Wearing my old Agent Outfit got me thinking on a deeper level about the importance of what we wear in Sales & Marketing!

Wearing my old Agent Outfit got me thinking on a deeper level about the importance of what we wear in Sales & Marketing!

The other day was a very funny one for me. I had a Templar / Order of Saint John function to go too and many of their events require business attire.

If you know me these days, wearing a tie is something you will probably almost never see. Being a Marketing Entrepreneur in Subtropical Western Sydney, I love wearing loose baggy clothes, cool shirts, designer jeans and certainly no tie!

When it comes to some functions, I dig up my old ‘Federal Agent / Corporate Marketer’ which was designed to make me powerful in previous situations. I wore it to visit some clients and I was walked in, they totally laughed at me.

They were like ‘no way’, I can barely look at you wearing this outfit. This got me thinking on a deeper level about the way we dress and the impact it has on us as business people / entrepreneurs. We can all dress in different ways that gives us more abilities and a type of focus. From my viewpoint, the different modes of dressing can do many different things.

Put it this way, if I wear a Business Suit to visit an Entrepreneur – no way they would hire me. They would think I am some ‘suit’ and wouldn’t listen to me. Conversely, if I attend a more traditional function / club – without a suit I couldn’t even get in.

I find it pays to put some thought into the way one dresses – even consider getting a makeover like I once did. Some cool outfits I have used which I like include:

– Entrepreneur Field Outfit: My nice shirts, designer jeans, Doc Martin’s. Great for long days, visiting a range of people and gives me a ‘tech look’. It’s a very approachable and fun way of dressing that cheers people up. Doesn’t work on older conservative people at all.

– Agent Outfit: Full Black outfit with Sunglasses, Red Power Tie, Tie Clip and the like. Not very approachable, but great for getting people to ‘Comply’ and pay attention.

– Smart Casual Outfit: Boating Shorts, Nice Shirt, Big Muscles LOL and my Asics Gel Kayanos.

These are my own outfits and depending on what I am up too – I may choose a given outfit. In many instances I deliberately pick something that doesn’t fit in. That is usually to make a statement, shake things up, or try and stand out.

My advice and thinking? I am hardly a Fashion Coach (so please talk to one), but what I can tell you is that when it comes to Sales, it’s important to think this through and make sure your look achieves your objectives. Are you there to intimidate? Be someones friend? Grab attention? Hide in a crowd?

Great to think it through and make it all happen the way you want.

Love your work, Happy Halloween and Stay Awesome!



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