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Making Life & Success Happen!

Don't mess around. Get it done! My comrades Martha Arifin and Mark Kyte are fine examples of this too!

Don’t mess around. Get it done! My comrades Martha Arifin and Mark Kyte are fine examples of this too!

Some of my own Marketing has certainly struck a chord lately with my thoughts and thinking on making life, success, money or whatever the case happen.

If I reflect back over the past years of my life (especially in my late 20’s / early 30’s when things really failed for me), it can always reflect back to the same thing:

I wasn’t making it happen!

That is it, pure and simple without any bias or distortion. At the time I was watching things like the Secret, ‘Visualising’, doing Vision Boards and basically all that type of soft ineffective stuff that made me feel good in the moment, but really wasted time and focus on what I should have been doing.

In a way, I look at it this was as an analogy; I was eating too much sugar, so I would get a headache. I would then treat that headache with a Panadol / Aspirin – simply numbing myself to the fact my health isn’t good and I am doing myself lots of damage. The obvious solution is cut back the sugar, then everything else looks after itself.

I have found over time that my own story is just very common with many other people having similar experiences. That is, we are waiting for something to save us, or think that all this visualization and ‘positive thinking’ stuff is going to bear fruit magically somehow.

Well it doesn’t.

I can promise you that as a pure realist and what I can promise you is that the world is tough out there and if you aren’t making the bucks and making it happen – it is highly likely it won’t happen.

Talking to the positive, the reverse is completely true. If we make it happen, get out there, take full responsibility is make certainly take longer than we hope (which is my story), but it does happen piece by piece and day by day.

My advice and thinking on this one? Make it happen. Look at successful people and you will see how ‘action’ oriented they are. There is a reason for that. They became successful (or at least hold onto their success) by this wonderful trait.

As I have developed this trait in myself, it’s been nothing but a good thing – and I say awesome.

Love your work, here’s to one top 2016 – which is in about 12 hours as I finish this blog LOL

Webinar Recording: ‘Edward’s Massive Marketing Lessons & Wins from 2015!’

A confronting and awesome webinar I truly enjoyed!

A confronting and awesome webinar I truly enjoyed!

Tonight was one rocking webinar that I totally enjoyed with one fine crowd and lots of great questions from a dynamic crowd. This was a confronting webinar in the respect that I had to actually confront my own mistakes as well as my wins in an authentic review of my own performance.

It was quite liberating actually from several respects. One being that it helps improve my game and two – it’s great for everyone else so they either don’t make my mistakes and get results nice and fast from the start.

The recording is right here for you to review and trust you love it! Like all of these, I do these webinars on the house and love you to consider me helping you with Life Revolutionising Marketing (check out The Vault here).

Love Your Work, Stay Awesome and take some of these ideas and put them into practice to help you achieve the life, income & success of your dreams!


The Visual Side of Profitable Marketing

El-Sweetie is one fine place and an impressive example of 'Visual Marketing' at work!

El-Sweetie is one fine place and an impressive example of ‘Visual Marketing’ at work!

With Small Business Marketing you tend to get people into one camp or another. That is, ‘Analytical’ type people or more of the ‘Creatives’ each with their own obvious strengths and weaknesses.

For me, I actually used to be more of a ‘Creative’ who became ‘Analytical’ who then has strived to meet a happy medium in my life today. I find the most effective entrepreneurs are a hybrid of both and it brings to me one important expression of ‘Creativity’ in Marketing – being that of visuals!

Being a man of proud Middle Eastern Heritage (as is expressed in my branding ‘The Crazy Persian’) I enjoy food from my culture (not all the time), but certainly have a massive sweet tooth and would eat that side of things 100% all day if there were not consequences of such behaviour.

On of my favourite Middle Eastern Sweet Houses that has won many awards and has acclaim across the whole of Sydney is ‘El-Sweetie’ in Granville. They offer a range of Lebanese, Persian and Middle Eastern Sweets which are just awesome.

Many of them I know from my childhood and I know exactly how they taste, but as my Arabic is incredibly lacking – I am often limited at point to it and saying “Oh my God, that is awesome – whatever is it”.

For my Sydney friends, I highly recommend you check it out and even make a special trip. It’s well worth it for an afternoon delight and even though it tastes divine, I am more wanting to hold it up as a great example of ‘Visual Marketing’.

That is, when you walk into the massive Cafe / Store / Sweet Bakery you are overloaded with beautiful pastries, colours, visuals, merchandising and packaging which just looks the part. Before you even consider tasting the foods, they visually look just amazing which does most of the sale for all.

It reminds me and inspires me of the fact of making your Product / Service / Marketing look the part. Be it great colours on your website, high quality business cards or even looking good yourself – it comes down to being one visually that people think are awesome which entices them to buy. I have found exactly that in particular on websites. If you don’t have the right imagery or wording, it just doesn’t wash.

You get this right, then it all happens and it’s just awesome.

My advice and lesson reminders from today? Make yourself and your business look just great! As you do, it makes everything much easier to buy and quite often you will notice an uptick in your sales as you improve things.

Love you work, thanks to El-Sweetie for the great work, stay awesome and bye for now from Ed.

Life Revolutionising Marketing™ and Improving my Own Marketing!

My new tagline came from lots of thinking and I have to give credit to the old XBOX 360 Game Civilization Revolution (Image Credit - Sid Meier and 2K Games)

My new tagline came from lots of thinking and I have to give credit to the old XBOX 360 Game Civilization Revolution (Image Credit – Sid Meier and 2K Games)

Attention and hello world! It’s with complete honour I announce my new tagline “Life Revolutionising Marketing” at 8:18PM, Monday 28th December 2015.

It’s quite a pleasure to do this actually in many respects as I have been doing lots of research into what really resonates with people in terms of core messaging and ideas. As a Marketer & Entrepreneur, sometimes my greatest challenge is ‘Marketing Myself!’ and staying objective to new thinking and ideas.

“Grow, Succeed & Prosper” was good, “Awesome Marketing Strategies” was very pedestrian and I felt my core high level messaging really lacked the energy it was after.

This got me reflecting on a range of levels and different viewpoints about what we actually promise our clients. I got some feedback from quite a few clients and one comes to mind in particular with her. Over the past 12 months her business has grown, she is making lots more money and she said in different words, “Edward, your ideas and support has changed my life”.

Upon digging that little bit deeper in this feedback, I kind of realized exactly that – yes I am a Marketing Mentor that teach Marketing Strategies, but what does it really do? It changes people’s lives.

When people get more high value clients, it’s not just necessarily buying ‘stuff’. It can change lives for the better meaning everything from being able to pay their bills, sending their children to private schools or even buying more investment properties that makes them feel awesome.

After lots of debate, lots of thinking and struggling lots internally (with some help from my other half), it was basically getting through the idea “Our Marketing Strategies will totally change your life for the better”.

This of course was a massive mouthful, so after some tweaking it started to sound good!

Here’s to:

Life Revolutionising Marketing™

Wish me luck! I think it sounds awesome, but like all things – let’s see what the market says.

Love your work, thank you for the read and best of luck with establishing your own tag line!

P.S. The older XBOX 360 Game “Civilization Revolution” gave me some inspiration for this name too. They get a nod from me!

Edward in the Fatness Machine

The Fatness Machine certainly tried to turn me into a 'Puffer Fish' in the hope I would give them money...

The Fatness Machine certainly tried to turn me into a ‘Puffer Fish’ in the hope I would give them money…

Today has included some great experiences, some average experiences and some which are just down right bizarre.

After a great holiday day with my better half, it concluded with some household shopping at Westfield Warringah Mall (in Sydney’s Northern Beaches). It’s a great shopping mall which has some unavoidable disruption right now with an upgrade, making it slightly hard to navigate and a tricky time for all.

As we moved along and on the way out, was this ‘Health & Fitness’ tracking machine. It resembled one of those sticker photo-booths (like the great ones you get in Asian parts of town) and on the inside it had a lock on the door and quite a pleasant environment.

Out of interest, we both tried it and the machine just asks for more and more in a prompt. It ends up asking you to strip down to your underwear as it scans your almost naked body with a range of infrared signals to build a ‘3D Body Map’. We both did it and as part of it, it generates a report, adds you to its database and generates a 3d image of you.

Now, before I obviously launch into an attack on this machine – yes, I am in the process of losing weight. I go to the gym about 3 – 4 times a week, look quite fit – but still am losing more ‘body fat’ right now (so far so good). My fitness clients have said that I look great and I only have a few more kilos to go of fat loss and I am there.

Sounds good right?

Well, my view of the ‘Health & Fitness’ machine turned into a ‘Fatness Machine’ very quickly. Instead of actually giving me an accurate 3D map, it generated quite a ‘fatty photo’ that I can tell was an exaggeration. As I looked at it, I worked out quite quickly what it had done.

Instead of mapping me for what I am, it worked out my height & weight – and just generated a fat image of someone of that height (assuming no gym work). It was quite a psych-out actually and I am sure my ego is quite fragile and bruised.

NOT – I don’t think so at all. I could figure out very quickly the agenda of the machine. Basically it was to attack me, get me insecure and on the email it sent me it was asking me to upgrade to the ‘Premium Features’ to work on my health and solve this ‘massive fat issue’ I have because according to the machine I am a massive fatso with no hope in life.

It was quite amusing actually and when I figured this out, we both laughed in total humour and got it.

It was very 1980’s type sales training actually. In this era, lots of it was about attacking your potential client and getting them to freak out about the issues they have. For example, you are selling weight loss. You tell them they are fat, they are going to die soon unless they give you money.

Not very nice, ‘Modern Day’ is much more respectful than this and would more be like ‘We like you just the way you are, however if you want to lose some weight we’d love to help’.

It was quite manipulative actually as we both were slightly unhinged for a certain while. I even felt like eating a kilogram of choclate and doing stuff to the Fatness Machine.

My lessons from all this? Be careful when you see stuff in shopping malls and on the negative – have your guard up for scams and people trying to manipulate you.

On the positive? Sell by being nice to people. It feels better and is the winner these days.

Love your work, yes I am losing body fat, no I don’t think my ego is totally out of whack and with full thanks to the fatness machines for the blog inspiration.

Queen’s Christmas message: light will overcome darkness

The Queen's Christmas 2015 message was inspiring!

The Queen’s Christmas 2015 message was inspiring!

In the day post Christmas, I have watched the Queen’s Christmas message from end to end (view it here on their official YouTube Channel).

I have always been a massive fan of the Queen from a range of viewpoints. Her Military service, dedication to charity, looking after the British people and just looking after people full stop with her focus – she is a very cool lady that is incredibly young hearted but full of wisdom.

As I listened to her message, you know she is only going to speak reality. Unlike many of the politicians today who say whatever they think to stay in power and pander to however they think will achieve that, the Queen doesn’t BS and cuts to the chase.

What I really liked about what she said was the reality of what we are dealing with in the world. You don’t need me to tell you about the dangers of Radical Islam and the enemy within and when she spoke of that, she gave a unique perspective that really seemed to make sense in her reference to:

– Light will overcome darkness

I think that has been very true throughout history and on a massive scale you can’t doubt that. There have been many years of tyranny in different areas, however people eventually resist and overcome it.

Talking more about you and me – and what I have personally been through on my own very small level was some very dark things done to me earlier on in the year. I had people use me in many ways and discard me when it suited them, including people I really did trust once and was quite close too.

It was incredibly painful in many ways and even though I could hardly wordsmith with the wisdom or insight compared to the Queen, it was actually quite true.

With what was done to me and how I was played and used, it was exactly that as the solution. Getting angry, fighting them, or being ‘dark’ wasn’t the solution. My counter strike to those that oppressed me was focusing exactly on the positive, in this case – getting as far away from them as possible, growing my business, not letting them impact me and doing as much charity and good to help other people that needed it.

As a recap on my 2015, I didn’t achieve everything I wanted – BUT, I helped a lot of people and in itself that was totally awesome for me.

My advice and lessons from the Queen? She makes great sense. Sure, I don’t think she is as vocal as I think she needs to be in this world, BUT she speaks the truth and I think with the problems we encounter, dealing with them from the viewpoint of ‘Light / Positive Actions’ is the way to go.

Love your work, thank you Queen Elizabeth (love your work and keep it up) and stay awesome!

Christmas & the joy of supporting people!

Merry Christmas and Thank You (Image Credit - Awesome Vault Boy from Bethesda Softworks)

Merry Christmas and Thank You (Image Credit – Awesome Vault Boy from Bethesda Softworks)

Christmas time for me is an awesome time of the year, that like many brings up a mixture of positive and negative emotions.

It’s very easy to run around saying “Life is Awesome and Merry Christmas to All”, but I bet you know this is well intended but can be nothing more than PC spin to a lot of people.

One thing I have really become aware of in the world over the past few years especially is the importance of supporting where everyone is at. Some people are billionaires, some have no money and that is the way the world is distributed (right now).

Bringing it to more Christmas, I find that this can create stress in a lot of ways when we start comparing ourselves to others.

A good example is myself. One time I was homeless over Christmas and for me, I was really sad having a pity party – comparing myself to the proverbial “Nuclear Family”.

The truth of the matter is I was really lucky, but I was too much into myself to actually feel that. I live down the road from Westmead Children’s Hospital and I can bet you that there would be many sick kids there who would gladly trade their circumstances for mine at the time.

Also too, I am going really well in life right which I am quite proud of. However, I know there are plenty of random factors that have gone in my favour to support that. I could have died from my injuries earlier on, never got over my PTSD or even worse – been lost in the way of worldwide terrorism we are seeing.

Now speaking to the positive, as I have been quite dark (but tragically realistic in this article) I think the solution / best mind-frame is being ‘Supportive’ and not taking the ‘Comparison’ path. That is, if you are in strife, support yourself.

Sure you don’t have your mansion yet, heck you may even be homeless like I was once – and awesome! You will get out of it. Importantly too, never judge someone else. Looking at yourself and saying ‘you’re awesome’ and looking down at others is the start too many bad things.

Everyone has different rounds of luck in their lives and based on the cards we are dealt, we are all in different positions.

One thing I love about Christianity is the importance of ‘sharing your blessings’. That is, let’s say you may $10,000,000. It doesn’t mean you are awesome, it means you are lucky to be blessed. So use it for good to help others (then you can qualify for being ‘Awesome’).

To me this is very important, especially over Christmas in light of what is going on in the world today. There is a growing movement in the world to erase Christmas, right from the left removing Christmas Trees, right through to it being a crime in some countries to celebrate.

Even though I think the people trying to shut it down are making it more popular, even if they miraculously remove the ‘term’ they can never remove the generosity of human spirit which I think this time of year is really all about. When we support people, it’s a truly “Joyful” feeling that money and power just cannot buy.

Love your work wonderful friends, thanks for your support in some of my tricky times & of course – stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to Fallout, Vault Boy & Bethesda Softworks for being so awesome and full credit to them for the imagery I love using in my blogs.

Marketing as quiet as a mouse…No.

I like mice and all - but being quiet like them in marketing is not the best idea....

I like mice and all – but being quiet like them in marketing is not the best idea….

It’s Christmas Eve and I love it already. I am winding down, relaxing and the goal is to lose 5kg of body fat by the end of January 2016.

You heard me! I have put it out there and I am so pumped about this journey and I am right into it. As I have reflected on what has played out for me in 2015, I am focused on getting it right in 2015.

One big thing that has really come to me is the level of ‘Noise’ we have to make to be successful in business. Originally as my business grew, I used to lead the old 4Networking Community.

When they moved me on, I became a stand alone character really quickly and ramped up my own marketing (with actually spending less money!).

My business has grown since then and boy it’s been awesome! It’s been many of my lessons, mistakes and then turning them into win up win.

When it comes to Marketing, we have to make lots of noise. And I mean lots of noise to stand out! Be it going to lots of Networking Events, using lots of LinkedIn or Facebook – we have to make plenty of squeals and noise, so people see us. As people see us, guess what? Many don’t like us or have no use for what we are saying.

BUT, BUT, BUT there is this small chunk of people who think you are awesome! And I mean totally awesome in that they start following you and become fans of what you have to offer.

They like your comments, open your newsletters, attend your events, buy your products / hire you and overall become part of your community which you support and help.

As for me in 2015, my few followers have now become a sizable group where I get shares, comments and lots of support that totally inspires me.

This has come from making lots of noise every day, getting my message out there and doing what I can to help people (and make a buck at the same time).

My advice and thinking? Stealth in Marketing doesn’t cut it. You need to be out there, making noise and realizing many won’t like you / adot, but the chosen awesome few shall become your big fans.

Go hard, enjoy and use Christmas as a chance to ponder your next moves big time.

Love your work, thanks for the read and of course – Merry Christmas!

Picking up the ‘Right’ type of Client!

Money and success isn't everything - but it's awesome! Family Guy always explores this theme with great humour (Image Credit - Family Guy)

Money and success isn’t everything – but it’s awesome! Family Guy always explores this theme with great humour (Image Credit – Family Guy)

There is something certainly in the water, the air, the earth and my brain right now in terms of picking up the ‘Right’ type of client.

In early 2015 I found that too much of my Marketing was aimed at the wrong people. That is, people who weren’t the right type of clients. Some were totally awesome people (who I work with now), however quite a few were people of a scarcity and not abundant mindset.

What I mean by this remark is that they were basically people that either weren’t serious about their business, lacked a given ethic or were not of the mindset to benefit from my ideas (or many ideas to be honest).

I could see the error of my ways and what precipitated this in my case was being moved on from the leadership team of great networking group (which I used to help run and totally love).

I put lots of my time and life into it and as things changed, they moved me on and it got me exploring Sydney.

It didn’t take long for me at all to figure out I was spending too much time in the wrong places as Parramatta Chamber and NSW Chamber were two environments that were just simply full of the ‘Right’ type of clients, friends and referral partners for me.

That is:

– They have money.

– If they don’t have money, they are serious about earning it.

– They are ethical, kind and respect consultants.

– They are well connected!

What I have learned from all this process (and I was advising this great husband and wife couple this morning on) was you got to be:

1) Going to the right places.

2) Targeting the right people.

3) Being the right person worthy so they will listen to you!

Point 3) is of key importance to me. It’s okay for me to say “Target High Value People”, but are you (yet) a high value person? If not (like I was), do lots of work and catch up. But when you know you are, go for it!

My advice and thinking? Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t awesome. It’s not worth it. If they don’t give you the respect you give them – no deal.

Love your work, check out the Chambers, thanks for the read & stay awesome!

P.S. Check out awesome Family Guy (pictured). It always gives a funny take on money, influence and success!

Pondering a TOTAL WIN in 2016!

Sitting at my desk - a great source of ideas!

Sitting at my desk – a great source of ideas!

Things are now slowing down for me in line with everyone else. I am busy with clients, however without the loading of networking events, it’s strangely quieter that what I am used too.

For me (like many of my clients), it’s time to plot, scheme and work out the domination moves for 2016. As I sit here, there are lots of key things I am pondering.

Firstly, talking to the negative – probably I have been thinking through my mistakes too much. As a recap, I really wasted a lot of time in the wrong type of networking environments. Sure, they are great people and great groups – but for me and what I needed, they just didn’t cut the mustard. I knew that, but I stuck around too long.

Ironically enough, I didn’t really use Facebook enough and totally harness the power of it’s video too.

However talking to the positive, I got all things right and fixed up towards the end of the year (about October 2015 I really nailed things). As this all came together for me and it wasn’t so much just “fixing mistakes”, but it gave me some real key insights into how to dominate and succeed in 2016.

Talking to it from a Marketing / Getting Lots of High Client’s viewpoint, I have found and realized how much marketing effort it actually takes to get a client. From my end, several key lessons include:

1) Targeting the Right Events.

2) Picking up the Right Clients.

3) Leveraging Social Media HARD!

Personally I am a Facebook guy (secondary LinkedIn) and regardless of the platform you have to be posting at least several times a day. Donald Trump certainly is! He has slightly more money than me LOL) and even watching one of the world’s wealthiest men harness the platform has just been amazing and purely impressive.

My advice and thinking as I ponder at my desk? Think hard as to what didn’t work, what worked and what you must change quickly.

Feel free to browse my blog for ideas, check out my vault or even ask me – now is the time to get things right so 2016 just rocks!

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!

Survive, Adapt, Win!

Playing as William Carter in 'The Bureau' got me thinking about the phrase 'Survive, Adapt, Win' and how it releates to you and me!

Playing as William Carter in ‘The Bureau’ got me thinking about the phrase ‘Survive, Adapt, Win’ and how it releates to you and me!

If you know me in the real world or have followed some of my videos, you shall know me as a man who loves Computer Games. I don’t get as much time to play them as I used too – but when I do, I just totally love them and think they totally rock.

One recent (a few years old) game that I have played and finish was a great game by the name of “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified”

This is basically a prequel / spin-off to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown & XCOM: Enemy Within games which sets you up as part of a secret organization to defend earth against an alien invasion.

The Bureau is set during the 1960’s and John F. Kennedy authorized the creation of  the “Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command” – a top secret organization designed to defend America and co-ordinate what’s left in case of a Soviet Invasion of the USA.

In this case it was aliens. A high advanced race of aliens with superior technology who is decimating America’s armies. “The Bureau” has to somehow fight them and Director Faulke who runs this black ops organization gives some sage advice:

Survive, Adapt, Win.

This really resonated with me in that during the game, just surviving is almost impossible. In the case you do, it involves going through massive change in thinking, approach and stealing alien technology. You then end up using it back against them in an epic battle for earth against alien forces (leading to a win).

This game was just amazing in that it was a great metaphor for real life and business. When I started out in business (like many), survival is just hard. You then have to change, adapt, learn ideas from others before you can even consider the idea of winning.

My advice and thinking? In one sentence this is the best advice I can give to anyone starting out in business (or even been going for a short while). Stay afloat, keep your costs down, get lots of clients, change everything and keep going till you win.

If you are in survival phase that is totally cool. Go hard, keep at it, change what you must and do what it takes to create win style conditions.

Love your work, enjoy the read & stay awesome!

P.S “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” is well worth it!

The joy of being a Modern Christian!

Hillsong is awesome and tonight just gave me that bit of inspiration I needed...

Hillsong is awesome and tonight just gave me that bit of inspiration I needed…

It’s certainly been the season in my favour lately. With Christianity on the rise, Donald Trump being a forerunner for president, record numbers of Muslims converting – many have said in over 2000 years there is no better time to be a follower of Christ.

Tonight I have come off the back from an awesomely impressive Christmas Celebration at Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills (Sydney). There were thousands of people, line up after line up of performers and a reminder of how strong we are doing these days as a community.

It hasn’t been a few easy years being a Christian though previously. With Obama leading the world in anti-Christian sentiment, what Islamic State / Daesh has been doing to people across the middle east combined with the demographic change of Muslims coming into the west – it’s been easy to feel sad and demoralised.

My sadness is not that we are shrinking in numbers (as we are growing), but more culturally – that is, we cannot say what we want, do what we want with the requirements of being politically correct.

What I have found personally inspiring and joyful about being a Christian is not religion. As quoted in Hillsong tonight, (me included) “nobody likes religion” which I couldn’t agree more with. We are seeing many traditional churches disappear, mosques on the rise – but the new age church and cathedrals grow beautifully.

What is awesome about being a Christian is the personal relationship we have with Jesus Christ. That is, instead of being ‘alone’ in this world, we can have that unique personal connection with Jesus and experience the world through his message of peace and joy.

I was born again in my mid 20’s roughly and I remember being quite alone and isolated in life. I don’t mean with people, but whatever I was doing in my life just wasn’t satisfying me. When I was lucky to attend Christian events, I found that through key teachings – we can ‘connect’ personally with Jesus giving us true joy and connection.

Some have labelled me weak saying “oh you need Jesus? Well you suck Ed, I don’t”. Strangely – those people doing that are anything but strong (in fact, many could be dismissed as “losers” by traditional societal standards).

For me, having that personal connection with Jesus Christ is a very important thing and that is the joy that comes. It gives us clarity, direction, focus and sense of satisfaction in that our ‘personal achievements’ go to something greater beyond ourselves.

My advice? If you aren’t a Christian – get to Hillsong (or a new age equivalent) and check it out. Give it a fair run and have an open mind. Regardless of any religion you follow, it’s great (for my Muslim friends too, I encourage you to consider this).

If you are a “Christian”, but aren’t feeling it – time to re-examine this. Get along and check it out. A bit of inspiration is required and helpful.

In short it’s been just awesome! There have been tough times in that my Christianity led me to having people kick me out of networking events and social groups (including old relationships ending), but awesome! They suck anyway and it’s great going in the right direction and having a life of awesomeness and satisfaction.

Thanks for the read, thanks to Hillsong – and of course stay awesome and GOD BLESS YOU!