Bubbly and kind with total warmth - Kathleen runs a very awesome office educational space. Love her work!

Bubbly and kind with total warmth – Kathleen runs a very awesome office educational space. Love her work!

As time passes in awesome Sydney, I get deeper into the fabric of the community and see many awesome concepts, things and meet great people.

This all started with me a few months ago with the rising star, ‘The University of New England’. There is a campus in Parramatta that I walk past almost every day and they have been most generous in hosting the Parramatta Chambers ‘Before 9’ breakfast events.

I have been to my second event there and I am now as you can say ‘Sold’. They are fun, dynamic, kind, offer an array of courses and from speaking to about 10 of their students so far – it’s a great place to study.

As a Persian Man who is not far from 40 (yet very handsome and good looking lol), it’s been a while since I have been to university thinking back to my early postgraduate days.

Even though I have massive respect for where I studied, UNE has earned a new type of respect with me. It’s the type of place where I would have considered studying and it’s a speciality university that in it’s core areas I am sure could stare many other universities down.

What has peaked my interest of this place, is the culture and the odd happiness of people there. When I went to university, it was a very serious place and from UNE, you get to feel the kindness and warmth of the people there.

I recently went for a visit to see the awesome Manager Kathleen Trevena who runs a happy tight front office, with getting the opportunity to spend time with their Director Robert Field. From the photo included, this is where I went in to visit their live stream of TEDx (they had really good coffee and sweets there).

They certainly have made their mark on me and my thinking on this one? Visit them at some point and check them out. It hardly feels like a university from my time, it feels like a very modern ‘mature’ learning hub of people that want to help each other.

In my book, that suits me just beautifully. Back in my day (Cawd, I am sounding old) it was very stuffy and just not as cool as what I say today.

Check it out friends, it rocks and I think UNE for being so awesome (and of course for Parramatta Chamber pointing me in that direction).

Love your work, thanks for the read, appreciate any shares / comments and stay awesome!



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