Whatever you do, make sure the 'Spectre' of defeat or big jobs doesn't hang over you. Do what you don't like first and love it!

Whatever you do, make sure the ‘Spectre’ of defeat or big jobs doesn’t hang over you. Do what you don’t like first and love it!

When it comes to Marketing (and just running our businesses) there are always times when we have to make yourself do something that we may not feel like.

In leading by example, I am actually doing that right now! I have a massive stomach ache which seemingly came out of nowhere and I feel quite worn out all of a sudden. Strangely enough, I felt great this morning and who knows why I feel a bit funny (as I rocked this morning, even hit the gym).

Anyway, I love blogging however right now writing this blog is very hard for me right now. I feel like lying down and resting, however my desire to lead by example and talk to you totally over-ruled that so I am very happy with what I am doing here.

With my own work and development lately, I have found that it’s great to do what we don’t want to do first. That is, if we don’t want to do something and put it off, it gets bigger and becomes a bigger spectre hanging over our shoulders.

That is, instead of a little sacrifice and getting it done, we have made it mentally a bigger job that we dread even more. I find that making ourselves do the big things first actually gives a lot of freedom. It clears our mind, gives us a chance to relax and by knowing the ‘Spectre’ is defeated.

For me, even writing this blog now is making me feel better. I love writing my blog, talking to you awesome people and I know I can lie down after this and feel good knowing it’s done and awesome.

My advice? Do the hard things first. Do what you don’t want to do first. It makes you happy and pure and simple!

Love your work, stay awesome, wish me well and I wish you well!



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