When it comes to your Marketing, pick a few strategies and just do it incredibly well!

When it comes to your Marketing, pick a few strategies and just do it incredibly well!

When it comes to Small Business Marketing, ‘Overwhelm’ is a massive problem many of us go through at some point. I did exactly in my case (ironically though being a Marketing Mentor) in that when one starts out there are almost unlimited options for Marketing.

Do I go Business Networking? Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr? Hootsuite? Buffer? LinkedIn? LinkedIn Premium? YouTube? Facebook Video? Mailchimp? Send Pepper? Office Autopilot? Email Marketing?

You get it, this is me reeling of the top of my head and I am sure I could fill up several screens of text if I put some application to it.

What I have found and often recommend to clients (including the handsomely Persian one in the mirror LOL) is picking roughly 4 x Marketing Strategies that you fully intend to work and harvest for maximum results. I have found that say only doing 1 x is very dangerous (i.e. if you are a Facebook Guy / Girl and you lose your account, you are dead). Equally doing 10 x is very dangerous too as you tend to do a very poor job of each.

In my case for example, use Networking, Email Marketing, Live Webinars and Facebook as key platforms. I use others to a lesser extent (e.g. LinkedIn & YouTube) – but as primary marketing platforms they are a hit.

It gives me a enough scope to learn and use them really well so they deliver exceptional leads and new clients.

My advice and thinking on this one? Figure out / determine your best marketing strategies and then work those hard for your business. I do lots of Facebook Advertising these days and it’s just great. As time passses, I get better and better at it which really floats my boat.

Your platforms / marketing strategies may be totally different to mine of course and that’s great! The point isn’t so much ‘what to use’ but pick carefully and excel at each.

Love your work, thanks for the read & Stay Awesome!



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