Sitting at my desk - a great source of ideas!

Sitting at my desk – a great source of ideas!

Things are now slowing down for me in line with everyone else. I am busy with clients, however without the loading of networking events, it’s strangely quieter that what I am used too.

For me (like many of my clients), it’s time to plot, scheme and work out the domination moves for 2016. As I sit here, there are lots of key things I am pondering.

Firstly, talking to the negative – probably I have been thinking through my mistakes too much. As a recap, I really wasted a lot of time in the wrong type of networking environments. Sure, they are great people and great groups – but for me and what I needed, they just didn’t cut the mustard. I knew that, but I stuck around too long.

Ironically enough, I didn’t really use Facebook enough and totally harness the power of it’s video too.

However talking to the positive, I got all things right and fixed up towards the end of the year (about October 2015 I really nailed things). As this all came together for me and it wasn’t so much just “fixing mistakes”, but it gave me some real key insights into how to dominate and succeed in 2016.

Talking to it from a Marketing / Getting Lots of High Client’s viewpoint, I have found and realized how much marketing effort it actually takes to get a client. From my end, several key lessons include:

1) Targeting the Right Events.

2) Picking up the Right Clients.

3) Leveraging Social Media HARD!

Personally I am a Facebook guy (secondary LinkedIn) and regardless of the platform you have to be posting at least several times a day. Donald Trump certainly is! He has slightly more money than me LOL) and even watching one of the world’s wealthiest men harness the platform has just been amazing and purely impressive.

My advice and thinking as I ponder at my desk? Think hard as to what didn’t work, what worked and what you must change quickly.

Feel free to browse my blog for ideas, check out my vault or even ask me – now is the time to get things right so 2016 just rocks!

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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