Merry Christmas and Thank You (Image Credit - Awesome Vault Boy from Bethesda Softworks)

Merry Christmas and Thank You (Image Credit – Awesome Vault Boy from Bethesda Softworks)

Christmas time for me is an awesome time of the year, that like many brings up a mixture of positive and negative emotions.

It’s very easy to run around saying “Life is Awesome and Merry Christmas to All”, but I bet you know this is well intended but can be nothing more than PC spin to a lot of people.

One thing I have really become aware of in the world over the past few years especially is the importance of supporting where everyone is at. Some people are billionaires, some have no money and that is the way the world is distributed (right now).

Bringing it to more Christmas, I find that this can create stress in a lot of ways when we start comparing ourselves to others.

A good example is myself. One time I was homeless over Christmas and for me, I was really sad having a pity party – comparing myself to the proverbial “Nuclear Family”.

The truth of the matter is I was really lucky, but I was too much into myself to actually feel that. I live down the road from Westmead Children’s Hospital and I can bet you that there would be many sick kids there who would gladly trade their circumstances for mine at the time.

Also too, I am going really well in life right which I am quite proud of. However, I know there are plenty of random factors that have gone in my favour to support that. I could have died from my injuries earlier on, never got over my PTSD or even worse – been lost in the way of worldwide terrorism we are seeing.

Now speaking to the positive, as I have been quite dark (but tragically realistic in this article) I think the solution / best mind-frame is being ‘Supportive’ and not taking the ‘Comparison’ path. That is, if you are in strife, support yourself.

Sure you don’t have your mansion yet, heck you may even be homeless like I was once – and awesome! You will get out of it. Importantly too, never judge someone else. Looking at yourself and saying ‘you’re awesome’ and looking down at others is the start too many bad things.

Everyone has different rounds of luck in their lives and based on the cards we are dealt, we are all in different positions.

One thing I love about Christianity is the importance of ‘sharing your blessings’. That is, let’s say you may $10,000,000. It doesn’t mean you are awesome, it means you are lucky to be blessed. So use it for good to help others (then you can qualify for being ‘Awesome’).

To me this is very important, especially over Christmas in light of what is going on in the world today. There is a growing movement in the world to erase Christmas, right from the left removing Christmas Trees, right through to it being a crime in some countries to celebrate.

Even though I think the people trying to shut it down are making it more popular, even if they miraculously remove the ‘term’ they can never remove the generosity of human spirit which I think this time of year is really all about. When we support people, it’s a truly “Joyful” feeling that money and power just cannot buy.

Love your work wonderful friends, thanks for your support in some of my tricky times & of course – stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to Fallout, Vault Boy & Bethesda Softworks for being so awesome and full credit to them for the imagery I love using in my blogs.



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