The very awesome Doris Dunon. Great ideas, kind and love her work!

The very awesome Doris Dunon. Great ideas, kind and love her work!

Today was a great one for getting out there, squeezing palms, making new awesome friends, speaking at events and hanging out with peers.

If you have spent any time with me, I very rarely / never take a ‘competitive’ view of other people. I make friends with everyone and especially I love spending time with very cool Marketers that really know their stuff.

It’s great having friends who do what you do that are totally awesome in their own unique way (as we are). Even though we are all in the same profession, each of us have our own way of looking at things. This gives us respective strengths and weaknesses over each other.

Today, I got to meet up again with the awesome Doris Dunon from Smart Mango. She is an ‘International Marketer’ with a very strategic mind (compared to my very ‘street level’ mind) where I have got great global insights from my previous meetings with her.

From Doris, I have learned to keep both a ‘global mind’ and ‘street level’ mind when it comes to decision making. That is, whatever we do on a local level – it’s great to consider that in a geopolitical sense.

That is, if I walk up to someone and suggest say Facebook, it’s great to know what is happening in the US with Facebook so I know the relative impacts on our operations in Australia. Let’s say I am saying that someone should blog, it pays that I know some of the top bloggers in the UK and use their learnings as part of what I do.

In short, from knowing an awesome peer like Doris, it’s been a competitive edge that has made me smarter.

My advice awesome friends? Hang out with awesome peers, share your knowledge and make yourself both stronger and smarter.

It always pays off.

Love your work, thank you Doris for your kind vibes and stay awesome!



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