Life is to sweet to waste your thinking on silly people. Just ignore them and smile!

Life is to sweet to waste your thinking on silly people. Just ignore them and smile!

It’s been just a fantastic evening at home. I did get home late, bought home some fantastic Thai Food, my wife is totally thrilled with my cat sitting just meters behind me as I wrote this potentially award winning blog (while we are watching the State of Origin).

What was funny about walking in, is that my lovely wife was having an online debate with some really silly people on Facebook. It was about the whole issue of when you teach children about ‘Transgenders’ and open that can of worms.

As my wife spoke, she was really having a one sided conversation with others. She spoke of facts, reasons, asked powerful relevant questions.

She was met with idioc tirades of people that really don’t know much about the world and hold the dangerous view ‘if I think A, everyone must do it or they are wrong’.

I decided to contribute to the discussion with some deep political insight. My posts included some of the following:

Donald Trump 2016! Yeah! Make Primary School great again.

And also praise be to Cawd. CAWD!

If only Tony Abbott was still in. Cawd he rocked!

I maybe transginger. Because I have red arm hair.

As you can tell by the comments, I was purely mocking the other people that my wife speaking with. What was really funny, was that they didn’t pick up on my trolling. The truth was, I didn’t actually care for what they thought, I knew that had silly ideas and I didn’t take it seriously at all.

It’s very liberating actually to ignore silly people, because if you don’t – you can get angry, frustrated and it can really throw out your mood.

My advice friends? Totally disregard silly people. They just aren’t worth it.

I have made mistakes previously of giving silly people too much of my own airtime and it’s just not worth it. Laugh at them, mock them, smile and move on.

Love your work, thanks for the read, stay awesome and enjoy!



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