My growing power wall in all it's glory. Note the plan documents on the far right.

My growing power wall in all it’s glory. Note the plan documents on the far right.

Oh Cawd! I have learned this lesson with massive amounts of pain and I want to share my insights with you on this one.

Today I updated my 2016 Marketing Plan and I am very excited about it. As I sat back and reflected on my honest wins & losses – I realised that I have worked my butt off and in some core areas I hadn’t delivered what I hoped.

The successes clearly is more respect, success, great profitability – however the automation and online side of my business is lagging behind what I had hoped. Even though that side of the business is going the right way now, I realised that I am overdue on that one.

What happened to me in this scenario, was that when I looked over my plan last year is that I had about three different major projects on. This totally side tracked my progress in that I would do here and there on my online business, but then tragically get caught up in other projects.

Even though my motives were totally pure and I ‘worked hard’, I never completely delivered my website & online projects to the quality or standards I originally visioned. It’s all happening beautifully now, however it’s quite overdue so I am playing catch up here.

What would have worked way better was only just doing say my online project and not worrying about the other items. Once I got my online really nailed, it would have grown more by itself leaving me to then work on other areas that I see as awesome in the business.

Basically, I did too much, didn’t nail anything to the 9 out of 10 I needed (say I got 4 out of 10 on each project) which cost me in the end. But I learned my lesson! My plan is so tight and focused to what really matters, I am starting at it now on my wall and it’s very inspirational.

My advice and thinking friends? Please learn from my mistakes. Do one project at a time, really well and nail it. You will work less, earn more and be much happier. I am experiencing it now and can only wish I learned that earlier.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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