Playing as William Carter in 'The Bureau' got me thinking about the phrase 'Survive, Adapt, Win' and how it releates to you and me!

Playing as William Carter in ‘The Bureau’ got me thinking about the phrase ‘Survive, Adapt, Win’ and how it releates to you and me!

If you know me in the real world or have followed some of my videos, you shall know me as a man who loves Computer Games. I don’t get as much time to play them as I used too – but when I do, I just totally love them and think they totally rock.

One recent (a few years old) game that I have played and finish was a great game by the name of “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified”

This is basically a prequel / spin-off to the XCOM: Enemy Unknown & XCOM: Enemy Within games which sets you up as part of a secret organization to defend earth against an alien invasion.

The Bureau is set during the 1960’s and John F. Kennedy authorized the creation of  the “Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command” – a top secret organization designed to defend America and co-ordinate what’s left in case of a Soviet Invasion of the USA.

In this case it was aliens. A high advanced race of aliens with superior technology who is decimating America’s armies. “The Bureau” has to somehow fight them and Director Faulke who runs this black ops organization gives some sage advice:

Survive, Adapt, Win.

This really resonated with me in that during the game, just surviving is almost impossible. In the case you do, it involves going through massive change in thinking, approach and stealing alien technology. You then end up using it back against them in an epic battle for earth against alien forces (leading to a win).

This game was just amazing in that it was a great metaphor for real life and business. When I started out in business (like many), survival is just hard. You then have to change, adapt, learn ideas from others before you can even consider the idea of winning.

My advice and thinking? In one sentence this is the best advice I can give to anyone starting out in business (or even been going for a short while). Stay afloat, keep your costs down, get lots of clients, change everything and keep going till you win.

If you are in survival phase that is totally cool. Go hard, keep at it, change what you must and do what it takes to create win style conditions.

Love your work, enjoy the read & stay awesome!

P.S “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” is well worth it!



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