The Queen's Christmas 2015 message was inspiring!

The Queen’s Christmas 2015 message was inspiring!

In the day post Christmas, I have watched the Queen’s Christmas message from end to end (view it here on their official YouTube Channel).

I have always been a massive fan of the Queen from a range of viewpoints. Her Military service, dedication to charity, looking after the British people and just looking after people full stop with her focus – she is a very cool lady that is incredibly young hearted but full of wisdom.

As I listened to her message, you know she is only going to speak reality. Unlike many of the politicians today who say whatever they think to stay in power and pander to however they think will achieve that, the Queen doesn’t BS and cuts to the chase.

What I really liked about what she said was the reality of what we are dealing with in the world. You don’t need me to tell you about the dangers of Radical Islam and the enemy within and when she spoke of that, she gave a unique perspective that really seemed to make sense in her reference to:

– Light will overcome darkness

I think that has been very true throughout history and on a massive scale you can’t doubt that. There have been many years of tyranny in different areas, however people eventually resist and overcome it.

Talking more about you and me – and what I have personally been through on my own very small level was some very dark things done to me earlier on in the year. I had people use me in many ways and discard me when it suited them, including people I really did trust once and was quite close too.

It was incredibly painful in many ways and even though I could hardly wordsmith with the wisdom or insight compared to the Queen, it was actually quite true.

With what was done to me and how I was played and used, it was exactly that as the solution. Getting angry, fighting them, or being ‘dark’ wasn’t the solution. My counter strike to those that oppressed me was focusing exactly on the positive, in this case – getting as far away from them as possible, growing my business, not letting them impact me and doing as much charity and good to help other people that needed it.

As a recap on my 2015, I didn’t achieve everything I wanted – BUT, I helped a lot of people and in itself that was totally awesome for me.

My advice and lessons from the Queen? She makes great sense. Sure, I don’t think she is as vocal as I think she needs to be in this world, BUT she speaks the truth and I think with the problems we encounter, dealing with them from the viewpoint of ‘Light / Positive Actions’ is the way to go.

Love your work, thank you Queen Elizabeth (love your work and keep it up) and stay awesome!



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