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Dressing to Sell More & Make the Right Impression!

Wearing my old Agent Outfit got me thinking on a deeper level about the importance of what we wear in Sales & Marketing!

Wearing my old Agent Outfit got me thinking on a deeper level about the importance of what we wear in Sales & Marketing!

The other day was a very funny one for me. I had a Templar / Order of Saint John function to go too and many of their events require business attire.

If you know me these days, wearing a tie is something you will probably almost never see. Being a Marketing Entrepreneur in Subtropical Western Sydney, I love wearing loose baggy clothes, cool shirts, designer jeans and certainly no tie!

When it comes to some functions, I dig up my old ‘Federal Agent / Corporate Marketer’ which was designed to make me powerful in previous situations. I wore it to visit some clients and I was walked in, they totally laughed at me.

They were like ‘no way’, I can barely look at you wearing this outfit. This got me thinking on a deeper level about the way we dress and the impact it has on us as business people / entrepreneurs. We can all dress in different ways that gives us more abilities and a type of focus. From my viewpoint, the different modes of dressing can do many different things.

Put it this way, if I wear a Business Suit to visit an Entrepreneur – no way they would hire me. They would think I am some ‘suit’ and wouldn’t listen to me. Conversely, if I attend a more traditional function / club – without a suit I couldn’t even get in.

I find it pays to put some thought into the way one dresses – even consider getting a makeover like I once did. Some cool outfits I have used which I like include:

– Entrepreneur Field Outfit: My nice shirts, designer jeans, Doc Martin’s. Great for long days, visiting a range of people and gives me a ‘tech look’. It’s a very approachable and fun way of dressing that cheers people up. Doesn’t work on older conservative people at all.

– Agent Outfit: Full Black outfit with Sunglasses, Red Power Tie, Tie Clip and the like. Not very approachable, but great for getting people to ‘Comply’ and pay attention.

– Smart Casual Outfit: Boating Shorts, Nice Shirt, Big Muscles LOL and my Asics Gel Kayanos.

These are my own outfits and depending on what I am up too – I may choose a given outfit. In many instances I deliberately pick something that doesn’t fit in. That is usually to make a statement, shake things up, or try and stand out.

My advice and thinking? I am hardly a Fashion Coach (so please talk to one), but what I can tell you is that when it comes to Sales, it’s important to think this through and make sure your look achieves your objectives. Are you there to intimidate? Be someones friend? Grab attention? Hide in a crowd?

Great to think it through and make it all happen the way you want.

Love your work, Happy Halloween and Stay Awesome!

Winning & Picking Your Best 4 Marketing Strategies!

When it comes to your Marketing, pick a few strategies and just do it incredibly well!

When it comes to your Marketing, pick a few strategies and just do it incredibly well!

When it comes to Small Business Marketing, ‘Overwhelm’ is a massive problem many of us go through at some point. I did exactly in my case (ironically though being a Marketing Mentor) in that when one starts out there are almost unlimited options for Marketing.

Do I go Business Networking? Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr? Hootsuite? Buffer? LinkedIn? LinkedIn Premium? YouTube? Facebook Video? Mailchimp? Send Pepper? Office Autopilot? Email Marketing?

You get it, this is me reeling of the top of my head and I am sure I could fill up several screens of text if I put some application to it.

What I have found and often recommend to clients (including the handsomely Persian one in the mirror LOL) is picking roughly 4 x Marketing Strategies that you fully intend to work and harvest for maximum results. I have found that say only doing 1 x is very dangerous (i.e. if you are a Facebook Guy / Girl and you lose your account, you are dead). Equally doing 10 x is very dangerous too as you tend to do a very poor job of each.

In my case for example, use Networking, Email Marketing, Live Webinars and Facebook as key platforms. I use others to a lesser extent (e.g. LinkedIn & YouTube) – but as primary marketing platforms they are a hit.

It gives me a enough scope to learn and use them really well so they deliver exceptional leads and new clients.

My advice and thinking on this one? Figure out / determine your best marketing strategies and then work those hard for your business. I do lots of Facebook Advertising these days and it’s just great. As time passses, I get better and better at it which really floats my boat.

Your platforms / marketing strategies may be totally different to mine of course and that’s great! The point isn’t so much ‘what to use’ but pick carefully and excel at each.

Love your work, thanks for the read & Stay Awesome!

Marketing & Business Networking in the Right Places!

Business Networking is a great chance to meet awesome people - it's great to make sure you are in the right places to meet only the best!

Business Networking is a great chance to meet awesome people – it’s great to make sure you are in the right places to meet only the best!

There is something in the water lately with this becoming a common theme from many awesome small business owners in that:

“Where should I go Networking?”

This is an incredibly simple question with lots of many different answers. Many business owners start out in the ‘Business Networking Scene’ (as what I did) as a means of getting new clients, making connections, getting referrals and the like.

For me, I got in at the ground level with 4Networking Australia. This was really good and I enjoyed my time there as a 2IC. It was great and got me to a given point – and combined with Business Chambers (in my case Parramatta), this combination was outstanding in terms of putting me on the map in Sydney.

As I reflect back on these experiences, I have found the massive distinction between networking groups over time. You get the Small Business Communities (such as 4Networking, BNI, Success Women’s Network), Business Chambers (such as NSW Business Chamber and Parramatta) and you also have ‘Speciality Events’ come up. The speciality events can be anything from Industry Events, High End Social Events – basically places where your potential clients are hanging out.

When I get asked this question, my first move is to steer people in the direction where their potential clients are hanging out. A very non-politically correct statement is that:

– If you are hunting Elephants, hang-out where Elephants are!

Of course I am a Vegetarian who is 100% against hunting such precious creatures, but you get my drift. If you are targeting Small Business Owners, IT Experts, House Wives or whatever the case may be – search hard and long to find events where they are hanging out.

For me, I am working more on meeting Entrepreneurs to Enterprise with Business Chambers being just perfect for me.

My advice and thinking? Think hard about what you are after and get onto Google. Business Chambers and 4Networking for example may suit many – and make sure you jump on and check out what is on offer there too.

Love your work, hope that helps and happy searching!

Here to help too! (& Stay Awesome).

Marketing & the Little Things that Really Matter!

A boring drink was turned into an absolute work of art with a simple fun stirrer. Got me thinking about Marketing on a deeper level!

A boring drink was turned into an absolute work of art with a simple fun stirrer. Got me thinking about Marketing on a deeper level!

At our Free Squeeze Business Networking event tonight we were all lucky to be in the friendly PJ’s Irish Pub in Parramatta (Western Sydney). If you have been there, you will know what I mean – if you haven’t and you are in town, I encourage you to pop in for a visit if you can.

At the start of the event when we were running around setting everything up, I paused to buy a few of us some drinks. Lemon, Lime & Bitters was the key drink of choice and for the first time ever, as I got them the barkeep put in a ‘Angostura’ stirrer (this is the common brand of alcoholic liquor commonly used).

It was very cool and very noticeable. It turned a quite simple and common drink in a Bar Glass into something quite noticeable and a great discussion piece. Martha and I looked at it and thought ‘wow this is cool, you can not only stir one’s drink, it has some great branding on there’.

It was quite a funny conversation in the respect that I said I would blog about it and we commented on how this little feature turned a ‘boring’ drink into something a lot more. It was just a piece of plastic! But it was an awesome piece of plastic that just worked and looked really well.

On a deeper level and bringing it back to Marketing, it got me thinking about important little things we can do. This can be having the better business card making a great first impression that tips a sale over the line.

It can be having a great pamphlet that turns someone on the edge into a client. It’s the high quality pen / gift you give them that impresses them enough to make them a client. All of these add up to helping us get sales and become better marketers.

What is interesting (and I find this more and more as time passes) is that I find it’s all the little things that add up. Sure, you have to do the big things – but the more little things we get right, each part tips things in our favour.

My advice and thinking? Like the metaphor in our Lemon, Lime & Bitters – it’s great to think about the extra things one can do to improve their Sales & Marketing. You don’t need a whole lawt – but the more the merrier.

Love your work, thank you Martha and thank you Angostura for the fine example!

Letting My Emotions Fly at Escape Hunt Sydney!

Playing Escape Hunt Sydney was an adrenaline packed journey of self-discovery. I loved it and can't wait till I get back there!

Playing Escape Hunt Sydney was an adrenaline packed journey of self-discovery. I loved it and can’t wait till I get back there!

I didn’t realize the total range of my emotions today until my fun experience at ‘Escape Hunt Sydney’ today. The Awesome Martha Arifin and I have been very lucky to be helping them market their fine business and their leader Christal astutely suggested we ‘play a game’ to get a feel for it.

If you haven’t heard of ‘Escape Hunts’, they are basically this type of game where you are locked in a room and you have puzzles to crack before you can leave. They are a massively growing entertainment niche which creates pressure, excitement and opportunities to bond with one’s team.

Today, due to an honest mistake in co-ordination, my colleague couldn’t join me for the game. As I went up there on my own, I explained to Kristy (the lovely girl and host) it would be just me going into the game.

She kind of paused and said “We have never had just one person play a game before, but as you are with Christal I can let you do it”. I found this to be slightly odd and as I read the sheets, got a feel for the game I was playing a plot basically where money had been ‘Stolen from a Cottage’. Without blowing this (as you should check it out), money has been stolen from a cottage and I have been sent in as a lone detective (you are meant to have at least 2 x people) to investigate.

It is a room I am locked in, 60 minutes to complete and investigate. This is where I realized that you aren’t meant to do this one your own. I can imagine doing it with a friend or a group will be the ultimate fun experience.

On my own, it was a very strange experience. I am in this new situation, tearing up this room looking for clues and solving puzzles, and you have a ‘Walkie Talkie’ where I could ask Kristy for help and clues. I would have asked about 15 times and during this experience I would through all emotions.


I started off with confusion, fear, frustration, unfamiliarity and I even got slightly angry. I was searching through rooms, looking for clues and after I got into it – I started to get a great feel for it.

I kind of settled in and was making progress. I did have to get some clues from Kristy but I kept them to a minimum and as I got clues, solved the unfolding mystery and worked out who the thief was, it was an awesome liberating experience.

When I finished it was this oddly unexpected rush of satisfaction and happiness. It rocked!

On my own, this was an amazing experience which totally inspired me. It was such a fun experience that stimulated this other part of my brain – which honestly hasn’t been active since my early Federal Policing / Intelligence days.

My advice and thinking? Get a friend or 4 and get too Escape Hunt Sydney! Check out their website right here!

Removing the Spectre & Making Yourself do the Hard Stuff First!

Whatever you do, make sure the 'Spectre' of defeat or big jobs doesn't hang over you. Do what you don't like first and love it!

Whatever you do, make sure the ‘Spectre’ of defeat or big jobs doesn’t hang over you. Do what you don’t like first and love it!

When it comes to Marketing (and just running our businesses) there are always times when we have to make yourself do something that we may not feel like.

In leading by example, I am actually doing that right now! I have a massive stomach ache which seemingly came out of nowhere and I feel quite worn out all of a sudden. Strangely enough, I felt great this morning and who knows why I feel a bit funny (as I rocked this morning, even hit the gym).

Anyway, I love blogging however right now writing this blog is very hard for me right now. I feel like lying down and resting, however my desire to lead by example and talk to you totally over-ruled that so I am very happy with what I am doing here.

With my own work and development lately, I have found that it’s great to do what we don’t want to do first. That is, if we don’t want to do something and put it off, it gets bigger and becomes a bigger spectre hanging over our shoulders.

That is, instead of a little sacrifice and getting it done, we have made it mentally a bigger job that we dread even more. I find that making ourselves do the big things first actually gives a lot of freedom. It clears our mind, gives us a chance to relax and by knowing the ‘Spectre’ is defeated.

For me, even writing this blog now is making me feel better. I love writing my blog, talking to you awesome people and I know I can lie down after this and feel good knowing it’s done and awesome.

My advice? Do the hard things first. Do what you don’t want to do first. It makes you happy and pure and simple!

Love your work, stay awesome, wish me well and I wish you well!

An Open Empty Brain & Soaking Up New Marketing Ideas!

Keeping an eye out for New Ideas is critical. We all need a regular flow of innovation to help us succeed!

Keeping an eye out for New Ideas is critical. We all need a regular flow of innovation to help us succeed!

The longer I am in business, the more I realize the critical importance of keeping an eye out for new Marketing Ideas.

For my own business and growth – much of my work has been focused on Facebook, Webinars & Emails lately and ironically, my biggest challenge has been coming up with ‘New Ideas’.

I do get new ideas and I have found that getting out and about and having an open mind has been critical to my own growth and success. Be it from visiting shops, listening to great people, clicking on others ads on Facebook, reading articles, blogs, research and the like – it’s all been critical for innovation and progress.

This comment may sound very strange, but it is starting to make complete sense to me:

– The more I know, is the more I realize I don’t know, which makes me more open to learning.

I always had this incorrect idea that I would reach this point where I ‘knew’ everything and business and life will be fine. This never happened of course and I have found myself over time asking more questions, being more likely to admit I am wrong and most importantly – try more things to succeed in my business.

It comes down to this, having an ‘Empty Brain’. That is, you are forever open to soaking up new knowledge, ideas, challenging ones own thinking, exploring new ideas and talking marketing – trying lots of new things in one’s business.

Developing this type of thinking requires one to dump heavy concepts of “Right / Wrong”. I used to be a very Right / Wrong thinker, always feeling like I have to defend myself from making mistakes. These days, I readily admit the mistakes I am making and are dead keen on learning from them and improving my game.

My advice and thinking on this one? Clear your mind. Question your thinking. Always improve it. Try new things.

This has helped my business grow big time lately! Love your work, thanks for the Read – and of course, Stay Awesome!

Helping People, Cool Outfits & The Order of Saint John!

The Invesiture in the ACT today was awesome - especially seeing the order grow. We love helping people - and of course our cool outfits too!

The Invesiture in the ACT today was awesome – especially seeing the order grow. We love helping people – and of course our cool outfits too!

The last few days of my life has been in the Nation’s Capital – Canberra with the my awesome charitable colleagues in ‘The Order of Saint John’. From the time of the original Knight’s Templar, early Crusades and the like – this order has carried on from people on the battlefield – to ex Military & Business people today helping people and raising money for hospitals.

It’s been a very awesome and intense time with going to Canberra, catching up with a great group and people and totally immersing myself into ‘The Order’ during what is called an ‘Investiture’.

At this event, it’s when people officially join the order. We have Men & Women Knighted and cool fellow join as a ‘Serving Brother’. In very simple terms, it means our fine order is expanding with priories in Victoria, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane taking off big time.

I have been in the order for a few months now and in short terms it’s been a life changing experience. We do wear really cool robes (which appeals to my ‘Nerdy Sci-Fi side), however I think the real reason it’s been so great for me is that when we dedicate part of ourselves to helping others without any expectation of return it’s very good for our souls and us on a deeper emotional level. Sure – I am a Persian Guy from Western Sydney and I love making money and the like, however when we help people and make a true difference it can be something totally much more rewarding.

The Order of Saint John is this amazing group of people and being around them is just great – as it gets you focused on things that are far beyond oneself. I love the idea of helping people through the great works of Christianity, spending time with great people and of course wearing the cool outfits.

My advice and learnings from being in the Order? Charity rocks and being part of a cause is critical. I would never have thought several years ago that helping others is the best way of helping oneself – but it’s true.

If you haven’t already, find a great charity that rocks your boat and you fit in there. I tried a few charities prior – one even kicked me out because they thought I was too ‘Radical’. Glad I found a cool place eventually that accepts me for who I am.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay tuned for more to come!

Success & Hanging Out with the RIGHT People!

Having a fine breakfast with the Awesome Audrey Cortez was simply - Awesome. It reminded me of only spending time with the best!

Having a fine breakfast with the Awesome Audrey Cortez was simply – Awesome. It reminded me of only spending time with the best!

My Friday has been very awesome. Besides meeting some great people, I have been blessed to head down to Canberra with my better half for an ‘Investiture’ with the Order of Saint John (stay tuned for that one).

Today has been great in that I have been surrounded by 100% Awesome, Positive and Amazing People. It does make a massive difference when we work with with the best and today I wish to shine the spot light on Audrey Cortez. She is this kind, intelligent, Natural Healer (who is into Laser Acupuncture) and we more spoke on an ‘Entrepreneur Level’ rather than so much a ‘Marketing Level’.

As we spoke, we shared lots of notes and experiences and one thing I found really funny was the common theme we came back to:

– Surrounding Yourself with the Right People!

Yes, this is very true. When we surround ourselves with the right people, more is possible. The ‘Right’ people are can do, identify solutions instead of problems and even more – have ideas that can help you really succeed and make lots of money.

Conversely the wrong people just suck. You get a great idea, they kill it. You think about how to make money, they tell you it’s too risky and you know the drill.

Spending time and having breakfast with Audrey Cortez was on the money. Positive, Cool and it set me up for a great day of success.

My advice and thinking? Spend time with only the best. Sure, you may have to spend time with people who aren’t the best – but limit your exposure as much as you can.

Focus on who matters and smile.

Love you work, thanks for the read and Stay Awesome!

The Live Webinar on Running a Live Webinar: Content Recording & Details!

Our British Speaking Friend Mark Kyte did an amazing job and enjoy the Webinar Recording!

Our British Speaking Friend Mark Kyte did an amazing job and enjoy the Webinar Recording!

For years I have always joked about running a ‘Live Webinar about Running a Profitable Live Webinar’ and it has finally happened after all these years.

This Tuesday night, I was very lucky to have our trusted friend and public speaking expert Mark Kyte join us in this fantastic event. We spoke through lots of different strategies, ideas and gave examples of how to run basically a seminar online.

One interesting insight I have really started to reflect on over the years is how conceptually similar running a Live Webinar to a Live Seminar is. Obviously on a detailed level they are quite different, however when you talk structure, thinking, selling and that type of thing – they are very similar and translate the thinking.

What I love about Live Webinars is that they are very cheap to deploy (our last Profitable Marketing Forum cost us $3000!), relatively easy to fill, great for customer service and of course ideal for getting more high value clients.

Enjoy the Webinar Recording below, please share this with those it can help – and hire us if we can help you!



Haters will Be Haters & The Awesome Shall Always Win!

The Awesome Brad Burton! A top motivational speaker from the UK that has spoken to me amazing truths, 'Haters will be Haters!'

The Awesome Brad Burton! A top motivational speaker from the UK that has spoken to me amazing truths, ‘Haters will be Haters!’

‘Haters will be Haters’ has been some great words that were uttered to me by the Motivational Speaker & 4Networking UK Leader Brad Burton.

He is an amazing man who I was very lucky to work with directly last year and he is a man who has had people do some incredibly bad things to him. He is this selfless and awesome man who I have learned so much from and he has made this point many times – ‘Haters will be Haters’.

I really liked this thinking from several points view and lately it’s been a common theme of many of the great people I have worked with. Basically as you become more successful, (like awesome Brad who I look up too), you get more fans and more haters. 

For me too, for every 10 x Fans I get, I get 1 x Hater. I was speaking to an awesome business woman just this evening who I have lots of respect for (but I shall protect her details of course) how has had the same thing. She spends her life helping people and even she gets people hating her.

Earlier this year and last year, I had my fair share of haters come forward and try and take me down. Sure, they caused me some emotional pain, but I have some great news for my own haters, many of Brad Burton’s haters and those of my friend today I spoke too:

– The Haters Lose in the End

Isn’t that wonderful? Us Awesome people would always prevail over the haters and I think there are several viewpoints on that. Firstly, haters usually aren’t very likable people – so they don’t have many friends and have trouble picking up clients.

Secondly, haters usually are stupid people who lack intelligence (hence they don’t succeed).

Thirdly, haters usually aren’t the most responsible for motivated people I find. They are the types of people who don’t usually do lots of work and when something goes wrong – instead of looking within to improve things, they just ‘blame’ someone.

My advice and learnings? Just be awesome. Haters will hurt you at times and get over it. Defend yourself, push them back and watch them fail as you succeed. It’s awesome watching haters fail in life, while the awesome succeed.

Awesome people like you and me!

Thanks for the read, thank you to Brad Burton for the inspiration (as I think he’s awesome) – and you of course Stay Awesome!

Awesome Events & Awesome Venues: Novotel Sydney Olympic Park!

Nikki Nguyen and her team totally rocked at Novotel Syney Olympic Park - Helping us have an Awesome Event Today!

Nikki Nguyen and her team totally rocked at Novotel Syney Olympic Park – Helping us have an Awesome Event Today!

Today has been a very long and rewarding day. It started with me waking up at a good 4:30AM borderline terrified about our Live Sydney Workshop today, ‘The Profitable Marketing Forum’.

It was our last one for 2015 and I was only *slightly* freaking out. Not in terms that I would say stuff it up, but more in terms of the huge number of variables and things going through my mind.

From ensuring the email invites would go out, the awesome team is all set, people are going to turn up, the AV will work correctly, my PC won’t die, nothing will go bad and the like.

One thing I was comfortable in was the venue, Novotel Sydney Olympic Park. Martha Arifin and I have performed at many venues across Sydney and we have called this one our home in terms of events. The staff are wonderful, the rates are very fair, the parking is effective, it’s got a nice fit out and it’s just the right vibe for these types of events.

Olympic Park itself is a great location. It a part of town where everyone feels comfortable, it’s the right place for events and it’s place we have had an amazing track record of success at.

The Conferences Team does a great job and when you are running high risk / high reward events it’s critical to have a great venue. This takes out a lot of variables and what I love about Novotel is that it’s a great impressive brand that is still affordable. It’s a fantastic venue that is totally affordable and it has been very good to us.

My advice and thinking? A great event requires a great venue. Novotel is a fantastic brand of Hotels which I can highly recommend. No they aren’t paying me – I just think they rock!

Love your work, thank you for the read, check out Novotel Sydney Olympic Park & Stay Awesome!