My power wall is getting there. Very inspiring and love it!

My power wall is getting there. Very inspiring and love it!

I spent some time last evening working on my ‘Power Wall’. That is, the wall in my work corner with great imagery, content and things that inspire me on there.

I have always used KPIs in my business (i.e. my weekly activities of what is required), however this time I have totally upgraded everything with new artwork, more imagery and I even went and laminated each of them (to make them look just that much better).

It looks great! I have my KPIs, my goals, my why and key artwork that inspires me to keep me moving. As a Persian, Athletic, Heterosexual Married Man, it’s has very stereo-typical ‘boy stuff’ and also my family. I am actually looking at now as I type away, feeling confidential inspired by what is on my wall and why I love it.

What the power wall does (near your work area) is that it subconsciously messes with your mind in a good way to help you focus on what matters. For me, the result of success is achieving what is on my wall. As I can ‘see it’, my brain thinks it’s possible and that unlocks further motivation and creativity within to help me get it done.

Check it out in the image provided! Everyone’s is totally different and I suggest you approach it from the viewpoint of what you know that works. If you know what you like, put it up! It can be your family, your pets, cars, money and big results.

I love it and my advice? Create your own in your own unique way. It will help you get more motivated and help you deliver.

Love your work, thanks for the read, check it out and stay awesome!



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