Money and success isn't everything - but it's awesome! Family Guy always explores this theme with great humour (Image Credit - Family Guy)

Money and success isn’t everything – but it’s awesome! Family Guy always explores this theme with great humour (Image Credit – Family Guy)

There is something certainly in the water, the air, the earth and my brain right now in terms of picking up the ‘Right’ type of client.

In early 2015 I found that too much of my Marketing was aimed at the wrong people. That is, people who weren’t the right type of clients. Some were totally awesome people (who I work with now), however quite a few were people of a scarcity and not abundant mindset.

What I mean by this remark is that they were basically people that either weren’t serious about their business, lacked a given ethic or were not of the mindset to benefit from my ideas (or many ideas to be honest).

I could see the error of my ways and what precipitated this in my case was being moved on from the leadership team of great networking group (which I used to help run and totally love).

I put lots of my time and life into it and as things changed, they moved me on and it got me exploring Sydney.

It didn’t take long for me at all to figure out I was spending too much time in the wrong places as Parramatta Chamber and NSW Chamber were two environments that were just simply full of the ‘Right’ type of clients, friends and referral partners for me.

That is:

– They have money.

– If they don’t have money, they are serious about earning it.

– They are ethical, kind and respect consultants.

– They are well connected!

What I have learned from all this process (and I was advising this great husband and wife couple this morning on) was you got to be:

1) Going to the right places.

2) Targeting the right people.

3) Being the right person worthy so they will listen to you!

Point 3) is of key importance to me. It’s okay for me to say “Target High Value People”, but are you (yet) a high value person? If not (like I was), do lots of work and catch up. But when you know you are, go for it!

My advice and thinking? Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t awesome. It’s not worth it. If they don’t give you the respect you give them – no deal.

Love your work, check out the Chambers, thanks for the read & stay awesome!

P.S. Check out awesome Family Guy (pictured). It always gives a funny take on money, influence and success!



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