Don't mess around. Get it done! My comrades Martha Arifin and Mark Kyte are fine examples of this too!

Don’t mess around. Get it done! My comrades Martha Arifin and Mark Kyte are fine examples of this too!

Some of my own Marketing has certainly struck a chord lately with my thoughts and thinking on making life, success, money or whatever the case happen.

If I reflect back over the past years of my life (especially in my late 20’s / early 30’s when things really failed for me), it can always reflect back to the same thing:

I wasn’t making it happen!

That is it, pure and simple without any bias or distortion. At the time I was watching things like the Secret, ‘Visualising’, doing Vision Boards and basically all that type of soft ineffective stuff that made me feel good in the moment, but really wasted time and focus on what I should have been doing.

In a way, I look at it this was as an analogy; I was eating too much sugar, so I would get a headache. I would then treat that headache with a Panadol / Aspirin – simply numbing myself to the fact my health isn’t good and I am doing myself lots of damage. The obvious solution is cut back the sugar, then everything else looks after itself.

I have found over time that my own story is just very common with many other people having similar experiences. That is, we are waiting for something to save us, or think that all this visualization and ‘positive thinking’ stuff is going to bear fruit magically somehow.

Well it doesn’t.

I can promise you that as a pure realist and what I can promise you is that the world is tough out there and if you aren’t making the bucks and making it happen – it is highly likely it won’t happen.

Talking to the positive, the reverse is completely true. If we make it happen, get out there, take full responsibility is make certainly take longer than we hope (which is my story), but it does happen piece by piece and day by day.

My advice and thinking on this one? Make it happen. Look at successful people and you will see how ‘action’ oriented they are. There is a reason for that. They became successful (or at least hold onto their success) by this wonderful trait.

As I have developed this trait in myself, it’s been nothing but a good thing – and I say awesome.

Love your work, here’s to one top 2016 – which is in about 12 hours as I finish this blog LOL



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