Milo Yiannopoulos has stole my heart, mind and is total internet justice embodied!

Milo Yiannopoulos has stole my heart, mind and is total internet justice embodied!

I was once born in the time without the internet.

I remember the days where ‘mass media’ would simply tell you how to think. You would only get ‘their side’ of an issue and as you were never presented with two sides, it was very hard to come up with a reasonable ‘critical thought’ of your own.

Coming from Melbourne too, it’s a very ‘lefty town’ (at least in those days) in that if you believed in anything to do with immigration, races, sexuality or something that didn’t fit into the norm, you would get labelled all sorts of ‘isms’ before you could ask for Skinny Milk in your latte.

As time has passed with really the maturation of the internet, we have seen such amazing changes in how society and life works. For me, I love the term coined internet justice.

There are lots of definitions, however I look at it exactly as it’s name implies. For example, if i consult the definition of ‘justice’ in the awesome google dictionary:

– “just behaviour or treatment.”

The definition of ‘just’ is:

– “based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.”

So when I combine them, it gives me the definition of the ‘internet’ itself creating a morally right and fair situation. Boy do we see that now! If you look at some key lefty new sites in Australia (e.g. ABC) they used to control everything, then they would have comments available on their website.

I remember they used to have comments section on their website and as they couldn’t control what was being said, people disagreed and criticised some of their reporting and ideas, they eventually disabled this feature.

If you say go onto YouTube and see anyone spouting hatred or whatever the case may be, their Like / Dislike ratio shows what people think and comments on their videos are either full of people leaving comments against their views or their comments have been disabled to save the ridicule of what they are going through.

Internet justice is a great thing and it’s become something I have come to love and adore. Even when people say negative stuff about me (which is strangely rare, sniff – I must not be popular enough, yet lol) it’s a great thing seeing this kick in.

In short, I am on the right side of politics and I love critical thinking, data, evidence and fairness for everyone. There are lots of people in society that don’t want that at all – especially what I have seen the ‘3rd wave feminist’ camps produce (as they left equality to go for superiority, ironically the opposite of what they originally started out as).

The great news we all have is that we are winning! Those who support logic, fairness, equality and the like are being heard, followed and represented in great numbers. I have just become a raving fan of the awesome Milo Yiannopoulos who has just inspired me.

A key influencer? Internet justice. Gone are the days of a few people controlling the information.

Love it, it’s great and very awesome. Here is to internet justice and great things ahead!

P.S. Full credit to Milo, I love you and more to come my friend.



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