In the awesome XCOM2, it's all about getting to 'Endgame' and the crazy journey of hardship and success!

In the awesome XCOM2, it’s all about getting to ‘Endgame’ and the crazy journey of hardship and success!

Many of my conversations and thinking lately have been with my clients (and myself) about the idea of ‘endgame’ conditions.

It’s a reference to video games and in this case, it’s when you are playing a game say against ‘unwinnable’ odds and as time passes things start to swing your way. Games like Fallout 4, XCOM2 (which I love) are basically like this.

I have always used video games as a metaphor for business. It’s always held up from that viewpoint. It starts out really really hard and it gets slightly easier as time passes. What I have always held in many businesses (including my own) is the idea of endgame in that you have a massive win, a given setup or you do something that totally takes your business to the next level and just makes things more awesome.

For many I know, it has been hiring staff, picking up large accounts and in my case – it’s getting my Online Sales totally kicking butt and moving.

Regardless of what ‘endgame’ means for you, it’s basically the project / idea / thing out there that you are pursuing that when you complete, it will nail you as what you consider a total success. For me, even though I am success, I have my goal of online sales that will totally get me there.

For others it can be getting a high profile client, getting on TV, hiring X amount of staff or whatever the case be.

I am in the process of endgame personally and as I keep moving, it’s getting more exciting step by step.

My advice? Think through how you can nail endgame once and for all. Start that project that will make you totally successful (in whatever that means for you). It may be a 5 year project and that is great. Just start today.

Bit by bit awesome friends.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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