoulos has stole my heart, mind and is total internet justice embodied!

I was once born in the time without the internet.

I remember the days where ‘mass media’ would simply tell you how to think. You would only get ‘their side’ of an issue and as you were never presented with two sides, it was very hard to come up with a reasonable ‘critical thought’ of your own.

Coming from Melbourne too, it’s a very ‘lefty town’ (at least in those days) in that if you believed in anything to do with immigration, races, sexuality or something that didn’t fit into the norm, you would get labelled all sorts of ‘isms’ before you could ask for Skinny Milk in your latte.

As time has passed with really the maturation of the internet, we have seen such amazing changes in how society and life works. For me, I love the term coined internet justice.

There are lots of definitions, however I look at it exactly as it’s name implies. For example, if i consult the definition of ‘justice’ in the awesome google dictionary:

– “just behaviour or treatment.”

The definition of ‘just’ is:

– “based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.”

So when I combine them, it gives me the definition of the ‘internet’ itself creating a morally right and fair situation. Boy do we see that now! If you look at some key lefty new sites in Australia (e.g. ABC) they used to control everything, then they would have comments available on their website.

I remember they used to have comments section on their website and as they couldn’t control what was being said, people disagreed and criticised some of their reporting and ideas, they eventually disabled this feature.

If you say go onto YouTube and see anyone spouting hatred or whatever the case may be, their Like / Dislike ratio shows what people think and comments on their videos are either full of people leaving comments against their views or their comments have been disabled to save the ridicule of what they are going through.

Internet justice is a great thing and it’s become something I have come to love and adore. Even when people say negative stuff about me (which is strangely rare, sniff – I must not be popular enough, yet lol) it’s a great thing seeing this kick in.

In short, I am on the right side of politics and I love critical thinking, data, evidence and fairness for everyone. There are lots of people in society that don’t want that at all – especially what I have seen the ‘3rd wave feminist’ camps produce (as they left equality to go for superiority, ironically the opposite of what they originally started out as).

The great news we all have is that we are winning! Those who support logic, fairness, equality and the like are being heard, followed and represented in great numbers. I have just become a raving fan of the awesome Milo Yiannopoulos who has just inspired me.

A key influencer? Internet justice. Gone are the days of a few people controlling the information.

Love it, it’s great and very awesome. Here is to internet justice and great things ahead!

P.S. Full credit to Milo, I love you and more to come my friend.

Cracking the veneer

Giulia Coletti and her comrades just rocked. It's all about being you and love it.

Giulia Coletti and her comrades just rocked. It’s all about being you and love it.

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a coach. I have been connected to her for years on Facebook and out of nowhere she contacted me to ask for my details to help promote me at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo at Sydney Olympic Park.

No cost, no strings attached, no nothing! Just very awesome support and the type of generosity which is rare in the steel and concrete of Sydney.

I just had to visit my new pal, the awesome Giulia Coletti and we instantly hit it off. She was kind, great natured and an emerging leader who won my instant respect due to her style, directness and contribution driven nature (that was very easy to observe by her nature).

As we did the rounds at the expo, ate chocolate, spoke about our cool families and what came up as a strong topic of discussion was “Cracking the veneer”.

It was a discussion about reflecting on on inauthentic, dishonest and sales strategies that just don’t wash in the modern world (assuming they washed at anytime at all). We have both found over the years to have people just try and rip us off in strange ways in anything from crazy religions, dodgy get rich quick schemes and anything to get into one’s purse / wallets.

Our conversation hit the point of one’s sales activity and and being truthful, honest and 100% yourself as a Coach / Consultant / Mentor. That is, you aren’t trying to pretend to be anything. It’s about showing yourself as who you really are and putting yourself out there for judgement by the market.

It’s certainly not easy, but when we do that it’s very awesome. Firstly, it’s much easier to sell as people know you are 100% straight up and it also makes running one’s business easier in that no one is telling porky pies.

It comes down to ultimately having no facade and showing people ASAP who you really are and letting ones true self shine. I am very good at this and I can tell you that at times it was a painful, but well worth it strategy.

My advice and thinking? Put yourself out there and let people hate you. They are always the poor idiots anyway. Awesome people will see how awesome you really are and snap you up.

The more we crack the veneer, is the more we crack great results. A tune we can all dance to in my book.

Thanks for read, love your work Giulia Coletti and stay awesome and transparent!

Rising Stars: Coffee with the University of New England

Bubbly and kind with total warmth - Kathleen runs a very awesome office educational space. Love her work!

Bubbly and kind with total warmth – Kathleen runs a very awesome office educational space. Love her work!

As time passes in awesome Sydney, I get deeper into the fabric of the community and see many awesome concepts, things and meet great people.

This all started with me a few months ago with the rising star, ‘The University of New England’. There is a campus in Parramatta that I walk past almost every day and they have been most generous in hosting the Parramatta Chambers ‘Before 9’ breakfast events.

I have been to my second event there and I am now as you can say ‘Sold’. They are fun, dynamic, kind, offer an array of courses and from speaking to about 10 of their students so far – it’s a great place to study.

As a Persian Man who is not far from 40 (yet very handsome and good looking lol), it’s been a while since I have been to university thinking back to my early postgraduate days.

Even though I have massive respect for where I studied, UNE has earned a new type of respect with me. It’s the type of place where I would have considered studying and it’s a speciality university that in it’s core areas I am sure could stare many other universities down.

What has peaked my interest of this place, is the culture and the odd happiness of people there. When I went to university, it was a very serious place and from UNE, you get to feel the kindness and warmth of the people there.

I recently went for a visit to see the awesome Manager Kathleen Trevena who runs a happy tight front office, with getting the opportunity to spend time with their Director Robert Field. From the photo included, this is where I went in to visit their live stream of TEDx (they had really good coffee and sweets there).

They certainly have made their mark on me and my thinking on this one? Visit them at some point and check them out. It hardly feels like a university from my time, it feels like a very modern ‘mature’ learning hub of people that want to help each other.

In my book, that suits me just beautifully. Back in my day (Cawd, I am sounding old) it was very stuffy and just not as cool as what I say today.

Check it out friends, it rocks and I think UNE for being so awesome (and of course for Parramatta Chamber pointing me in that direction).

Love your work, thanks for the read, appreciate any shares / comments and stay awesome!

5 Stars for #Bizruption and #WOTSO

Girl Power to the awesome extreme! Saadia, the girls and many not pictured worked hard to create a 5 star event. Bravo!

Girl Power to the awesome extreme! Saadia, the girls and many not pictured worked hard to create a 5 star event. Bravo!

It’s 11:07PM as I start writing this blog after a flawless evening in Sydney CBD. It was my first time in attendance to two key places.

Firstly attending the Bizruption Networking Concept (by netStripes with thanks to Saadia & Dinesh De Silva) and secondly – it being held at the funky shared office space concept; WOTSO Workspace.

I was impressed on many levels by tonight and both businesses really came together to deliver a 5 star experience that I highly recommend for anyone to visit (check out their Meet Up page here).

For each of the 5 Stars I gave, I want to give 5 x reasons of why it’s awesome and why you must check it out:

1) The event is full of movers & shakers: They are key influencers and people in business (I knew quite a few of them). Ranging from high performing employees, to business owners – it’s a great mix.

2) The food, service and premises are just beautiful: I was impressed at how this side of things was handled and it totally resonated with me. Bravo to WOTSO.

3) The Speakers with elites: You had great speakers and tonight we have the awesome Federal Liberal Minister for Small Business Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP. That’s Liberal. That’s awesome and she rocked.

4) Saadia & Dinesh are in their element: This power couple run a great team and tight business with their generosity coming through not only their words, but their behaviour. They rock and know what they are doing.

5) It’s accepting of all types of people: I wasn’t tolerated there, I was accepted and embraced which was a breathe of fresh air. I have had many places across town give me the cold shoulder and these guys gave me the warm hug.

My advice friends? Check it out from two points of view. Come to the next Bizruption and get a feel for the event and the actual premises. It’s impressive, check out the reviews on the Meet Up page and sweet.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you Bizruption and to the many awesome times to come!

Business in Heels in Doc Martens

Business in Heels rocked! Eliza won a book, Evelyne delivered and Zahrina inspired. Worth it!

Business in Heels rocked! Eliza won a book, Evelyne delivered and Zahrina inspired. Worth it!

It’s 10:35PM as I sit down to write this article, I have some Breadsticks, Camembert, Feta and Crackers as I come back with a great buzz after a fine ‘womens event’.

As a man who has been quite into gender equality and the like, I always have a great admiration for women’s networking events such as Business in Heels. Recently, I have been lucky to befriend the awesome Evelyne Wilton who runs the Hills group and she invited me to come down and hang with the ladies provided I do lots of Facebook posts.

I proudly accepted and loved it.

I got in early and where the humour started was one of the women who arrived early walked up to me – challenged my masculinity with the line ‘where are your heels?’. My typical Edward Zia, smartass answer that came to me:

– “Well, I am a feminist, and lots of them wear Boots & Doc Martens. So yeah, these are ‘feminist’ high heels”.

As I challenged her assertive humour with humours come back, she generated an immediate respect for me and it paved the way for an awesome night.

From talking to amazing business women, hearing from Zahrina Robertson on Personal Branding, spending time with a group of fine business women – it was great being one of the few guys in the room.

It’s quite funny when you talk basic gender stereotypes in business networking. Over the years, I have seen both men and women play the game differently. Men are very goal driven, focused and the like – with women more taking the relational, nurturing path.

This trend really played out tonight in Business in Heels and I was very impressed at the event. If you are female and looking for business networking, these are the top reasons of why it may suit you:

– You want a nurturing type of environment.

– You like the idea of a ‘safe space’ to help you develop and succeed.

– You target market may be women.

In addition too, I am developing a massive respect for Evelyne Wilton. Kind, respectful and love her work.

My advice friends? Check out their Facebook Page and if it’s your thing, go and visit. I think it rocked and so may you.

Love your work, thanks for the read, go Business in Heels and stay awesome!

Building your Power Wall

My power wall is getting there. Very inspiring and love it!

My power wall is getting there. Very inspiring and love it!

I spent some time last evening working on my ‘Power Wall’. That is, the wall in my work corner with great imagery, content and things that inspire me on there.

I have always used KPIs in my business (i.e. my weekly activities of what is required), however this time I have totally upgraded everything with new artwork, more imagery and I even went and laminated each of them (to make them look just that much better).

It looks great! I have my KPIs, my goals, my why and key artwork that inspires me to keep me moving. As a Persian, Athletic, Heterosexual Married Man, it’s has very stereo-typical ‘boy stuff’ and also my family. I am actually looking at now as I type away, feeling confidential inspired by what is on my wall and why I love it.

What the power wall does (near your work area) is that it subconsciously messes with your mind in a good way to help you focus on what matters. For me, the result of success is achieving what is on my wall. As I can ‘see it’, my brain thinks it’s possible and that unlocks further motivation and creativity within to help me get it done.

Check it out in the image provided! Everyone’s is totally different and I suggest you approach it from the viewpoint of what you know that works. If you know what you like, put it up! It can be your family, your pets, cars, money and big results.

I love it and my advice? Create your own in your own unique way. It will help you get more motivated and help you deliver.

Love your work, thanks for the read, check it out and stay awesome!

Drive, Passion, Results and WINNING!

Different things motivate each of us. Whatever they are, know it and write it down!

Different things motivate each of us. Whatever they are, know it and write it down!

My business is going through a great level of transition right now from a ‘Real World Consulting Business’ to that of an ‘Online’ one with my growth in Facebook, Webinars, the Awesome Marketing Vault.

It’s been a massive change for me personally too on many levels. My actual ‘day job’ is different now in terms of what I do, where I go, who I seek out and the way I market my own business and services.

It’s made me smarter, stronger, tougher and more competitive in what I do and for me – ‘Winning’ in my own respect of achieving what I want in life is very important. For many awesome people in my community, it’s the same too. We all have our plans of ‘World Domination’ going for what we want in our own unique way.

I have found there are many reasons we do things and for myself and many – it’s very important to tap into exactly why you are in business and doing what you are doing. For me, it’s been really writing down these reasons as to why and what I am after.

I just updated my plans tonight actually and they are very inspiring. I was actually about to print it out and stick it on my wall and my printer is playing up (lol) – so once that is working, it will be up on my wall in it’s full glory. It’s totally inspiring me and I’d love to totally share it with you:

My Weekly Tasks:

3 x high end events

2 x meetings with awesome people

7 x blog posts

30 x Facebook posts

1 x Friday AM newsletter

1 x Monday Meet Up newsletter

1 x Website test & review

3 x Gym sessions

The Why:

– Support my awesome family

– Time, Wealth, Success, Gaming, Fun, Options

Outcomes by end July 2016:

2 x New Vault Clients / Week

2 x New Awesome Personal Clients / Month

My advice wonderful friends? Write down exactly what you need to do to achieve your results, get what you want and win. Put in what you have to do, the reasons why and the outcomes with a time limit.

Love your work, thanks for the read, enjoy and stay awesome!

The joy of being totally accepted

A fantastic evening with wonderful pals at NSW Chamber. Accepted there and feel the love.

A fantastic evening with wonderful pals at NSW Chamber. Accepted there and feel the love.

My business has totally changed for the better in the last 18 – 24 months. I have totally awesome clients (thank you everyone), my online community is working and these days I go to real quality events that I am thankful for.

With reflecting on great conversations with my awesome wife, Mark Kyte, Eliza Rozeboom, Martha Arifin, Natalie Goldman, Chris Waters, Laura from Fairy La La Land and also Dai Le for this one – it got me thinking about the events we go to and the communities in which we interact (thank you!)

When we go out to networking events (or run our own), they are communities of their own. Even if it’s just 5 of you, 50 or 500 – it’s a community with it’s out set of principles, values, norms and expectations.

I have been in many different communities in my business life and I have even been a core character in places where they have had a mixed view of me. That is, they didn’t ‘accept’ me shall we say, but they ‘tolerated me’.

A very good example is a community that I was heavily involved with. They totally respected my skills, appreciated the actual help I was giving them but they did not actually like me as a person (which was quite obvious in their behaviour). As I was delivering great results in another end, they defaulted into the type of thinking which was:

– We have to put up with X person and what we don’t like about him / her because she / he is bringing us a lot of value in other areas.

I bet you can relate to this and it got me thinking on what the actual difference between these two concepts. We often hear about ‘tolerance’ and this and that, so I thought I would hit awesome Wikipedia to investigate this more:

– Tolerance or toleration is the state of tolerating, or putting up with, conditionally.

I then and went and checked out acceptance on awesome Wikipedia and came up with:

– Acceptance is the experience of a situation without an intention to change that situation.

Talking in pure Sydney street speak, if you are tolerated – it means people are putting up with you and don’t really like you deep down (even if they pretend to be your pal). If someone accepts you, it means they think you are awesome and fully appreciate you. This got me thinking on all the communities I have interacted with and how many have actually accepted me. It’s actually not that many, but it’s the high value ones with respectful people that accept me.

Ironically, I have found the lower value communities are the ones that haven’t accepted me. The ones with people of power and influence have.

Over the years, I have learned that we must be careful where we go and we need to ensure that we are fully accepted into communities we choose to partake in.

If we are only tolerated, it’s a safe bet that you will get used, get very little in return and eventually end up squeezed out when they have no value for you anymore. This has happened to me several times actually and as a warning it’s something I am careful to scan around me.

My advice and thinking?

Make sure you give respect and accept others first. Make sure you are truly accepted into the communities you go into. If not move on.

Parramatta Chamber, Hillsong, NSW Business Chamber, Salvation Army British Chamber, the Novotel ACCOR team etc for example have welcomed me with open arms and I totally love it. It’s positive energizing and awesome.

If you are in communities which you know are tolerating you, be careful! I would suggest you have a limited shelf life there – so at least move on your own terms. In several situations I overstayed my welcome and just ended up getting kicked out. Great if I moved on earlier.

Love your work, thanks for the read, stay awesome and appreciate it.

P.S. Thank you friends for your great input to make me think of this!

Learning from very awesome peers

The very awesome Doris Dunon. Great ideas, kind and love her work!

The very awesome Doris Dunon. Great ideas, kind and love her work!

Today was a great one for getting out there, squeezing palms, making new awesome friends, speaking at events and hanging out with peers.

If you have spent any time with me, I very rarely / never take a ‘competitive’ view of other people. I make friends with everyone and especially I love spending time with very cool Marketers that really know their stuff.

It’s great having friends who do what you do that are totally awesome in their own unique way (as we are). Even though we are all in the same profession, each of us have our own way of looking at things. This gives us respective strengths and weaknesses over each other.

Today, I got to meet up again with the awesome Doris Dunon from Smart Mango. She is an ‘International Marketer’ with a very strategic mind (compared to my very ‘street level’ mind) where I have got great global insights from my previous meetings with her.

From Doris, I have learned to keep both a ‘global mind’ and ‘street level’ mind when it comes to decision making. That is, whatever we do on a local level – it’s great to consider that in a geopolitical sense.

That is, if I walk up to someone and suggest say Facebook, it’s great to know what is happening in the US with Facebook so I know the relative impacts on our operations in Australia. Let’s say I am saying that someone should blog, it pays that I know some of the top bloggers in the UK and use their learnings as part of what I do.

In short, from knowing an awesome peer like Doris, it’s been a competitive edge that has made me smarter.

My advice awesome friends? Hang out with awesome peers, share your knowledge and make yourself both stronger and smarter.

It always pays off.

Love your work, thank you Doris for your kind vibes and stay awesome!