Giulia Coletti and her comrades just rocked. It's all about being you and love it.

Giulia Coletti and her comrades just rocked. It’s all about being you and love it.

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a coach. I have been connected to her for years on Facebook and out of nowhere she contacted me to ask for my details to help promote me at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo at Sydney Olympic Park.

No cost, no strings attached, no nothing! Just very awesome support and the type of generosity which is rare in the steel and concrete of Sydney.

I just had to visit my new pal, the awesome Giulia Coletti and we instantly hit it off. She was kind, great natured and an emerging leader who won my instant respect due to her style, directness and contribution driven nature (that was very easy to observe by her nature).

As we did the rounds at the expo, ate chocolate, spoke about our cool families and what came up as a strong topic of discussion was “Cracking the veneer”.

It was a discussion about reflecting on on inauthentic, dishonest and sales strategies that just don’t wash in the modern world (assuming they washed at anytime at all). We have both found over the years to have people just try and rip us off in strange ways in anything from crazy religions, dodgy get rich quick schemes and anything to get into one’s purse / wallets.

Our conversation hit the point of one’s sales activity and and being truthful, honest and 100% yourself as a Coach / Consultant / Mentor. That is, you aren’t trying to pretend to be anything. It’s about showing yourself as who you really are and putting yourself out there for judgement by the market.

It’s certainly not easy, but when we do that it’s very awesome. Firstly, it’s much easier to sell as people know you are 100% straight up and it also makes running one’s business easier in that no one is telling porky pies.

It comes down to ultimately having no facade and showing people ASAP who you really are and letting ones true self shine. I am very good at this and I can tell you that at times it was a painful, but well worth it strategy.

My advice and thinking? Put yourself out there and let people hate you. They are always the poor idiots anyway. Awesome people will see how awesome you really are and snap you up.

The more we crack the veneer, is the more we crack great results. A tune we can all dance to in my book.

Thanks for read, love your work Giulia Coletti and stay awesome and transparent!



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