Kind, considerate and brilliant - Scott Bennetts is a man in the know (and the zone!)

Kind, considerate and brilliant – Scott Bennetts is a man in the know (and the zone!)

Today was yet another powerful day working with amazing people of style, substance and ethics. Today, my day started with an enjoyable lunch with a very kind man.

Some years ago (when I turned 30), I was a very washed up man. Even though my career rocked in my 20’s, during the GFC it really stumbled and I found myself in a new city with no contacts, no work and hardly ‘in the zone’ like I am today.

It was a tough time in my life then, doing odd jobs, living in different places, counting my coins at supermarkets and being a man in transition. I tell this story with pride as I am kicking butt today and I totally love it.

My business is awesome and I reflect back on the heroes that helped me when I was starting out with little to my name (besides Credit Card debt).

One of those amazing people who helped me is a great man by the name of Scott Bennetts. At the time (some years back) he was the 2IC of Revesby Workers Club. I was lucky to score a meeting with him and he gave me tons of advice, pointers and introductions.

There was no work for me there and I moved on, eventually starting my business.

Then about 1 month ago, I was at a charity lunch and who was sitting on my table? The awesome Scott. He hadn’t changed a bit in almost 10 years and he is now the CEO of Easts Leagues (looking after a group of clubs based at the key one at Bondi Junction).

We clicked, reconnected and I met him today for some fine club food, great times and reconnected. He is leader in his field and he gave me this really cool Roosters Umbrella (which I kindly look forward to unfurling at Parramatta Eels next time I am in lol).

The cool guy even covered my lunch and as I reflect on it almost 12 hours later (it’s 10:36PM as I am writing), it’s proof of good karma to see a man like him in a key position of leadership. I am quite inspired after seeing him again and love his work.

My advice and thinking? Never forget those who help you on the way up. When I was down (but not out), I had my villains. Those characters though were outnumbered (and outclassed) by the kind heroes like Scott.

The lesson I got from Scott (which got reinforced today) was continue as I am, helping people at the bottom in their lives. I only look forward to seeing them maybe 10 years later super successful in similar fashion to our situation.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Scott and stay awesome!



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  1. Fantastic post and great advice Edward, it costs nothing to be nice and help others and I bet he was just as happy to see life had turned out for you as well!

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