The more I help people is the more I get back. Love it!

The more I help people is the more I get back. Love it!

When I started rebuilding my life some years back (that resulted in me starting my business and this blog), I knew I had to change lots of my thinking.

As my life fell apart and I was ready to get it back on track – I knew it was my thinking that got me stuck. After questioning everything, I heard one great bit of advice:

– If you help others achieve their dreams, you shall achieve yours!

This really stuck with me and when I decided to go into the Mentoring direction I felt this was a great way of doing that. As I created my business, my free giveaways, blogs, webinars and much of the business was designed to help people ‘for free’ knowing that it would lead to lots of business coming my way.

Many of my awesome colleagues and friends thought in a very similar social manner, that is – focus on helping other people and it comes back to you. Sure, you get some people who take advantage of you every bit and there – but most people are awesome.

I was very lucky to have an Engagement Party with my better half today and we had so many amazing people there. It got me thinking about all the wonderful friends I have today that, which I never had some years back. In fact, there were some years of my life where I was very lonely and had no one around me.

The reason for this – was that I didn’t help other people. When I changed my life, I did the exact opposite and surprise, surprise, I am achieving my dreams and have lots of awesome friends!

My advice? Be it you are a Mentor or not – having an orientation to help other people is not only really satisfying, it’s a great way of making your life happen. It’s great to focus on other people and bringing it back to business, people who like you are very likely to refer people to you.

Be awesome, demonstrate that to others and be a helpful person around town. It’s very satisfying LOL

Thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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