Keeping an eye out for New Ideas is critical. We all need a regular flow of innovation to help us succeed!

Keeping an eye out for New Ideas is critical. We all need a regular flow of innovation to help us succeed!

The longer I am in business, the more I realize the critical importance of keeping an eye out for new Marketing Ideas.

For my own business and growth – much of my work has been focused on Facebook, Webinars & Emails lately and ironically, my biggest challenge has been coming up with ‘New Ideas’.

I do get new ideas and I have found that getting out and about and having an open mind has been critical to my own growth and success. Be it from visiting shops, listening to great people, clicking on others ads on Facebook, reading articles, blogs, research and the like – it’s all been critical for innovation and progress.

This comment may sound very strange, but it is starting to make complete sense to me:

– The more I know, is the more I realize I don’t know, which makes me more open to learning.

I always had this incorrect idea that I would reach this point where I ‘knew’ everything and business and life will be fine. This never happened of course and I have found myself over time asking more questions, being more likely to admit I am wrong and most importantly – try more things to succeed in my business.

It comes down to this, having an ‘Empty Brain’. That is, you are forever open to soaking up new knowledge, ideas, challenging ones own thinking, exploring new ideas and talking marketing – trying lots of new things in one’s business.

Developing this type of thinking requires one to dump heavy concepts of “Right / Wrong”. I used to be a very Right / Wrong thinker, always feeling like I have to defend myself from making mistakes. These days, I readily admit the mistakes I am making and are dead keen on learning from them and improving my game.

My advice and thinking on this one? Clear your mind. Question your thinking. Always improve it. Try new things.

This has helped my business grow big time lately! Love your work, thanks for the Read – and of course, Stay Awesome!



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