I like mice and all - but being quiet like them in marketing is not the best idea....

I like mice and all – but being quiet like them in marketing is not the best idea….

It’s Christmas Eve and I love it already. I am winding down, relaxing and the goal is to lose 5kg of body fat by the end of January 2016.

You heard me! I have put it out there and I am so pumped about this journey and I am right into it. As I have reflected on what has played out for me in 2015, I am focused on getting it right in 2015.

One big thing that has really come to me is the level of ‘Noise’ we have to make to be successful in business. Originally as my business grew, I used to lead the old 4Networking Community.

When they moved me on, I became a stand alone character really quickly and ramped up my own marketing (with actually spending less money!).

My business has grown since then and boy it’s been awesome! It’s been many of my lessons, mistakes and then turning them into win up win.

When it comes to Marketing, we have to make lots of noise. And I mean lots of noise to stand out! Be it going to lots of Networking Events, using lots of LinkedIn or Facebook – we have to make plenty of squeals and noise, so people see us. As people see us, guess what? Many don’t like us or have no use for what we are saying.

BUT, BUT, BUT there is this small chunk of people who think you are awesome! And I mean totally awesome in that they start following you and become fans of what you have to offer.

They like your comments, open your newsletters, attend your events, buy your products / hire you and overall become part of your community which you support and help.

As for me in 2015, my few followers have now become a sizable group where I get shares, comments and lots of support that totally inspires me.

This has come from making lots of noise every day, getting my message out there and doing what I can to help people (and make a buck at the same time).

My advice and thinking? Stealth in Marketing doesn’t cut it. You need to be out there, making noise and realizing many won’t like you / adot, but the chosen awesome few shall become your big fans.

Go hard, enjoy and use Christmas as a chance to ponder your next moves big time.

Love your work, thanks for the read and of course – Merry Christmas!



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