Playing Escape Hunt Sydney was an adrenaline packed journey of self-discovery. I loved it and can't wait till I get back there!

Playing Escape Hunt Sydney was an adrenaline packed journey of self-discovery. I loved it and can’t wait till I get back there!

I didn’t realize the total range of my emotions today until my fun experience at ‘Escape Hunt Sydney’ today. The Awesome Martha Arifin and I have been very lucky to be helping them market their fine business and their leader Christal astutely suggested we ‘play a game’ to get a feel for it.

If you haven’t heard of ‘Escape Hunts’, they are basically this type of game where you are locked in a room and you have puzzles to crack before you can leave. They are a massively growing entertainment niche which creates pressure, excitement and opportunities to bond with one’s team.

Today, due to an honest mistake in co-ordination, my colleague couldn’t join me for the game. As I went up there on my own, I explained to Kristy (the lovely girl and host) it would be just me going into the game.

She kind of paused and said “We have never had just one person play a game before, but as you are with Christal I can let you do it”. I found this to be slightly odd and as I read the sheets, got a feel for the game I was playing a plot basically where money had been ‘Stolen from a Cottage’. Without blowing this (as you should check it out), money has been stolen from a cottage and I have been sent in as a lone detective (you are meant to have at least 2 x people) to investigate.

It is a room I am locked in, 60 minutes to complete and investigate. This is where I realized that you aren’t meant to do this one your own. I can imagine doing it with a friend or a group will be the ultimate fun experience.

On my own, it was a very strange experience. I am in this new situation, tearing up this room looking for clues and solving puzzles, and you have a ‘Walkie Talkie’ where I could ask Kristy for help and clues. I would have asked about 15 times and during this experience I would through all emotions.


I started off with confusion, fear, frustration, unfamiliarity and I even got slightly angry. I was searching through rooms, looking for clues and after I got into it – I started to get a great feel for it.

I kind of settled in and was making progress. I did have to get some clues from Kristy but I kept them to a minimum and as I got clues, solved the unfolding mystery and worked out who the thief was, it was an awesome liberating experience.

When I finished it was this oddly unexpected rush of satisfaction and happiness. It rocked!

On my own, this was an amazing experience which totally inspired me. It was such a fun experience that stimulated this other part of my brain – which honestly hasn’t been active since my early Federal Policing / Intelligence days.

My advice and thinking? Get a friend or 4 and get too Escape Hunt Sydney! Check out their website right here!



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